Callaway Golf 2022 Epic Max Driver Review & Guide

There is a lot of information and several reviews on the Callaway epic driver. However, every review tackles a specific point of concern. This means that you have to choose a Callaway epic driver review that discusses the key features you would want your golf club to have. Callaway epic has made a lot of breakthroughs in driver performance.

For this reason, Callaway is reckoned as a game-changer and is popularly known as Jailbreak Technology. The Epic drivers are categorized into two models; The Great Big Bertha Epic Subzero and the Standard Great Big Bertha Epic. The two models feature prominently in any credible Callaway epic sub zero driver review. Both models have club heads with a Jailbreak Technology feature and an Exo Cage Construction. 

The Exo Cage Construction allows Callaway to incorporate Carbon Fiber to the designed club head. 

The design enables the redistribution of weight to all the areas of the clubhead. The evening out of weight boosts performance.   

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver

Callaway golf men’s Great Bertha Epic Driver Review

The product has an epic subzero club head feature that helps in distributing weight when altering the ball flight. The product also has two weight ports; one at the front and the other at the back. These weight ports can be used to either lower or raise the ball flight.

This Callaway driver comes with measurements of 12-gram weight. The weight of the clubhead fundamentally dictates the ball flight the driver produces. When the front is less heavy, the clubhead shifts forward from the center of gravity. The shift gives the golfer a lower spin of the ball flight.

This option is ideal for players who hit the ball too high and with much spin.

Conversely, when the back is heavy, the center of gravity shifts back to the clubhead. This shift gives a higher ball flight and much forgiveness. This option benefits player who need a higher trajectory.

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User’s satisfaction

  • The model has a thin, stabilized feature that gives exceptional forgiveness.
  • It has a pleasing sound and feeling.         
  • The variety of options in this club enables the player to create the desired ball flight.     
  • The club has a sleek and glossy finish that enables a clear visual.

User’s dissatisfactions 

  • The club has a standard length of 45.5 inches. This is rather too long and calls for an adjustment period.    
  • Its slight bias can cause problems for golfers who fight a hook.

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Key features of Callaway Golf 2022 men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Sub-Zero Driver

Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Max Driver front side

The Callaway GBB sets the driver high apart from its competitors. The Callaway GBB Jailbreak technology has a pair of 3 gram-rods attached to the crown to the sole. The rods make Callaway GBB notably stable and flexible. They make the driver 20 percent thinner.

The rods are located in the middle of the club’s face, though they are detached from it. This alignment helps the golfer to distribute the power of the impact on the target. Also, the golfer does not use much of his energy and releases more forgiveness from head to toe. Callaway Epic driver settings use carbon fiber to offset the weight from the rod.

The manner of the construction of the crown and the sole of the driver facilitates the offsetting of the weight. The spectrum of the clubhead and its speed increase the distance while the Jailbreak technology provides forgiveness to the golfer. The model is easily adjustable by 17 grams at the rear of the club. The adjustment enables the player to create the desired shot shapes from an extreme draw, neutral to extreme fade. The driver also has an adjustable hose setting, which allows the player to use the provided tool for the desired result.  


Increasing the speed of the ball is a common practice among all golfers. If the golfer is aiming at gaining many yards, he must make the ball explode off the face of the club. This measure provides golfers with consistent results when the ball is struck high or low.


Some drivers produce more feedback when they are on off-center or when they are solid strike. However, any Callaway Epic driver setting should deliver good performance by offsetting any deficiencies in the area. This way, the golfer does not worry much about the feeling when the tee shots land consistently. The club has a sweet, mean-looking driving machine that exudes power and control.

The model makes a unique and easily recognizable solid sound on struck shots. It has a sonically and sensory pleasing effect that makes the club to give golfers extreme playability. If you want your hit to fly straight and farther, the off-center will help you do so comfortably.   

Maximum Forgiveness 

The product has an innovative combination of triaxial carbon crown and titanium Exo-Cage. These combinations are very light and create great forgiveness in low-spin designs and high-launches. 

Precision Short-shape Control

The Callaway GBB has a redesigned track and a sliding that weighs 17 grams. The weight enables the golfer to fit his club to the swing and to provide shot-shape corrections of 21 yards. These qualities will allow the golfer to control the ball and the distance. 

Faster Head Speed

The Callaway epic star driver review also features the product’s streamlined head. This streamlined head incorporates the speed steps. The speed steps are a priority when hitting the ball. They enable the golfer to have a direct input like an aerospace expert. Ultimately, the golfer can improve the airflow through the use of a greater swing speed and distance. 

FAQ’s on Callaway epic Sub Zero Driver Review 

What are the desirable features in Callaway epic driver?

Callaway Epic Driver has numerous attractive features. Some of the features are a streamlined head, dual interchangeable weights, innovative integration of triaxial carbon and Titanium Exo-cage, and a Tour-level driver that has a powerful low-spinning effect. 

Who is the Callaway epic driver specifically designed for? 

Callaway Epic Driver is mainly for the right-handed. Callaway GBB is mainly designed for men’s use, though there are other versions of Callaway for both sexes. 

Are there features unique to the Callaway epic driver? 

Other drivers may share one or two features with Callaway, but all the aforementioned desirable features merge in the Callaway Epic Driver only. 

Does Callaway epic driver have its shortcomings? 

Man-made devices have their character flaws, and the Callaway Epic Driver might not be an exception. Some people claim that the club is too long for their comfort, for instance. 

Callaway Great Big Bertha EPIC Driver – Hitting Review

Concluding remarks

With this Callaway epic driver review, you have the best guide on the features to consider when looking for a driver that best suits your needs. The review provides key factors that an ideal club head should have. Essentials such as maximum speed, precision, and forgiveness are indispensable and should be the rallying points of a good club head. If you factor them in your shopping expedition, the product you settle on will save you from future regrets and premature restocking.