Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Iron Review

Callaway Steelhead has an outstanding execution because of its XR Pro irons in its release cycle. Its bar openly elevates itself for maximum speed. The cup face also helps the player who desires the combination of workability, forgiveness and distance. 

Combining a magnificent dark finish through the use of features like bore-thru, cup face, and several other materials, Callaway has instituted an iron built for comfort, speed, and greens in control. 

Read on to familiarize yourself with more adorable features of Callaway XR in this Callaway steelhead XR pro review. 

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Set

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Product specification

Callaway steelhead XR Pro is a product of Callaway Golf – DROPSHIP. This is why it has the brand name, Callaway. It has an approximate shaft weight 105g and a swing weight of D2. 

The product has left and right-hand availability. Its material is steel with black nickel finish. XR Pro comes with greater speed, distance, and more tolerance. XR Pro has a hollow bore-thru hosel figure, greater control and distance, and an improved shaping and finish. 


It has a black PVD polishing that makes it easy to identify from other models. Players with higher swing speeds are advantaged with this model since it is stronger. The shaft in the three-to-six irons is longer, freeing the player of the need to launch the ball with a lot of force. The shaft also has much forgiveness. 

The version spins less since it has a higher mass in the cavity. Numerous other Callaway Steelhead XR Pro specs endear the model to many golfers. 


Its color is not very attractive to some players.  It is dark, with a finish of black PVD. The dark countenance makes it appear rather dull. Although the visage is considered beautiful by some, it can easily wear down over time.

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Callaway Steelhead XR Irons Set review

Features of Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Iron


Callaway Steelhead XP Pro has a similar look with Steelhead XR. The clearest variance is the finish where the pro model has a dark finish. The finish gives the steelhead a smaller look while the standard model contains a matte chrome. The model is also tinier and more ‘playerish’. Its blade length is shorter and its top line thinner. The blade has a less offset. The Steelhead XP pro would look so comforting to anyone shifting away from SGI.

Sound and Feel

Just like the steelhead XR, Callaway XR Pro irons use the technology of the Callaway company. The steelhead’s 360 Face Cup maximizes the ball’s speed and forgiveness. Just like the standard Steelhead XR, this model uses a coating of polyurethane. Some observe that Steelhead XR Pro has an unwelcome vibration. 


Huge improvements have been made in participants’ cavity back irons. Larger SGI irons still offer the highest level of forgiveness, though some players may prefer considerably smaller irons. 

Small to reasonable mishits come with smaller losses from bad launches.  All these factors render more tactful shots. These advantages come without the need to sacrifice the aptitude of the ball.

The Visual

The striking black finish is one of the main visible features in Callaway Steelhead XR. The silverfish appearance can withstand the test of time without wearing out.  The contact between the ball and the ground does not make the steelhead wear out fast. 

Callaway Steelhead XR Irons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the difference between Callaway XR and XR Pro?


When some reviews have highlighted such as Callaway steelhead XR Pro vs Steelhead XR many are spoilt for choice because of the two options’ admiral characteristics. Again, since steelhead XR and Pro are different models, they have some slight differences. Choosing one means forgoing the advantages in the other. 

However, the main difference between XR and XR Pro is their sizes. Pro versions have a small head, a shorter blade length, a somewhat skinnier topline, and less counterbalance. However, all those features should make it extra attractive to more experienced players. The features also make the product boast of maximized ball speed, unlike many forms of the Standard variety. 

Question: Are Callaway XR Pro irons forged?


XR and XR Pro irons are made of a two-piece cavity-back formation. The duality of the cavity complements the product’s look and feel. Most Callaway steelhead XR pro irons reviews show that Steelhead XR Pro rims are made of iron.


Credible Callaway steelhead XR Pro reviews Steelhead XR Pro irons usually perform better regardless of the player’s experience and hits. The steelhead is better-looking, better-sounding, and better-performing. Because of their great features and success, Steelhead XR Pro irons came and overtook their predecessors. Steelhead XR Pro excels regardless of the high standards its predecessors set.

Therefore, if you are among the many golfers planning to improve their game and need to shift to player irons, then you should consider the Callaway Steelhead XR Pro.

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