Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Iron Review


Callaway Steelhead has an outstanding execution because of its XR Pro irons in its release cycle. Its bar openly elevates itself for maximum speed. The cup face also helps the player who desires the combination of workability, forgiveness and distance.  Combining a magnificent dark finish through the use of features like bore-thru, cup face, and … Read more

Square Strike Wedge Review 2021 -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women

Square Strike Wedge Reviews

You’ve probably heard the name of Square Strike Wedge a ton of time due to their advertising team. They’ve flooded all the advertising media, including television, website ads, and all other channels with the name of strike wedge. They make big claims about this product and present it as one of the best in business. … Read more

Callaway Golf Rogue Draw Driver Review 2021

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver Review

As the name suggests, the Callaway rogue draw driver is a dynamic driver with cutting edge technology. This driver is excellent for chronic slicers and is designed for giving maximum power to the ball. Its design is an excellent choice for the medium-to-high handicap player looking to increase ball speeds and precision. However, the club … Read more