Callaway Golf Apex CF16 Pro IRON Reviews in 2022

The most recent flagship of Callaway irons brings together the accuracy, greater forgiveness, and other game-improvement features; all rolled into one.

Recently, it appears the design of golf equipment is changing. There have been quite distinct classifications of clubs. Callaway Apex Pro irons reviews indicate that the classes are intended to suit skill levels with features such as super game-improvement, player irons, blades, and cavity-backs, among others.

The clubs are invented to profit and attract a broader variety of players. Credible Callaway Apex CF16 iron reviews show that better golfers appreciate surplus forgiveness in their irons, on the one hand. On the other hand, less skilled golfers can use workability and good reactions on mis-hit, as long as they do not incur substantial losses in the distance or even exactness. Let us learn more about Callaway Apex CF16 irons in this review. 

Callaway Golf Men's Apex CF16 Irons Set

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Product specification

The new offspring 2016 is in the form of the Apex CF16. It features a multi-material head made of six single pieces. These pieces include a 1025E Forged Carbon Steel body. To advance the sound and feel features, Callaway Driver comes with a 17-4 Stainless steel face. In turn, the face is supported by various TPU, TPE, and aluminum parts. 

Instead of an even piece being fused onto the face of the chassis, the new face has a cup face design. The cup face is made of metal and wood. The cup face has 3-7 irons, otherwise known by its short form, CF. Callaway Apex Pro irons reviews indicate that its swift weight is D2 and shaft weight, 95g. Steel and Graphite are materials used to make the shaft. Callaway Apex CF16 is light, regular, and stiff. 

callaway apex pro irons reviews


  • Span: All categories of players love Callaway Apex CF16 because of its long irons. The driver is powerful because of its tremendous stopping power. It is also reliable and comes with decent spins. 
  • Accuracy and Forgiveness: Apex CF16 is one of the game-enhancement irons. They provide fulfilling forgiveness. They also have pinpoint accuracy.
  • Versatility and Playability: To offer the player a wide variety of workability, Apex CF16 comes with a lot of power for striking through tall grass.
  • Durability and flexibility: The CF technology comes with sturdier, soldering-together material. Thus, the Apex CF16s’ head is extremely durable and tremendously flexible.


  • Difficulty on the long irons: Some Callaway Apex irons reviews hint at the long Callaway Apex CF 16 irons being somewhat difficult for light swingers. 
  • Size: Despite Apex is one of the very forgiving irons, its head is slightly small, causing it to have fewer spaces for misses.

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Features of Callaway Apex CF16 Pro Iron Reviews


Credible Callaway Apex Pro irons indicate that Callaway Apex CF16 has a high technology and multi-piece construction. It goes across the entire set to make a remarkable amalgamation of feel, distance, and control for any golfer. Longer irons use the cup to upturn ball speeds and forgiveness through the face. To improve feel and distance control, a sole engineered faceplate has been included in the shorter irons. 


The Apex CF16 irons are created with the extra traditional look which experienced players love. Callaway increases proficiency because of its club head. It gives players an aspect of cleanliness. Aspect does not have showy colors or conspicuous features.

Each club in the group has a look-alike. The clubs are arranged according to the degree of resemblance so that they flow impeccably from one club to another. They are varnished with attractive satin chrome. 


Callaway Apex CF16 irons are easier to hit balls with. The ball jumps off the face without much effort. Apex also comes with solid contact and a fine soft feel. Though it is not the softest iron, its structure is well-designed for holding a larger sweet spot. 

The sound is good, even though it is a less noticeable feature in the iron driver. Identifying an iron driver that does not sound right from the one that does is still possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


When did Callaway Apex irons come out?


Most Callaway Apex cf16 iron reviews show that Callaway Apex was launched in various markets such as the UK, the US, and Europe on January 25, 2019. 


Are Callaway Apex irons forgiving?


The large cavity back design makes Callaway Apex CF16 a perfect choice for mid-higher handicap players. If you are considering an option with greater forgiveness than Apex Pro, then you should consider Callaway Apex irons. 

Callaway Apex Pro 16 Irons Video Review by Rick Shiels


If you are looking for a golf iron that performs efficiently and gives you a lot of feedback, then Apex CF16 should be your first choice. Because of its features, Apex CF16 can help you improve your game. Callaway Apex CF16 iron reviews show that Apex CF16 comes with a lot of forgiveness. A higher degree of forgiveness allows you to play without incurring a lot of losses.