The Best Golf Cart Covers 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Golf is one of the enthusiastic games in the sport’s world for golf lovers. And who does not love to keep all the equipment with great care, especially when it comes to the golf cart? 

Since climate change is one of the phenomena issues around the globe, you don’t even know what will be the weather forecast? When the surprise storm will come and what humidity damage will cost your golf cart? 

But for sure, choosing the best cover for your cart is not an easy task. As taking care of the golf cart depends on the weather forecast or about the surrounding environment, then you should take extra care about it. 

Indeed, according to market demand, you may find many branded or non-branded covers as well. But will that suffice enough to choose the right cover for your cart? Therefore, in this article, we will suggest you about the best golf cart covers so that you can pick the right one at your own choice. Let’s talk about the product and not kill time much!

Top Best waterproof golf cart covers Review 2022

Let’s See Deep Research about golf cart covers

1. Deluxe 4 Seater Golf Cart Cover

Deluxe 4 Seater Golf Cart Cover

Being appreciated by the individual’s color choice and depends on its durability, Formosa brings an exquisite design of the cover in the market. The main advantage of the cover is its material. The tactical community has been used as the material of the cover because it has UV polyester fabric. Not only that, but it has also designed for water-resistant so that it can easily protect your cart from rusty rain with its 80″ cover. 

 Secondly, the design of the cover will attract you more because it has an air vented, elastic cord feature around it. It will help your cart when it is not in use. Moreover, it is not that much expensive according to the design. 


  • Durable tactical material. 
  • Good for water-resistant.
  • Available in Different Colors 
  • Convenient rear zipper.


  • Not long-lasting.

2. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart- Yamaha Drive & EZ GO

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart

Classic Accessories is a high-quality golf cart which comprises two persons. It’s air vent design; fabric ensures maximum protection of the cart. Moreover, it’s a money worthy cover among all. 

 The rear air-vent design of the cover looks like a big balloon so that air can pass easily through it. Additionally, it allows releasing the moisture from inside so that it cannot create any impediment for the golf cart. Besides, the fabric design of the cover treated for water resistance so that you can shrink the sheet during winter days.

It does not allow wind lofting and moisture development. Not only that, but you can also stretch the cover during hot weather. Moreover, it has excellent money, good value, and consumers are pleased about the quality of the product. 

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  • Protects from sun rays. 
  • Quality color to last longer
  • Great air venting feature. 
  • Great back zipper system. 
  • One year warranty. 


  • The cover is not perfect for outdoor storage.

3. Deluxe Two-Seater Golf Cart Cover- Yamaha G model

Deluxe Two Seater Golf Cart Cover

Deluxe Two-Seater Golf Cart cover has been designed for two-seater golf carts, which is suitable for the reversible golf carts. Yet, it has the advantage of protecting the cart from dusty weather and harmful sun rays, environmental dirt, and weather damage. Aside from that, it has the excellent water-resistance quality and satin polyester fabric with a heavy UV coating, which has not been seen on others.  

The cover is large enough so that it enclosure the cart easily. The measurement of the cover is 95inches by 48inches by 66inches. The roof cover limitation is 58inches. For that two-seated deluxe golf cart can easily coverable with a rear zipper on the back. Among all the covers, it has color variety also. Currently, green, taupe, brown, black & grey colors are available. This is considered as one of the best golf cart covers.

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  • Easy to handle and rear Zipper access
  • UV tested polymer material
  • Great water resistance.
  • Protection from sun rays and unfavorable weather.


  • Not fully water-resistant

4.Waterproof Superior Golf Cart Cover – Yamaha, EZ Go, Club Cart


The Waterproof Superior golf cart cover is easy to install. It has a rear zipper for entry to the cart. The air venting process is pretty much cooling so that it can reduce moisten from inside. As the cover material is provided with sturdy fabric, thus it a good enough for water resistance.

Individuals can easily customize it according to their own choice because it comes out with an elasticized cord. Also, it has a beautiful storage bag so that people can store it easily. Unlike other covers, not too many colors are available. Based on the color availability, sand color is quite famous for superior golf carts. It comes for a 4- passenger vehicle.

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  • High level handy rear zipper.
  • Good air venting process. 
  • Good water-resistant quality. 
  • Additional carrying bag
  • Fits in popular golf carts such as- Yamaha, EZ Go, Club Cart.


  • Not fully water-resistant
  • Fabric color may fade away

5. 4 Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosure Cover

4 Passenger Golf Cart Driving Enclosure Cover

To ensure the quality of the cover, people can consider two critical points of the product. The enclosure covers all over the four-seater cart. You can easily attach the cover during hot and cold weather whenever you are ready to travel. Two zippers are available for the front side and backside from YKK. Though it has the Velcro steps for better attachment and comfort. It covers up to 60′ roof. 

Moreover, it has grade quality materials and an ultra-clear windshield. But, according to the quality of the good, this cover is not that expensive and has excellent design and durability. In a word, it is a money worthy product.

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  • Enclosures are designed with excellent quality materials. 
  • The test of time-based on withstanding. 
  • Front and back zippers from YKK. 
  • The ultra-clear windshield is available. 
  • Fits up to 60″ Cart


  • It does not fit properly due to size.
  • Fabric loose color after the first year.

6. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Quick Fit Cover

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Quick Fit Cover

This cover gives full coverage to your cart. According to material quality, it has excellent durability. Additionally, it can be safe from direct sunlight, direct winds, and water. Since it fits smartly to the cart, no matter what makes your cart more beautiful than others. Secure cleaning options are available. The rear zipper ensures easy access and handling.

 The roof measurement of the cover is 80 inches and covers any model below that size, with a two-year warranty that comes in an additional storage bag. Moreover, it has a water repellent system, so no fear of shrink or stretch. The elasticized cord is available. It comes with storage cart bags and rear air vents. 

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  • Keeps the inside moisten. 
  • Give protection from sunlight, direct winds, and water. 
  • Easy to clean.
  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • Water repellent systems are available. 
  • Reduce wind lofting. 
  • Durable than others. 
  • Easy to fit. 


  • Color fades in summer.

7. Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure Travel 4-Sided

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Enclosure Travel 4 Sided

Classic accessories golf cart has a premium look for its fairway. It has weather protected fabric so less chance of shrinking or stretching for a two-seater cart. It has super- explicit window material available along with a rugged fabric wall. Therefore, it protects the car from any weather humidity. Moreover, it has easy access to zipper doors open with a single entry. And it has free tool installation with rugged wear protected fabric.

 Additionally, it has a handy carrying case with a separate real panel. Also, it gives a year warranty along with limited time. Also, this cover is fitted for Yamaha Drive Club Car President, EZ GO TXT, and RVX lines, which are considered one of the best golf cart covers.  It also comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

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  • All sided Clear PVC window. 
  • Separate rear panel to access zipper roads.
  • Waterproof fabric.
  • Provides free tool installation.
  • Rugged wear protected fabric with weather protection.


  • Fabric wrinkles in the sun.

8. Golf Cart Storage Cover for EZGo – (Grey or Taupe)

Golf Cart Storage Cover for EZGo

This cover is one of the best selling products by Formosa. Though they have the best ratings of motorcycle covers, the golf cart cover is also getting its popularity. Therefore, the premium tight weave cover is the better choice for the golf cart storage. It comes with high specifications that have gear bench roof (58 inches), rear sized zipper also with air vent and elasticized cord. 

 It’s made of 300 denier Polyester with undercoated PU. Additionally, it has a storage golf cart bag so that you can pack your instruments easily. Apart from that, it has secure zipper technology. 

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  • Arrives with a grommet to place elasticized cord. 
  • The fabric is Satin Polyester, which is UV coated. 
  • It comes with air vents.
  • Easy to store. 
  • Great durability.
  • Good at water-resistance. 


  • The overall quality is poor.

9. Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe 4-Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

Classic Accessories Fairway Deluxe 4 Sided Golf Cart Enclosure

Classic Accessories make their cover with sturdy 100% polyester fabric. This fabric resists your protection from shrinking and stretching. Since it has a water-repellent feature, it may call as a weather-resistant product. Also, it comes with an elastic cord that can fasten the function. All the door access is covered with zippers that also keeps the cart clean and maintain easily.

It has a sturdy zipper function that locates on the back component of the carriage; therefore, you can quickly access the instruments. You don’t have to worry about moisten accumulation inside the cart because it already has an air venting system. Plus, based on durability, it has a three-year warranty. 

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  • The sturdy fabric improves durability. 
  • Improved air venting system. 
  • Cover fabric does not fade away under the rusty weather. 
  • The water-repellent feature works well. 
  • Great zipper function on the backside component. 
  • Three-year warranty.


  • Hooked straps do not fit the cart.

Leader Accessories Golf Cart Cover Storage Fit EZ Go

Leader Accessories Golf Cart Cover Storage Fit EZ Go

Leader Accessories cover made with durable polyester fabric and the measurement of the fabric 95inches by 48 inches by 66inches. Additionally, it offers maximum water repellency to protect your cart from unforeseen weather. Like other covers, it has rear air vents, which help to reduce air lofting. Also, it has a rear access zipper; therefore, you can easily access the golf cover. 

On the other hand, it has an elastic cord that is capable of a snug fit. Moreover, it gives extra security to your cart, and it fits for Fit EZ GO, Club Car, Yamaha Cart W Zipper.

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  • It offers maximum water-repellency. 
  • Easy entry with rear zipper.
  • It comes with a lockable rope to add extra security.
  • The grommets come with plastic instead of metal.


  • Fabric quality does not last in summer.

Himal 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf cart Cover

Himal 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf cart Cover

The Himal 4 Passenger Waterproof Golf Cart Cover has the most innovative features and best materials of the industry. It has Ultra-TechTM protection with a multi-layer design which ensures premium quality. The cover comes out with double stitched and 210D Nylon. It covers quickly 112 inches L x 48 inches W x 66 inches. 

 Moreover, the cover has a water-resistant system and has a handy storage bag so that you can install it anytime at your own choice. Furthermore, it has wind-resistant bungee cords. Additionally, it has a one-year manufacturer confidence warranty. As usual, it is less expensive but high features to deal with. Furthermore, it has a wind-resistant bungee cord along with a secure lock cable. You can choose this as one of the best golf cart covers.

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  • Brand warranty ensures quality.
  • Water-resistant and rain resistant.
  • Easy to access because of the full-service kit.
  • Customers’ positive reviews.


  • Water resistant feature is not perfect

SUMMATES Golf Cart Cover, EZ Go, Club Car Precedent

SUMMATES Golf Cart Cover EZ Go Club Car Precedent

According to the customer review, this cover is one the best, among others, because of its design and durability. The design is created for a better supply to give a more comfortable snug fit over your cart. It comes with a standard feature that has the prevention of wind lofting so that moisture of the cart is still available inside. Aside from that, it has an excess zipper for easy removal. 

 This brand has many color variations. Light grey, off white color, tan or grey colors are available for this cover and come with a storage bag. These colors are so much pleasing and eye-soothing easy to fit for any cart. On the other hand, design and elements are almost the same as other covers; therefore, the prices may differ a little bit.

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  • Rear air vent available. 
  • Better protection. 
  • Easy to access with rear zipper.
  • Elasticized cord comes with hem. 


  • Not in perfect size with the cart.

What is the golf cart cover for?

Golf cart cover is specially designed to protect your cart from sunlight radiation, water, insects, or any harmful fungi. This cover not only protects the outside body metal or the paint of the body but also protect the cart from the bad weather. 

To protect the golf cart from any unforeseen situation, you may use polyester cover. This cover will not only protect your trolley from lousy weather but also it will protect your gear too. Though different qualities of Polyester you can get at any shop try to choose the thin layer of Polyester, which is soft from the top so that it can protect your cart from rain and the UV radiation of sunlight.

The most flexible thing about the golf cart is you can easily carry it and store it. Therefore, when the cart is not in use, you can install it as per your own choice. Apart from it comes out with zipper on the backside and adjustable hooks for tightening the corner, which can easily use for accessing to golf kit.

The silver color of the polyester cover is highly recommended to buy because it has a high sun protection facility. Hence, it will help to protect your cart from heat intense.

 How to store a golf cart in the winter?

Storing golf carts during the winter season is the mandatory caution for individuals. If you are not able to do so, the cart will be looked down in freezing conditions. Some steps you need to follow for this-

 First of all, you need to check the pressure of the tire. Try to adjust it according to the manual of the cart. Usually, 15-25 PSI is required in the manual, but if you are unsure about the PSI number, then you can check it on the tier.

It’s better to avoid over-inflation on the tire; otherwise, there is a chance to explore, which may cause accidents also. On the other hand, under-inflation is a more problematic cause for long term storage. Therefore, it won’t rotate when you try to stationary it, and if you do, so there will be a chance to ruin your metal wheels. 

 The second step is battery maintenance. When it comes to the cleaning, you have to disconnect the terminal with extra caution. Also, many battery cleaning options are available on Google. You may find it by one click!. But if you want to clean it at home, then use warm water with baking soda and a clean cloth.

The baking soda will help to avoid any acid corrosion. If you want to get the best result, then try to use vinegar instead of baking soda. Before placing the Battery into golf storage, try to keep it in full charge. Moreover, try to give a fee twice in a week. 

 The third step is to set the switches. Remember, while the cart is not in use, especially during the winter season, try everything shut off. Otherwise, there will be a waste of energy. 

 The fourth step is if you find any rust spots into the cover, then try to fix it with the soonest possible. Otherwise, ice will exacerbate the inside moisten. Additionally, you have to clean and wash your cart if there is any rust, dirt & grime. Try to clean fuel, oil and air filters also.

And polish any stretches if anything left in the cart. Even, before doing any long term storage, try to clean upholstery and remove perishable belongings. Also, check the components and do not engage the parking brake. Remove keys and store them in a safe place so that they can find it easily whenever you want.

And try to check terminals whether there is a chance for cords of damage. Finally, cover up the golf cart with an extra inspection. If there are any loopholes found to try to fix it as soon as possible. 

How To Install A Greenline Golf Cart Enclosure – Video Instruction

Things to look when buying a golf cart cover

There are many golf cart cover you may find on the market. But it depends on the manufacture of the company, and it’s entirely your choice whether you will brand or non-brand cover. Therefore, before you buy a few things you need to consider regarding this-


The quality of the cover depends on its strength. Consequently, you have to look at the material measurement first. If it has the right amount of Polyester used, then the durability condition will be high than others. The fabric is also responsible if you want a durable condition cover. Remember, try not to get too much thick and thin sheet for your cart. Otherwise, your cart will damage because of the rusty weather. 


The cover size depends on which model of the cart you use. Depending on the model of the cart you may find various kinds of cover. Thus, select a cover to protect it from harmful particles and sunlight. 


 Choosing a design and color is one of the essential parts while buying a golf cart cover. Though they are available in many colors. But not all colors are available according to the model. Try to look at the type of usage, and if you want to protect the gear, then you may use a transparent cover with soft Polyester. 

If you have to use the cover like a frequent basis, then go for the thin fabric. It will protect your cart from any unfavorable weather. 


The material depends on the usage of the cover. The cover is water-resistant and dusty proof. But some of the covers are not resistant to the snow and wind. Thus, look at the material of the cover and then select accordingly. 


The value of the cover depends on the content and its durability. Based on those facts, the company price will be determined. What you can do is just go through the product details and select the best one according to your price range. 

Cart Parking location

To protect your cart from any harmful pesticides, you have to use cover as a mandatory caution. But after that, you have to park your cart in a good location. Otherwise, the air will not pass properly. 

 FAQS For golf cart covers

  1. What should I look before buying a golf cart?

Ans. I will look for Battery and the original serial number. 

  1. What are the key features looking for while purchasing a cart?

Ans. Some crucial specifications should be checked, like Speed, durability, condition, air ventilation, and Battery. 

  1. Do I have to choose a gas-powered cart or an electric cart?

Ans. It depends on your choice and taste as which one you can maintain better. Gas-powered carts will need to get gas supply, and the electric cart will easily be kept in-house. 

  1. Do I have to wash the cover frequently?

Ans. Not necessarily. But it can be removed twice a month. 

  1. Which color will be the best for my cart?

Ans. Again it depends on your choice and taste.

  1. What material is used for making a cover?

Ans. Good quality covers made with Polyester and better if with PU coating. 

  1. Do I have to use 100% Polyester fabric?

Ans. Yes. Try to use it. But not necessarily recommended.

  1. How long the batteries last?

Ans. Five years with excellent performance, at least.

  1. Which models does the cover fit for?

Ans. Mostly general size covers fit with similar-sized carts. In some cases, the model also differs. 


There is a proverb- “Quality ensures quantity”. In that case, we can say proper material ensures the quality of the cover. Buying a golf cart cover is not an easy task to make. When you have to obtain a golf cart cover, many things come in mind, especially about its durability, size, material, versatility, cost and value, and its storage processing. Apart from that, you may also find difficulty with which cover is fit for your cart model!

By compiling all these matters together, this article will help you to find all the necessities of your needs. All the sections have been explicitly cleared so that you can get your desired answers. Also, the pros and cons will help you to find a suitable cover for your cart.

However, we have tried our level best to give you the best solution on the caring of your cart during the winter season. Unlike other product reviews, this one is exceptional because we tried to keep all the exact things together. We hope it will give you the best experience in choosing the best golf cart covers than you ever had. Happy shopping!!