How to Carry a Golf Bag Properly

How to Carry a Golf Bag

A great way to get some physical exercise done naturally on a golf course is by carrying your golf bag and having a full round walk. You’ll enjoy the walk too, done for the sake of the game. But it could be rather harmful than useful and might not be as pleasing to your back … Read more

What Does Scrambling Mean in Golf?

What Does Scrambling Mean in Golf

Scrambling in golf is something that will separate the pro golfers from the beginner level players. While it is one of the significant factors in golf, most of us don’t even know what scrambling means in golf. If you fall into that category, don’t worry anymore. I am here today to tell you everything about … Read more

How Wide is a Golf Hole

How Wide is a Golf Hole

There is no denying the fact that golf courses can be varied in styles and lengths. It can be a monster-length links type or even a short pitch type course. However, regardless of the course types and styles, the dimensions of the golf hole are always constant. If you are unsure about how wide is … Read more

How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight


If you are a novice disc golfer and wonder how to throw a disc golf driver straight, I am here today to tell you about this. Disc golfing is all about throwing further and straighter. You want to throw the disc straight and cover the maximum distance. This comprehensive guide will help you to achieve … Read more