Datrek Bag Boy Golf Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag Review

Any golfer needs an efficient golf bag since a bag does a lot to make things easier on the golf course. A good golf bag offers a haven for every valuable club and items. With lined-pocket for electronic devices and wallets, the bag offers enough space to fit everything.

And Datrek go lite hybrid stand bag is the bag to choose. The bag was engineered with riding or walking golfer in mind. It is a full feature bag that makes it easier to arrange the clubs professionally with the 14-way double shoulder straps.

The bag is comfortable enough to make sure that all the items remain secure while reducing pressure on your shoulder to fully focus on the game. The following is a Datrek go lite hybrid stand bag review to help golfers learn more about this great golf bag.

Bag Boy Golf Go Lite Hybrid Stand Bag

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  • Padded top
  • Full-length dividers
  • Outer tee holder
  • Secure water sleeve
  • Comfortable handles on the bag top for easier lifting
  • Firm nylon material
  • An umbrella holder
  • A rain hood
  • Vibrant colors
  • Great weight
  • Towel ring
  • Firm stands

User satisfaction

  • Great design
  • Awesome storage
  • Comes with lockable stands with slide resistant feet
  • Makes it easy to reach the clubs due to the great 14 way dividers
  • Soft grip handles for easy lifting
  • Comes with a cart attachment system to lock the stand golf bag into place
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Comes with full-length sub-dividers
  • Lightweight

User dissatisfaction

  • The bag doesn’t offer an impermeable lining for the pockets

Key of the Datrek go lite hybrid stand bag- Why Should You Buy It?


Concentrating on the look of the bag may sound unnecessary, but if you ask any avid golfer, he can attest that looks create some confidence in the bag. If a golf bag appears sleek and sharp, you get a boost in the conviction that you will get the best results on today’s rounds. Datrek knows that looks are crucial, and so their current bags come with a nod towards offering a performing bag without sacrificing on class and style.  


Most people usually overlook the weight when it comes to a golf bag. However, Datrek knows that the last thing every golfer wants is a large bag with many pockets and unnecessary features. Such features end up adding to the weight of the bag. However, Datrek go lite pro hybrid stand bag comes with a great weight. That is why the bag is lightweight despite its excellent features and pockets.


Datrek go lite hybrid stand bag reviews

When it comes to storage, this bag is the best. With awesome 14 top dividers, you can organize your golf bag amazingly. The bag comes with a snug fit at the lower side of the divider to separate the clubs while still making sure they are accessible. Other than the divided top, the bag comes with great pockets where you can store extra clubs and other golfing essentials. 


Golf clubs and other valuables cost money and so always make sure they stay safe. The best way to keep them safe is by investing in a secure golf bag. Datrek understands the need for club security and strives to make sure that the clubs are secure.

The bag comes padded lining that offers a buffer that protects the clubs while in the bag. For more protection, the bag comes with a special pocket to keep phones away from scratches or rain.

The bag is not waterproof but the special pockets are impermeable to keep gadgets safe from rain. With a functional rain hood, the bag is safe even when golfing in the rain.


Nothing irritates people more than investing in a golf bag, only for it to fall apart after a few years of use. What we like about this Datrek bag is the ability to withstand the rigidity on the course. Another great thing is the legs. The stand bag legs are sturdy enough to hold the bag regardless of the weight. 

Easier access

The bag comes with great dividers at the top of the bag. Dividers are there to help in organizing your clubs neatly inside the bag. Being a 14-way bag, you can place each club on its special divider. Such a division makes it easy to get to the clubs while playing.


Some reviewers feel that the clubs can at times hold the bag as you get them from the bag.

Another con with the bag is that it is not waterproof making it hard to work with on the rain.


What is the right weight and size of a golf bag?

When choosing the right golf bag, it is always good to consider the weight and size. Besides, you wouldn’t wish to get a bag that is too heavy for you to move around.

On the other hand, you don’t want to buy a bag that is too small for your clubs and valuables. When looking for a cart bag, always go for lightweight bags, but for a stand bag, you may care a bit less about weight. When the stand golf bag is empty, it weighs about 2 pounds or less. 

How can one clean a golf bag?

Since most golf bags come with nylon material, with just dish soap and the warm water it’s clean. All you need is to pick a soft cloth and scrub the dirty parts of the bag. Once you do that, wipe off the soap with a damp towel. Always avoid using chemical cleaners as they break down the fabric.

Is the Datrek golf bag waterproof?

Some people think that all golf bags are impermeable, but that is not the case. Most of them aren’t waterproof and so you can buy a waterproofing spray on the outer side during the rainy season. Also, you need to always carry the hood with you for protection from the rain. But, the variable pouch is still waterproof to protect sensitive gadgets like phones.


Datrek go lite pro hybrid stand bag is an impressive stand golf bag. Not only does the bag deliver on the features and claims, but it works so well. The lightweight and comfortable golf bag may fail to stay the flashiest in the market, but it is an all-round performer for golfers on all levels regardless of the course.