Garmin Approach g6 Golf Gps Review [ 2022 Edition]

Are you a serious golfer? Well, then you need to choose a Golf GPS carefully to help you make the right moves. Garmin G6 golf GPS is a device that is handy in making your game easier and correct to take you to the next level.

The device comes with stat tracking, which is a feature that makes it possible for you to check your golfing progress when in the field. With the feature, you can download the information to check later in the day.

The device also makes sure you get regular club updates and averages which helps you in deciding what to use in every shot. The following Garmin G6 golf GPS reviews will help you understand more about the handy device.

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Garmin Approach g6 Golf Gps

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  • Digital scorecard
  • Club averages
  • Stat tracking
  • Preloaded courses
  • Battery
  • Smart screen

User satisfaction

  • It’s small and light, yet it offers a full hole views
  • Comes with many features including tracking statistics which helps in determining the average score of the clubs
  • It’s free to access the course database
  • As long as you regularly update the device, you get great accuracy
  • It includes an auto-hole, which means you do not need to click when moving to the next hole
  • Great design
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable 
  • Charges faster
  • Waterproof to help you enjoy golfing in the rain

User dissatisfaction

  • Has a small screen making it hard to adjust
  • It’s hard to see the remaining battery life
  • Fails to automatically pick the next hole

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Key Findings of the Garmin g6 golf GPS- Why Should You Buy It?

A laid-back use

The device has a simple interface such as a touchscreen and buttons that allows you easier access to various features. You can easily enter the information without any issues. Moreover, its courses are available on the Garmin golf GPS device. Considering the modest interface, it’s obvious that the device is not hard to run. To make it easier, the manufacturer incorporates two buttons and a touchscreen that helps the user use the device faster. 

Not hard to fix 

With Garmin approach g6 golf GPS, you can easily synchronize the content without asking help from a professional. As soon as you buy it, you only need to connect it to the computer with a USB cable since you don’t need to register it. With just a few minutes, you can download the course view and the device asks you to update the course. Once you do that, you are ready to golf.

Data accuracy when it comes to distance

Compared to other devices, the GPS device offers accurate readings to make sure you never go wrong. On the screen, one can see the right distance on the green at the top. By touching any point on the map, you can get the right distance from a certain point to the next. Just like the Garmin Approach S6 GPS golf watch, this device offers clear and accurate information always. You can easily enter any shot on any club you decide to use. Such a distance helps you in making the right prediction on how far you can hit the golf ball depending on the club you decide to use.

Makes playing calm

With the device, you can figure out the cleaner shot with green. All you need is to tap the flag on the device and zoom towards the green. After that, drag the flag to the most accurate yardage. The golf GPS comes with a stat tracker whose function is to track the fairways, hits per round, and green principles.

Other than using the stats as you play, it is possible to download them for use at home. With that in mind, you can now check the rounds which show the clubs, strokes per hole, missed hits, fairways, and more. With such information, you can see where you went wrong and get ready to improve on the next round.


When one uses the touchscreen when looking for the right place, fingers might block the view of the target distance as well as the cross-hair. 

The device does not offer an option to update a particular course. When you need to update one course, you end up updating all of them. The update takes about 20 minutes, which is much, especially when you want to start playing sooner.

When dragging the flag, at times it hides below your fingers making it harder to see your activity on the device. However, G8 solves this problem.

FAQs: Garmin Approach g6 Golf Gps Review

What is the ideal way of updating my Garmin Golf GPS?

To update the device, the process is simple. The steps are as follows

  • Download Garmin software
  • Link the Garmin approach G5 to your computer using a USB cable that comes with the device
  • Double-click the software to install it. Once you do that, follow the steps on the screens until you complete the wizard. 
  • Make sure you plug the device. After that, open Garmin express
  • It is better to use the Garmin software since you may need to confirm some installation prompts to get permission to update the GPS device.
  • Once you do that, any available update is ready for installation and you should know as soon as you disconnect the device.
  • Your device is fully updated to the latest course view now

Can I find a golf GPS app for my iPhone?

Of course, there is! Phones are now popular and cannot lack in such a handy device. Golf GPS app for phones like apple and iPhone is popular in the golf world. The app helps golfers in perfecting their skills and enjoys the course.

Is the device impermeable?

The device comes with an impermeable touchscreen which is tough enough to handle any challenges on the game, including the rain.

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For people who are serious with golfing, G6 is the top club that any golfer should get. Since the device is ideal for use in a golf course, the screen is light friendly and comes with great size and sturdy construction. It also comes with lots of great features that help in analyzing your game to make you a guru in golfing. Get one today for the best experience!