Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver Review 2022

As the name suggests, the Callaway rogue draw driver is a dynamic driver with cutting edge technology. This driver is excellent for chronic slicers and is designed for giving maximum power to the ball. Its design is an excellent choice for the medium-to-high handicap player looking to increase ball speeds and precision.

However, the club works for any golfer. Its Rogue is made of light jailbreak bars which minimize spins. The bars also increase the jailbreak effect and maximize control and distance. In this Callaway Rogue draw driver review, we look at an in-depth analysis of the Rogue driver.

Callaway Golf 2021 Rogue Driver

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 Product specification

The driver is a product Callaway and is an excellent choice for any golfer. Callaway offers a wide range of shafts to choose from, for the rogue draw driver. It also has several high-quality premium shafts, which include Aldila and Project X. The shafts are available in different weights; 70g, 60g, 50g, and 40g. 

This product uses opti-fit technology, which applies a hosel that has lower and upper cogs. The Callaway Rogue draw driver adjustments make the cogs adjustable. 

Adjustability provides varying lie and loft combinations. The lie is varied between the draw and the neutral point. The loft can be adjusted, one degree at a time.


  • Made with jailbreak technology and X-face VF feature. These features work together in ensuring precision, further drive, and high ball speeds.
  • Its aerodynamic design assists drivers achieve higher head speed.
  • Offers an excellent slice correction by use of the focused draw bias. The focused draw bias is helpful for players with a slice problem. 


  • The driver does not have any adjustability for the center of gravity.
  • The driver is capable of providing too much draw than is needed for players without a slice problem.

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Key Features of Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver

Jailbreak effect 

The rogue driver features a combination of X-Face VF and jailbreak technologies. All these features are aimed at promoting and increasing the speed of the ball and the distance range.

Enhanced draw

The draw has weight added on the heel and moves the CG inwards. This enhances gear effect on open-faced impacts, hence promoting draw-spins.

Aerodynamic design

The driver has a new geometrical boundary layer, which increases the efficiency of the speed step. Thus, even the used Callaway Rogue draw driver increases airflow and head speed.

Callaway Golf Rogue Driver

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The Rogue’s wide and streamlined-shaped head and a larger footprint make it more aesthetically appealing. The head has a draw bias which is 7 yards more than the Epic in Callaway rogue draw driver settings. It also offers a shaft weight option ranging between 40 and 80g. Thus, the shaft is more suitable for all swing speeds.

Tri-axial carbon crown

The crown has a large surface area made of strong carbon composite and is lightweight. The composition reduces weight and redistributes it for increased MOI. Players who have used Callaway drivers can attest to the lightness compared to other titanium clubs.

Variety of shafts

Credible Callaway Rogue draw driver reviews can guide players to select from 80g, 60g, 40g, and 20g drivers. The shaft also comes in Aldila Quaranta, Project X, even flow and Aldila. These shafts have various synergy options with different features and specifications.

Callaway Golf Rogue Driver right hand

FAQs for Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver

How do I decide the best iron for my game?

Every golfer has different capabilities and needs. Therefore, selecting the right set of iron can be a daunting task. To help you in the thought process, the manufacturer has golf professionals whom you can consult. The dealers will discuss with you the best option for you when it comes to selecting the iron set.

How do I adjust settings of my Rogue driver?

The hosel has two cogs; the lower cog and upper cog. The cogs can rotate independently, thereby providing eight different combinations of loft and lie. 

Lie settings are designed into “D” and “N”. D is for draw setting while N is for the neutral setting.

The loft settings are configured as;

(-1) _minus 1 degree from stated loft

(S)_stated loft which is stamped on the head

(+1) _plus 1 degree above the stated loft

(+2) _ Plus 2 degrees above the stated loft


This Callaway Rogue draw driver review explains the reason behind the driver’s popularity. The Callaway Rogue draw driver was designed as an upgrade of the successful Epic series. The upgrade has brought in faster swings, excellent slice corrections, and increased ball speeds.

The new jailbreak technology and its aerodynamic design are but a few of the amazing features of the Rogue. The technology applied in this iron is superb and is incomparable to its predecessors.

The combination of excellent draw bias and amazing forgiveness is an absolute winner and puts it ahead of any other club.

For a golfer with a problem keeping the ball to the right of the golf course, Rogue is a perfect catch. Callaway Rogue is a fantastic choice for any player. It also works extremely well for mid-to-high players who tend to slice a lot.

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