Garmin Approach G10 Golf GPS Review | Compact and Handheld Golf GPS

Are you a beginner or an expert golfer looking forward to a way to hone your skills? The Garmin approach G10 golf GPS is what you need. The device is an affordable device that is hand-held as that is how it should stay.

To become a guru in golfing, must not spend a fortune and this G10 will help in honing your skills faster. Read on to the following Garmin approach G10 golf GPS reviews to become a better golfer.

The device does not come with difficult applications since it has simple clip-on, clear displays and distance. The LCD screens that are black and white offer a great distance from all sides of the green. Moreover, the player benefits from distance layups, hazards, and dog-legs to make your moves more precise.

 The design impresses many since it’s not only slim but lightweight as well. It also features precise distances, pre-downloaded courses, and many more features. The device clips well on your belt or golf bag. You can also place it anywhere you wish to get enough precision.

Garmin Approach G10

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  • Comes with a study design to fit in a pocket
  • It’s great user interphase offers great resolution making it easy to read on the sun
  • Precise distance features
  • Has green view exhibitor
  • Comes with a stat tracking
  • Offers a digital scorecard offers easier tracking as you play
  • Garmin connect to share or upload things on the net
  • Pre-downloaded courses
  • Durable battery

User satisfaction

  • Lightweight and smaller
  • Pre-downloaded courses
  • A green view that offers manual pin place
  • Course and hazard targets
  • Great price
  • Strong GPS connection
  • A battery that holds power for many hours
  • Sturdy clip-on
  • Readable on the sunlight

 User dissatisfaction

  • The screen is only black and white
  • Does not offer touch target
  • Doesn’t offer features that track your steps
  • Some clients complain about issues with its control
  • Does not come with smart notifications

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Garmin Approach G10 golf GPS – Why Should You Buy It?

Garmin Approach G10 golf GPS

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Assessing shot distance and calculating yardage

While the Garmin G10 does not come with many features like other Garmin handheld devices, it comes with many advantages. For example, you can measure yardage and shot distances in any field. That will help in determining where you went wrong and where to improve.

Awesome design

The device boasts of pretty design. It comes with a built-in clip that you can easily attach to your belt or golf bag. It is light to make sure you don’t feel the weight on your belt. It also comes with a sturdy design to keep it safe from damage.

Long battery life

Garmin G10 offers up to 15 hours of battery power when using the GPS. To keep the power, charge the battery for an entire day before the game. The device also comes with an odometer for those who love tracking the distance one covers on every round.

Builds the player’s confidence when in the field

Many players, especially the beginners, panic once they get to the field. However, with the device, they will boost their confidence. The golf GPS device’s strong receiver tells the player where he is and the distance from the next pin. With its exact distance data, the player can fire away while confident in his action. On the device’s screen, you can see the distances to all corners, layups, and yardage hazards.

Easy to see everything ahead using green view

The device comes with a green view feature to help you see the layout and shape of the field, even from behind. You can reposition the pin manually to the current location to get an exact shot choice.

A player can easily keep track of his scores

With the device’s built-in scorecard, stat-tracking is easier as you can tally the numbers from every round. Once you finish, save, review, and upload the data with a USB cable to your Garmin connect for post-analysis.

You get course updates with no fees

Once you buy the G10, you will benefit from the lifetime course updates for free. Moreover, the unit comes ready for use with over 41000 courses from various parts of the world. What many love about the device is that once there are new courses four times a year to keep you up to date with the course-view updater that you get from their website. The courses come free with no fees, set-up charges, or subscriptions.

 A simple and durable GPS unit

When it comes to durability, the device is the best. It features a durable lithium-ion battery that lasts for many hours of use. Its sturdy construction makes sure the device withstands tough weather and conditions. Even when hit with a golf ball, it can withstand the pressure. Since it does not come with many features, even a beginner can use it with no problems at all.


The unit fails to include notifications and fitness tracking
Some users complain of the unclear instructions
The device is not as fast as other GPS golf devices

FAQs on Garmin Approach g10 Golf GPS

How can one use the Garmin G10?

To use the device, make sure that the device gets satellite signals which take less than one minute. To begin with, Select a start round. Once you do that, your device will calculate your place After that, select the course from the long list, follow the instructions from the screen until you complete its set-up and then start the round

 How can you turn-off the Garmin G10? 

To power off the device, you need to hold the ‘UP’ for about 3 seconds and then ‘OK’. Alternatively, press and hold ‘Back’ and ‘OK’. Another way to turn off the device by pressing the ‘Power’ button continuously until you notice a Garmin logo on the screen.

 What is the best way to change the language on the G10?

To change language, follow the following steps.

  1. Turn on the G10 on the button on the left-up place
  2. Tap twice on the Down button
  3. Tap OKAY
  4. Pat the Down button for five times
  5. Tap Okay to choose a language
  6. Press the UP button till you get your language of choice
  7. Pat OK to set
  8. Click the BACK button one time
  9. Click the DOWN button for two times to take you to the start round

 Is the G10 compatible with Bluetooth?

The G10 is not compatible with Bluetooth.

How to use the Garmin Approach G10 GPS?

Final Words

Trail your golfing progress by viewing every stat, including the best shots, average performance/score, and putts too. With this device, you can get all the details and understand the propensities and inclinations of your favorite course. Buy one today and become the best in the golf field!