Callaway Mens XR Driver Review 2022 – An In-Depth Guide

The Callaway XR driver has so many desirable features and one of the most impressive selling records in the market. This product does not have gravity core and is easy to carry due to its lightweight. Callaway XR also has a very low center of gravity.

The XR driver is designed for all golfers, including professionals and handicappers. The product has an adjustable hosel that enables the player to change the loft to various angles. It is made of tried and trusted technology that makes the product to have a speed freak.

The technology also provides a tight manufacturing tolerance and enables Callaway XR to maximize the speed of the ball.   

This Callaway XR driver review acknowledges the product’s many features. One of the features is the ability to allow the club’s face to bend on impact effectively. This ability to bend maximizes the weight the player used. It also reduces backspin at around 277rpm and increases the sweet spot’s size by 16%.

Again, the ability to bend improves the internal standing wave. The wave lowers the center of gravity and also brings the weight close to the front of your club. Overall, these capacities increase the speed of the ball. 

Callaway Men's XR Driver review

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Callaway Men’s XR Driver

Callaway is one of the devices that gives the best forgiveness. It has modern design features such as an aerodynamic head, which heavily trends in the current market. It has a combination of cutting-edge technology, a thin face, an aerodynamic head, and a maximizing shaft load.

Every golfer wants to hit his driver far and straight, but it takes an experienced hand with an excellent driver to hit the target accurately. Therefore, distance is essential, just as a good driver gives efficient forgiveness. 

Callaway men’s XR driver guarantees maximum results in your play. This driver is also cost-friendly since it has a mid-level price. It provides a faster swing, enabling the ball to have great speed and hit longer drives.

 The driver is also ideal for mid-handicappers. In this article, we explain what you might need to consider the Callaway driver for sale, in your mind. Conversely, if you have a leaner budget, yet these features impress you, find a Callaway XR driver used, in any Callaway XR driver review golf digest

Features and benefits of Callaway Men’s XR Driver


The XR driver has a step crown speed that helps reduce drag during the downswing. This quality also increases the speed of the clubhead. The R-Moto Face Technology maximizes the speed of the ball by transferring the energy to the club through the entire club’s face.


Many players like adjusting the lie or loft of their drivers for various reasons. The golfer can adjust up to 8 different lie configurations when looking for the desired launch angle of the ball. The Men’s XR Driver enables the player to fine-tune his driver depending on the need of the particular day. This helps create more speed and expand the distance of the drivers.

Loft and Launch

It is advisable to get a driver that has a loft option and one that complements the speed and style of the swing you intend to have. With this feature, you can hit your ball up in the air and make your play more enjoyable. This drive has various lofts such as 9.5%, 10.5%, 12%, and 13.5%. It also has a paired lightweight vision on its X LZ project shaft that is in three flexes. The flexes are Light, stiff, and Regular.


Apart from the product having an improved aerodynamic design and a lighter head, it is also made of titanium and aluminum materials. These materials make this product very light and strong. Its R-Moto Face is equally light and strong. The R-Moto Face has ribs that enable its thin face to flex. This ability facilitates the transfer of energy and gives the ball great impetus and long-distance travel.

Design and Technology

This product is very lightweight, forgiving, and is designed to give a high ball speed. These features are a perfect combination for golfers. The product comes with the latest aerodynamics, an R-Moto Face Technology, speed step Crown, and a maximum Shaft Load.

These qualities make the product one of the best, in technology and design. The driver reduces the drag of the club with the help of its well-designed clubhead. The clubhead increases the speed during the downswing. The R-Moto Face Technology enables more energy to be transferred efficiently through the whole clubface. It does this by reducing 10% of its face weight, hence making the clubface thinner.

Again, the R-Moto Face enables the driver to move the club 17% lower at the center of gravity. This enablement creates a high moment of inertia and also increases the speed of the ball. 

The OptiFit Adjustability enables the driver to give the golfer 8 separate lofts and lie configurations. These configurations allow the golfer to have a perfect launch for the ball flight. This driver also has a project X LZ shaft that gives a maximum shaft load. The load enhances more energy to the ball during the downswing.

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  • The product has a very forgiving driver for sound performance. 
  • The tee has a very explosive hitting power
  • The Callaway XR driver has a large sweet spot that enables it to alleviate the hooks.


  • The driver has a very long shaft that may hinder your accuracy.
  • The driver is too light, making some golfers unable to control their club.
  • The clubface absorbs too much impact.

Callaway Mens XR Driver Video Review

(FAQ’s): Callaway XR Driver Review 

Q: Do I have to buy my own accessories alongside Callaway XR? 

A: No, you do not. Callaway XR comes with its matching headcover and tools. 

Q: Can I use Callaway XR for all golfing occasions? 

A: Yes, you can. The driver’s features make it suitable for the professional and the novice, rugged, and even terrains and training and golfing competitions. 

Q: Who can use Callaway XR? 

A: The fact that Callaway XR is adjustable by 11 or 8 degrees expands the size of candidates who may want to use the driver. Nevertheless, it is more suitable for right handed men. 

Concluding remarks

Callaway Men’s XR Driver is one of the leading choice products in the market. It guarantees impressive performance and also has an appealing design. The product proves that a player can achieve the best performance and optimize a lighter package to enhance his swing and ball speed. If you want an affordable driver with great speed and forgiveness, then look no farther than the one with the features in this Callaway XR driver review.