The Best Golf Cart Covers 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Best Golf Cart Covers 2021

Golf is one of the enthusiastic games in the sport’s world for golf lovers. And who does not love to keep all the equipment with great care, especially when it comes to the golf cart?  Since climate change is one of the phenomena issues around the globe, you don’t even know what will be the … Read more

How to Drive a Golf Cart [Step-By-Step Guide]

How to Drive a Golf Cart

Driving a golf cart is fairly straightforward. It’s designed to be a simple vehicle to operate. Then again, you do need to mind some basics while keeping some necessary details & specifications in mind while driving. You get started by turning it on then followed by putting the seatbelt, pressing the accelerator, carefully handling the … Read more

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh in Average

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh

When you’re using one, have you ever wondered how much does a golf cart weigh?  Basically, when we buy a golf cart, we do not pay close attention to the weight of it, and that’s why we stay unaware of the weight of our cart. Based on my research, most standard golf carts weigh between … Read more