How to Improve Your Golf Swing | Tips for Fast Learner

How to improve your golf swing

Any person can get a club and start striking the golf ball. Golfing can be the simplest and most enjoyable game. It can also be one of the most complicated games if you do not exercise properly to improve your golf swing. One of the most effective ways on how to improve golf swing is … Read more

How Much Does a Golf Ball Weigh in Pounds & in Grams


Well, there can be different units of measures. How much does a golf ball weigh in grams? No more than 45.93 grams. How much does a golf ball weigh in pounds? No more than 0.1012 pounds. If the weight is more than that, it’ll be considered illegal. So most legal golf balls weigh very close … Read more

How To Hit A Pitching Wedge Perfectly

How To Hit A Pitching Wedge

If you are a new golfer and don’t know how to hit a pitching wedge, I am here today to tell you about this. Pitching wedge is a club that comes with an outstanding level of versatility. Whether hitting high shots or just a lower chip shot, a pitching wedge can give you the most … Read more

How to Clean Golf Grips Smartly

How to Clean Golf Grips

Often overlooked, but ask any serious golfer, he’ll tell you how important their grips are to them. Grips are just as important as any other equipment you play with. After all, this is the only equipment you directly come in touch with while swinging. How you feel with the contact, can have an impact on … Read more

How Much Do Golf Caddies Make

How Much Do Golf Caddies Make

If you love golf and love to take part in the game by any means, doing a job as a golf caddy can be an incredible opportunity for you. Because not every job won’t allow you to become a part of something which you are passionate about. The actual feelings will be multiplied when you … Read more