Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS Review 2022 [Latest Guide]

When it comes to golf GPS, most users are never sure of the right size to get. People usually crack jokes about the size, and whether it’s something to something to consider or not.

However, since golf GPS units usually come with various sizes, you need to make sure you get the best. For example, a smaller unit offers more convenience while the bigger one gives you a better display. What about Bushnell neo ghost golf GPS? Well, the unit is the best that any golfer can get.

It is a smaller device and comes with a great display. You do not need to get a voice to know the number since you can read it. The numbers are big enough that even a person with seeing difficulties can read them without a problem.

Any golfer in search of a device that is not a watch or an app from a smartphone, this is the unit to get. The device is a pocket-size unit and comes loaded with over 30,000 courses. Moreover, the device offers all the features that one can get from a GPS device. Such features include a course recognition feature and an auto hole.

The article has an honest Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS review to help you make the right choice.

Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS

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  • Previously downloaded courses
  • Auto Hole 
  • Auto course Recognition
  • Battery
  • Hazard distances
  • Simple interphase 
  • USB cable

User satisfaction

  • Solid and moveable
  • Affordable
  • Huge display
  • Easy to measure short distances
  • 5 functional buttons

User dissatisfaction

  • Sometimes the buttons are stiff to use 

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Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Video Review

Key Findings of the Bushnell neo ghost golf GPS- Why Should You Buy It?

Superb construction

Bushnell golf neo ghost GPS rangefinder is a crucial unit to every serious golfer. While some devices come with poor construction to last for a short time, this device comes with sturdy material that makes it durable. The entire body of the device incorporates a sleek shock-proof cover and a tiny USB port made of rubber too. The device also includes a belt clip at its back that makes it possible to attach it to the belt, rim, or the visor of your golf bag.

Simple controls

Most users love the easy controls on the device. The device comes with 6 buttons where every button has a mark presenting the function name. With such buttons, every user will find it easy to use the device even for the first time. 

Exact distances

While using the device, you get clear and precise distances to the green on the main screen. Whether trying to get the distances to the center, to the front or distances to the back, the device shows it all clearly.


The device battery lasts for over 14 hours of use after every full charge. With such power, you can enjoy playing for over three consecutive games of 18-hole plays. Considering its power durability, it surely among the best device to get.


Accuracy matters most when it comes to getting the right shots. The device is there to offer correct data in a presentable way. The device offers accurate distances within 1-2 yards as shown by the Bushnell rangefinder. The unit can show distances with equal uncertainty and so you can easily estimate your shots accurately with every shot.

 Simple interface

With the device, one can switch through different modes fast since the buttons are tangible and offer instant feedback upon pressing. Even if it’s your first time to use the unit, you will not find it hard to use this awesome device.

Offers simplicity

Simplicity is Bushnell’s best strength. From the shape, size, to the button, they are always ready for the business. The unit does not offer a colorful display that may get in the way of the crucial data. Moreover, with the unit, you do not need to download or to subscribe to the unit to work since it comes with pre-downloaded courses. The only time you can download it when you need to play something new. In short, the device is ready to use out of the box.


  • Some clients complain that the user guide is not clear enough where some struggle to use it;
  • Some courses miss on the downloaded courses list;
  • Some clients feel that the unit could look better on a color screen;
  • The course maps do not come with al hazards;

FAQs on Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS 

  • How can I reset the Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS?

To reset the unit, you need first to reboot it. To do so, press and hold the lower button on the left. After that, push and then release the on/off button. Once you do that, you will reset the device’s receiver and the unit will pick the signals right away.

  • How can one use this GPS unit?

To begin with, make sure that you fully charge the battery. After that, move outdoors on an open space for a clear sky view to get better GPS signals. Once you do that, it’s now time to use the unit. Just tap and hold the DOWN button to switch on the unit. After that, tap the GOLF MENU button, which button 1. After clicking on the button, scroll down to see the menu options with up and down buttons and select your course by tapping SELECT.

  • How can one open a golf GPS unit?

To open the device, all you need is to tap and hold the power button. Once you press it, it will give several modes and as soon as you see the yards containing no slope meters, now release the button. Your phone is now ready for a play.

  • Why is the device cheap now?

Value for your money is the unit’s greatest asset. It offers lay-up distances, shot measurements, and usual distances for only £100 and you do not incur any annual or monthly fee. Buying this device is an inexpensive means of maneuvering through an unfamiliar golf course.

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A Golf GPS unit is one crucial device that every modern golfer needs when on the field. However, to get the best results, you need to get the best device offering quality and reliable data. With the Bushnell Neo Ghost unit, you will get a pleasant experience when on the green. Even if the unit comes with some flaws, nothing beats its reliability and suitability which makes it a better buy.