How to Hit a GX7 Golf Driver in The Correct Way

How to Hit a GX7 Golf Driver

When it comes to playing golf  hitting correctly a golf driver can make a real difference. If you are confused about how to hit a GX7 driver, I will remove all of your confusion by telling you everything about this. GX-7 is a pretty much good golf club with an excellent capability to hit the … Read more

Golf Style Guide: What to Wear to a Golf Tournament

what to wear to a golf tournament

The burning question of today – What to wear in a golf tournament? Look, golf is one of the most civilized sports where the throngs of spectators, too, have a fancy name – galleries, not crowd. If you’re going to be a part of that, you should look like it’s part. If it’s a famous … Read more

How Wide Is a Golf Cart – Length Width & Height

How Wide Is a Golf Cart

Planning on buying a golf cart and suddenly wondering whether it will fit in your garage or back of the truck? If not, there might be other reasons that have made you interested to know how wide is a golf cart, Or what’s the overall dimension of it? Here’s a fun fact: Many of the … Read more

How To Clean Golf Clubs Properly – Guide in 2022

How To Clean Golf Clubs

If you don’t know how to clean golf clubs at home correctly, I am here today to tell you about this. When you learning golf play so definitely you have knowledge about the golf club. cleaning a golf club is not rocket science at all. It’s pretty much easy to do that. But, you have … Read more

What Does Scrambling Mean in Golf?

What Does Scrambling Mean in Golf

Scrambling in golf is something that will separate the pro golfers from the beginner level players. While it is one of the significant factors in golf, most of us don’t even know what scrambling means in golf. If you fall into that category, don’t worry anymore. I am here today to tell you everything about … Read more

How Wide is a Golf Hole

How Wide is a Golf Hole

There is no denying the fact that golf courses can be varied in styles and lengths. It can be a monster-length links type or even a short pitch type course. However, regardless of the course types and styles, the dimensions of the golf hole are always constant. If you are unsure about how wide is … Read more