How to Adjust Callaway XR Golf Driver Perfectly


Callaway is a prominent name in the golf equipment manufacturing industry. They’ve always come up with innovative golf equipment that helps to make your game better.  Callaway golf introduces newer drivers with smart features and flexibility to the market on a regular basis. If you’ve upgraded to one of those drivers, you might be wondering … Read more

How To Adjust Taylormade M6 Driver

How To Adjust Taylormade M6 Driver

If you don’t know how to adjust Taylormade M6 driver, today I will tell you about this. This driver comes with many exclusive features with increased speed to make your golfing day shiner. One of the exciting features of this driver is you can adjust it as per your preference. However, if you do not … Read more

Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge Review

Taylormade Milled Grind Wedge Review

Taylormade Wage is a result of many developments. The Taylormade milled grind wedge comes with cutting-edge technology and amazing features. Consistent turf interaction and incredible precision are some of these features. The wedge comes with three-bounce options; high bounce, low bounce, and standard bounce. All the options are very efficient. In this Taylormade milled grind … Read more

Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver Review 2022

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver Review

As the name suggests, the Callaway rogue draw driver is a dynamic driver with cutting edge technology. This driver is excellent for chronic slicers and is designed for giving maximum power to the ball. Its design is an excellent choice for the medium-to-high handicap player looking to increase ball speeds and precision. However, the club … Read more

Callaway Golf 2022 Epic Max Driver Review & Guide


There is a lot of information and several reviews on the Callaway epic driver. However, every review tackles a specific point of concern. This means that you have to choose a Callaway epic driver review that discusses the key features you would want your golf club to have. Callaway epic has made a lot of … Read more

Ray Cook Putter Review 2022

ray cook putter review

Can you tell the key difference between an elite player and a high handicapper? Do you know where the average golfer loses strokes? The answer is putting, or the short game in a broader sense. Putting might seem to be one of the most simple parts of the game, but could be one of the … Read more