Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews in 2022 – Expert Buying Guide

It is essential to consider the distance in golf as the convenient helps you increase the success.

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur golfer because when you estimate the distance, you will be able to make shots that are more accurate. That is why you should consider choosing the best golf rangefinders 2022

However, it is difficult to determine which one is the best for you, which is why we decided to help you create a thorough groundwork for your next purchase. That is why we compiled a list with different golf rangefinders in various price ranges, with all their features and negative aspects.

After reading this particular article, you will be able to get all the information you need so that you can make a quality purchase. That is the main reason why we decided to present you with the best golf rangefinder reviews 2022.

Top golf laser rangefinders 2022

​TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Finding the appropriate golf rangefinder can be a challenging task because there are numerous models available on the market. If you want the high-quality device that will offer you versatility, efficiency, and accuracy, you should consider the TecTecTec VPRO500 rangefinder.

It weighs only 185g, while measurements are 104 x 72 x 81mm. Therefore, you will get both a lightweight and compact rangefinder that you can quickly place in the pocket. It includes sturdy and sturdy materials in combination with a soft coating so that you can use it for years.

One of the best features that this particular rangefinder has is the three active and distinctive modes that you can use to locate the flag.

First, one is First Target Priority Mode that will ensure that it picks up the flag from other objects. It will find the flag without interfering with other objects around. It also contains ProScan mode that will provide you continuous scanning within 540 yards of the flag and provide you information on hazards, traps, trees and other obstacles that you have to pass.

It also includes Distant Target Priority Mode that will measure the distance to the farthest location next to the flag, so that you can know the distance between obstacles and the flag. You don’t have to worry because it contains 6x magnification and due to lens display, you will have all information transparent and in front of you.

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  • Affordable price tag when compared with other golf rangefinders
  • Simple to use
  • Accurate due to amazing features
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple to maintain


  • Lousy construction when compared with other rangefinders

Precision Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Golf Laser Rangefinder

It doesn’t matter if you just love to play a few rounds of golf occasionally, or if you are an everyday professional golfer because Precision Pro Golf Nexus will make your life easier.

It is a lightweight and compact device that can easily measure up to 400 yards with a minimal mistake in precision. At the same time, you will be able to get 1/10 yard measurements without any additional problem.

It also includes 6X magnification, which is standard among best golf laser rangefinders within its price range. The accuracy is consistent with +/- 1 yard at all distances, so you can be particular that you will be able to measure anything along your way.

The significant feature is Advanced Target Lock that will provide you the possibility to filter everything in the background and to get the distance only to the flag or other locked object that you want to measure. It has a scanning function that is convenient if you’re going to measure everything around you.

The main advantage is that you will get precise focusing which is one of the best on the market. You don’t have to worry about unclear images at the most significant focus, because it is simple to use, and fast as possible. You can also carry it with yourself without too much hassle due to lightweight and compact design.

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  • Consistent and accurate
  • Comfortable grip for all size hands
  • 6X magnification
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Battery lasts shorter than other rangefinders in the same price range

CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder

CaddyTek Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you want to choose a durable device that can quickly cover the 800-yard distance, you should select Caddytek Golf Rangefinder. Apart from the solid construction, you will get compact and lightweight design as well.

Due to reduced dimensions, everyone can use it with a single hand. It weighs only 8 ounces, so you won’t even notice its weight during the game. At the same time, it is an affordable option when we compare it to competition.

The standard accuracy threshold is +/- one yard, which is the main reason for its immersive popularity. It is an excellent choice for all situations.

It uses FlagSeeking technology, which is the automatic system that will conveniently measure the distance to the flag. It is an excellent feature because you will be able to determine the length of the flag even if there are numerous obstacles around it.

The main benefit is the possibility to measure distances on slopes, which is the feature of high-end laser rangefinders. Slope Compensation technology will compensate the distance of angled terrain and provide you the exact readings that you need.

We have mentioned above its robust construction and rubberized design that will prevent slippage. It uses LCD technology so that you can read the result on any occasion. It uses a CR2 battery, which is the most straightforward experience and the best option for durable use.

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Robust construction for additional durability
  • 800 yards maximum range
  • Slope compensation technology
  • FlagSeeking technology


  • Doesn’t support global shipping

WOSPORTS Golf Laser Rangefinder

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

Wosports Golf Rangefinder is the model with decent price and great features, which is the main reason for its popularity. It is also lightweight and compact so that you can carry it around without too much hassle. It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for golfing, or hunting, because it is a versatile gadget that will stand the test of time.

You will get a sleek designed case within the package that will provide you efficient and secure storage. As the great additional touch, you will also get the small compass. Apart from what you are going to get in the box, this particular golf rangefinder has excellent features.

The main disadvantage is that you won’t be able to make compensation for elevations and slopes. Therefore, measured distance will be off if you are higher on the ground. But you will still get a 6X magnification possibility with the 22mm objective lens.

It has automatic power-off feature, which means that it will turn itself off after some time of inactivity. That will save the battery life and reduce the possibility of worthless drainage.

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  • Sleek design
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • 6X magnification on the 22mm objective lens
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • 1-year warranty along with lifetime customer support


  • It won’t compensate slopes and elevation

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder

Tour Momentum Year-End Blowout Golf Rangefinder

Golf is both a fun and relaxing sport, but it requires some gadgets that will help you reduce the hassle and become a better player. Tour Momentum Golf Rangefinder is the solution for your problems because it has a wide array of features that will improve your performance.

It comprises premium quality materials that are water resistant and can easily withstand any weather condition. At the same time, you won’t be able to damage it like other expensive models, because it has sturdy and durable models that will stand the test of time.

This particular golf rangefinder will help you measure the distance in a matter of seconds within the range of 650 yards. It is simple to use, and even amateur players can use it without too much hassle. The readings are bright and clear, so you won’t have to strain your eyes.

It uses Pin Seek Technology that will immediately recognize pins from other obstacles around. It locks the target and in a matter of a few seconds will measure the yardage. You can also select measuring units in both meters and yards, which is convenient for people that use the metric system.

By choosing Tour Momentum Golf Rangefinder, you will get the gadget that will last for years. It has a 2-year warranty that will stay as the proof of its longevity. Of course, it lacks slope adjustment features, but you will still get a decent array of features.

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  • It uses Pin Seek Technology for locating and locking the flag
  • Budget-friendly price tag
  • Durable construction and beautiful design
  • Weather resistant
  • Simple to use


  • It doesn’t have slope adjustment feature

Fnova Laser Rangefinder for golf

Fnova Laser golf Rangefinder

If you want to choose the golf rangefinder that uses laser technology for measuring the distance between you and the flag, you should consider the Fnova Golf Rangefinder. The best thing about it is the advanced optical observation system as well as a 3rd generation imported chip that will increase both speed and performance of measuring for an extended amount of time.

You will get 6X magnification with a 22mm objective lens for a more accurate picture without losing the quality after zoom. At the same time, maximum yardage is up to 600 yards, which is decent performance when we compare it with other golf laser rangefinders.

We also have to mention that accuracy belongs to a standard that requires +/- one yard, which is precise enough to handle any terrain. The measuring speed range is between 20 and 300 km/h. You don’t have to worry because it is highly portable and lightweight.

Due to the pocket-sized body, you can carry it without too much hassle while golfing. It comprises outstanding quality because it uses durable materials that will stand the test of time. Therefore, you can easily carry it around without thinking of damaging it throughout the way. That’s because this particular rangefinder is widely popular among hunters due to unbreakable construction and resistant body.

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  • Excellent quality and perfect even in snow
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 6X magnification with the 22mm objective lens
  • Maximum range is up to 600 yards


  • According to some customers, it is not long lasting.

1. Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder

If you want to choose the golf rangefinder with the latest pin seeker technology, you should consider the Bushnell Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder. This particular device is simple to use, and you will be able to operate it with a single hand. At the same time, it is legal for using it in tournaments, which is another reason for its popularity.

It features the latest LCD so that you can Pan across the Landscape with a few touches. The pin seeker will confirm that it found the flag and it is entirely accurate when compared with other golf rangefinders on the market.

You will get a compact and lightweight rangefinder with an overall weight of only 6.6 ounces. It will comfortably fit in your palm, and you can adjust the range up to 5X magnification. This is great because you can quickly check everything up to 100 yards. It is unique, and it won’t provide sun reflections during the performance.

The Pin seeker technology is the best feature that you can choose because it uses Invisible infrared light that is entirely safe for humans. It contains 24 mm objective range and possibility to check the laser performance up to 1000 yards with +/- 1 yard of accuracy.

The advantage that you will get by using this particular product is the combination of latest technologies that will provide you peace of mind. It is standard range when it comes to functionality, design, and grips.

It uses JOLT technology that will provide you short light bursts and vibrations so that you can lock it on distant objects. It includes a two years warranty so that you can use it for years.

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  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • PinSeeker Technology with JOLT vibration
  • SCAN Mode and latest LCD
  • 5X magnification and 24 mm objective
  • You can use it in low light areas


  • You won’t be able to pinpoint more than one object with the same accuracy

2. Bushnell Golf Tour V4 Slope Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Golf Tour V4 Slope Laser Rangefinder

The Bushnell Tour V4 is one of the most popular golf rangefinders on the market. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or professional because it will come in handy during the game. Due to its lightweight and compact design, you will be able to fit in the pocket and use it in your hands.

It also has a Fast Focus system so that you can adjust the focus with the same finger you use for the laser. However, rules of golf changed at the beginning of 2016, and they banned utilizing the laser rangefinders in professional competitions, while in local regulations it all stayed the same.

However, you will be able to use this particular one, because it can disable the laser feature. It is ideal for players that play on different courses or practice on hilly golf courses.

Even though it is compact, it has a rough surface so that you cannot lose stability. Of course, it will take more time to distinguish and change slope function, but it is handy and convenient.

In overall, Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder is an excellent solution when compared with the previous version, mainly because you will be able to choose it for the same price. It is light and compact, simple to use and very accurate and fast, which is the main reason for its immersive popularity.

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Simple to use
  • Fits perfectly in the hand
  • JOLT function


  • The focus is stiff, and it can become time-consuming

3. Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

We have all heard about Nikon and the popularity of the brand when it comes to imaging and precision optics. That makes it a great solution when it comes to the best golf rangefinder. By choosing Nikon Coolshot 20 golf rangefinder, you will get an affordable and compact solution with a variety of features.

It weighs only 4.5 ounces, and the overall measurements are 2.9 x 1.5 x 3.6-inches. It is one of the smallest rangefinders on the market. It has an ergonomic design and high design so that you can use it comfortably in one hand.

It features an eight-second Continuous Scanning Mode that is handy if you want to find the distance to other obstacles next to the flag. You just have to press the button, and it will automatically measure everything on the path.

First Target Priority Mode is another impressive feature that will provide you the distance to the nearest object next to the flag. That way you will be able to measure the distance for obstacles so that you can lock the target.

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  • Lightweight and compact
  • Includes two batteries
  • Weatherproof
  • Versatile
  • Simple to use


  • It doesn’t have on-screen target lock mechanism

4. Leupold 119088 GX-4i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

Leupold 119088 GX-4i2 Digital Golf Rangefinder

If you want to purchase a laser rangefinder that will stand the test of time, we recommend you to choose the Leupold GX-4 rangefinder. It is important to state that it contains a rugged aluminum body as well as a red OLED display so that you can read distance in any background.

Apart from the idea that you will get a lightweight and compact rangefinder, it has a prism lock, pin targeting and the possibility to scan around the target so that you can get readings that are more accurate. It includes a faceplate attached, and it can make slope-adjusted distances.

It comprises a 6x magnification feature that you can see in the crisp display for additional transparency. The overall weight of this laser rangefinder is 7.9 ozs. It uses pin-locating features called PinHunter that will help you determine the distance to the specific objects.

It is an excellent feature because you will be able to get all background distances so that you can make more quality games. It uses this feature all the time, especially when you pan across multiple objects. It also includes Fog Mode that you can turn on to improve the performance during the immersive rain or fog.

In overall, Leupold GX-4 rangefinder is an excellent solution that contains an easily readable OLED display and lots of features that will help you improve the gameplay. The main disadvantage is the high price, but you will still get the golf rangefinder that will stand the test of time.

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  • Sleek design
  • OLED display for additional transparency
  • Accurate within 6-inches
  • Amazing features


  • Too expensive

5. Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you want to choose one of the best rangefinders for golf on the market, we recommend you to consider the Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder. The first thing that we want to mention is that you will get the comfortable and sturdy device. The size is compact and perfect for people with average sized hands.

It has rubber-armored construction so that you can enjoy additional durability. It is entirely waterproof which is great for playing in different weather conditions. Due to dual display technology, you can switch between black or red displays depending on the amount of daylight.

It has slope switch technology so that it can determine the distance on hilly terrain. However, for USGA rules, you will have to turn the slope feature off. It comprises 6x magnification, which is excellent when compared with other golf rangefinders on the market.

The best thing about it is the straightforward use, so you will be able to understand it even if it is your first time. It is accurate within +/- half a yard, which is an excellent feature for its price tag.

In overall, Bushnell Pro X2 rangefinder is indeed one of the best rangefinders on the market due to its features and sleek design. You will have to pay a small fortune to get it, but great things are always expensive.

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  • Simple to use
  • Waterproof
  • It can quickly lock on the flag
  • Great array of features


  • Too expensive when compared with other golf rangefinders on the market

6. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is another Bushnell golf rangefinder that will stand the test of time. The first thing that we want to mention is its compact size and lightweight design.

Due to ergonomic design, you will be able to use it without too much hassle. It fits right into your hand, and you will be able to control it with one hand. It uses JOLT technology that will create a guess and check situation around the flags so that you can ensure that distance is accurate.

The JOLT technology will present you with a slight vibration when you lock it onto the flag. That way, you won’t have any doubts about precision and accuracy. At the same time, this particular rangefinder will help you create a more transparent view of the target.

It has 5x magnification to get a closer view and to ensure that you have a clear path to the flag. It also has a better focus mechanism than the previous version so that it will show you a bright image at the most significant zoom.

In overall, Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT is an excellent solution for people who want a convenient and straightforward golf rangefinder for professional use. The main disadvantage is low magnification because most rangefinders on this list have at least 6x magnification.

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  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomic design
  • JOLT feature will increase your confidence
  • Maximum range up to 1000 yards
  • Faster than the previous model


  • 5x magnification is low because the standard for its price is at least 6x

What is a Golf Rangefinder?

The gold rangefinder is a device that you can use the watch or place it on the clip. It uses software that you can install on a smartphone or other electronic devices. The main idea is to provide you the possibility to calculate the distance to the hall. Of course, there are different types of rangefinders such as laser and GPS rangefinder.

GPS rangefinder requires less time to measure the distance to the hole because it uses measurements through GPS service. On the other hand, laser rangefinders do not need maps, but it will take longer to measure the distance, and they are not so accurate when compared with GPS models.

Why is Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is an excellent gadget that became a necessity among professional golfers. Of course, you can play without it, but if you choose to use it, you will be able to grow better and to improve.

Speed Up Your Playing Style – Golf rangefinder will help you calculate the distance in a matter of seconds so that you can find the solution and create a better game. You will never waste time again in estimating distance using markers.

It will boost your playing confidence – When you eliminate the doubts and fears of distance, you will be able to increase the confidence and make better shots.


What is a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

Rangefinders are devices that help you measure the distance between objects around you. That is why laser rangefinders use a laser beam to measure and determine the length to and between objects.

We all know that laser rangefinders are most commonly used in sports such as hunting, golf, and archery. The idea is to reduce the time of measuring so that players can make more quality shots.

The latest pieces of laser rangefinders have advanced features such as multi-distance ability, angle range compensation (ARC), vibrating when you lock the target (JOLT feature), slope, Pin-Seeking and many more. Of course, more elements mean a more expensive golf laser rangefinder.

Why is the Golf Laser Rangefinder?

Best golf laser rangefinders are essential gadgets among golfers nowadays. The main reason for that is that they are accurate in proving distance measures. When you understand the yardage between the ball and the target, you will be able to plan the shot and determine how to make a better shot.

  • Accurate laser rangefinders will give you precise measurements within the mistake of +/- one yard.
  • All of them have an eyepiece that resembles the pair of binoculars. Therefore, you will be able to magnify the target to check the obstacles around.
  • They are compact and lightweight and work on batteries that are long, so you don’t have to recharge it or have a spare one.


Tips for Buying the Best Golf Rangefinder

Finding the best golf rangefinder is a challenging assignment and requires prior knowledge. Until now, we have presented you thorough reviews on different rangefinders and all its features, advantages and disadvantages.

However, now we want to show you the essential considerations that you must understand before you decide to buy a golf rangefinder.

Features – This is the most important consideration when choosing a new rangefinder because the number of elements will determine the price tag. The basic ones will only provide you distance measurements, while advanced one can have ESP, JOLT technology, and Vivid Display. You should at least find the one with 6x magnification.

Maximum Distance Range – You should also check the maximum distance because that is crucial for golfers that need golf rangefinders. Consider choosing ones that can measure at least 400 yards, but some high-end models can go up to 900 yards and even more.

Weight and Size – Rangefinder is the gadget that you must carry with yourself during the game for several hours at least. Therefore, you should consider the weight, because you don’t want to tire of having it. The best solution is to choose a compact and lightweight solution that you can transport easily.

Final Verdict

We have presented you with a buying guide and reviews on best golf rangefinders on the market. It doesn’t matter which type of best golf rangefinder you want to choose because we have presented you with everything you need to start looking.

Implementing information that you have read here is essential for choosing the right rangefinder. That is why we recommend you to reread the article so that you can pick things you’ve missed. That way, you will be able to make more quality purchases.

In case that you want to ask us something, just comment in the section below, and we will answer you on short notice.


If you want to become a professional golfer, you must consider the distance as the primary factor that will lead you to success.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced and professional golfer or just a beginner because the easiest way to estimate the distance is by using a golf rangefinder. However, the central question is: What is the best golf rangefinder?

Golf rangefinder is a device that you can wear as a clip onto something or as a watch that you can use to measure the distance between objects. There are two types of rangefinders: first works on a GPS system, while the other one works through laser beams.

Even though both will estimate the distance in a matter of minutes, there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should understand what features make the golf rangefinder the best one on the market.

A good rangefinder should give you accurate yardage and be simple to use. It should also pick up a flagstick, regardless of the obstacles behind it. The device should have a carrying case that protects it when you are not using it. When shopping, you may have asked yourself, what is the best golf rangefinder? In this article, we highlight some of the characteristics one should consider to get the best rangefinder.

Which Type Of Golf Rangefinder Is The Best for you?

Golf rangefinders are useful tools which help the player determine the distance to flags, greens, and any hazards. You can purchase the device in a range of models.  You may also opt for laser, GPS or optical style. They can be hand-held, or some can be worn on the wrist like a watch.

The two most popular models are the GPS or the laser rangefinders.  Either model will help you get your distances, but it depends on how much you need from your particular instrument.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type will help you choose the one that best suits your game.

Here’s how to determine which type of golf rangefinder is best for you.


The more seasoned or consistent enthusiast may already have a good feel for what the golf rangefinder can do.

However, new players may find trying to play and figure out a new machine a bit daunting.  It’s best to start with a basic, uncomplicated model like a Nikon Cool shot 40i.

Size and Weight Matter

The size and weight of your device will matter in choosing which golf rangefinder is best for you.

Lugging around a heavy machine can slow your movements and tire you out.     If you plan to play for extended periods, you need to choose a device that’s smaller and more manageable.

A good, lightweight model to select would be the ACULON 8397 by Nikon.

Count the Cost

Like any other purchase you will make, you need to shop around to find the best deal in golf rangefinders.

Your specific needs will determine how much you will need to spend.  If you want a device that will deliver precision and efficiency, your best bet may be the VPRO500 by TecTecTec.

Some top line models can measure up to almost 900 yards if that’s your limit. Models like this can get you up to that mark. Work through the various models, examine their advantages and disadvantages carefully, and choose the one that best suits your needs.


The number of features on a golf rangefinder will determine its ultimate value to you. There are a wide range of basic models to choose from if just the basics do.

If you want a model with more advanced capabilities, the Bushnell Pro X7 may be ideal.

Some models offer technologies that alert you to pin positioning, vivid displays and even Extra Speed Precision (ESP).

If club selection on the course is your concern, you may want to consider a device with a slope mode. A slope mode can be useful when practicing shots on an incline and helps improve your overall game.

The slope mode is not permissible at official tournaments unless the instrument has switched off slope mode.

Going the Distance

In choosing which golf rangefinder is best for you, first determine the maximum distance your instrument will measure.

Depending on the type of game you play, the distance your device will handle is important to you. Some models may offer ranges between 100 to as much as 400 yards.

Official Approval is Vital

If you concentrate mainly on the occasional friendly game, approval for your particular device will not matter.

However, if you are actively involved in tournaments, you will need to choose a device that’s approved by the USGA. Models with fairly good ratings include the Bushnell Tour 36.

Consider Customer Opinion

It’s always a good idea to find out what others are saying about a particular brand of golf rangefinders.

Do your research and get a personal view of how customers rate the range of models and what issues they encountered with a particular brand.

The information will be quite useful in helping you make a more informed decision.

Avoid the Pitfalls

To get the best possible price and value for money, shop around carefully before making that final purchase. While there may be many models on the market, the quality, price, and features will vary.

Experience is the best teacher 

When searching for the right golf rangefinder, it’s always a good idea to listen to the voice of experience. It may be a mistake to overlook the tried and true customer experience.

Talk to other players and get a feel for how their particular model is working for them.

Do your background checks on reputable sites like and learn as much as you can from previous users.

The more reviews you monitor, the better your chances of finding the right golf rangefinder for your unique needs.

Make sure its Legal Reputation is always important. Aim to choose a golf rangefinder from a reputable supplier. Approved models are important if you play in official tournaments.

Finally, if you choose an instrument that does not meet the required standards, it will seriously affect your game.

Which Makes the Best Golf Rangefinder?

There are numerous features that latest golf rangefinders include. The number of elements will determine the overall value of the device. Of course, each golf rangefinder will measure the distance which is the essential feature and the main reason why people choose it in the first place.

However, most advanced ones have ESP, JOLT Technology and Vivid Display that could help you find the solution faster and without too much hassle. If you want more advanced features, you should consider Bushnell Pro 7 because it contains 7x magnification, JOLT technology, and PinSeeker features.

Maximum Distance Range — When you have in mind the maximum distance that a golf rangefinder can measure, you will be able to determine whether it will work for you. Most of them can measure at least 400 yards, while more advanced and best golf rangefinders can cover up to 900 meters without too much effort.

Weight and Size — The size of the best golf rangefinder is the individual preference, but it is more convenient to handle smaller and lightweight models than Cumber stone ones that will produce strains and fatigue. The ideal solution is to choose the model that you can transport with ease. That is the main reason why considering the size and weight is essential, and the primary concern for most professional golfers. For example, if you want to choose a lightweight and compact device, you should go with Nikon ACULON 8397 golf rangefinder.

USGA Certification — The first and foremost thing that you should answer after asking what is the best golf rangefinder, is whether it has permission from USGA or not. You must ensure that you buy the rangefinder that you can use for tournaments and games. Of course, this is not a problem if you need a rangefinder for occasional and recreational games on weekends and holidays. However, for professional use, better choose a USGA approved model.

Price — Every time you go shopping, you buy things based on the planned budget you have. Purchasing a golf rangefinder is no exception. You can choose numerous options available on the market. Of course, buying the best rangefinder requires some investment, but if you are a professional, it will pay itself off. The rule is the same as on any market. The better golf rangefinder can be more expensive. However, some models will provide you a lot of features for a budget-friendly price tag such as TecTecTec VPRO500 golf rangefinder.

Simple to use — The rule becomes different in the world of golf rangefinders because more advanced models are easier to use. You can find some machines that are complicated due to a vast array of features. So we recommend you to check reviews and always read the user manual so that you can control the game. For example, the most convenient device that you can find on the market, especially if you are a beginner, is the Nikon Cool shot 40i golf rangefinder.


Your rangefinder must be very accurate. A GPS yardage finder is the best for providing a variety of 5 or 6 yards on a different measurement. It also maps out all holes and measures the yardage of the field. When we use a rangefinder, observe pinpoint accuracy in all manner of fields, including the downhill putt. Also, be sure that the target that has been selected has an accurate measurement. Confirm that the rangefinder captures the flag and not a tree at the back of a flagstick.


A Good and qualified golfer uses his rangefinder 30-40 times or even more when on tough courses where there are a lot of doglegs and other hazards. The device should be strong enough to withstand all the mishandling and other extremes such as being rained on, tossed around, dropped, and being left in the golf cart. It should also be able to take the beating and remain accurate. To save money for buying a rangefinder after every summer, it is more advisable to go for one that stays and serves you for a long time.

Battery life

There is nothing more frustrating than finding yourself in the golf field with a rangefinder that shows dim or shuts down yet without any backup. This situation can also annoy your gaming partners since it compels you to request them to shoot the yardage for you, now and then. For bright display and proper functioning of extra features, ensure your rangefinder’s battery has a long life. Battery life significantly affects the efficiency of your rangefinder.


A rangefinder that works right, does not frustrate in the middle of the play and is the best to go for. It is better to go for an expensive rangefinder for the best performance than a cheaper malfunctioning option. The value of your device entails the initial cost for buying, battery replacement costs, and the performance of the device, relative to its price.


The best display is the one that gives a crystal-clear display, similar to the vision in a pair of binoculars. Ensure your device does not give a blurred view at all. On the contrary, the rangefinder should emit crystal-clear images to facilitate the identification of the target. Choose a rangefinder that is at least 5 times magnificent and has an adjustment mechanism. The rangefinder should have a highly effective reticle to enable the user to aim perfectly and clear the yardage readout. If the display is good, you are able to use your device under all or adverse weather conditions such
as snow or haze.


Golfers always look to improve their game. In this quest, they acquire new gloves, new clubs, and any other items that may give them an edge over their competitors.

Several factors determine the success you will have at the game. Your golf course fast becomes a success when you accurately get your distances. However, there are informed decisions you can make to get you ahead quickly, such as getting yourself a golf rangefinder.

A golf rangefinder saves you from guesswork and allows you to act with accuracy. This is why serious golfers consider rangefinders an essential
component of their games. The recourse to using a rangefinder is getting embarrassed in the presence of your friends. The device resembles a pair of
binoculars with a button on its top and is held up to one eye. The top activates a laser beam for glancing at your target. It also has a laser sensor in the eyepiece. The sensor determines how far your target is.

Let’s watch the Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews!


It is difficult to determine what is the best golf rangefinder because the result will always be based on individual and subjective preferences.

Some of them are more advanced which means more expensive, while others are budget-friendly and simple to use for beginners than sophisticated models.

We wanted to compile you things that you must consider when choosing the best golf rangefinder, and what features make the best golf rangefinder the best.

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