Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch Review

Garmin Approach S20 is a watch that golfers use for accuracy and simplicity during the play. Approach S20 Gps is modern styled and very versatile for on and off wear. The slim and lightweight features of this device make the watch less conspicuous as you around.

Approach S20 watches can display front, middle, and back distances. The watch also displays the hole number within the outline in the field. It also has screens that cover hazards, scoring, move-flag options, and lay-ups to help users get specific yardages and steps taken.

This watch is of high value and is best suited for multi-sport functions, alongside displaying the front, middle, and back golf features.

The GPS watch is not only affordable but also dependable. It has no frills and is poised to give the best performance. In this Garmin approach S20 review, we enlighten readers on some of the features and functions of the highly prized watch.

GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking

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Product’s Specifications

Garmin Approach S20 is made of silicon. The quality means that the watch has improved stability, sense of accuracy, performance and strong resistance to thermal fluctuations and magnetic interfaces. The same quality also enables the watch to maintain its shape and carry on without lubrication, for posterity.

Users can also modulate liquid silicone hues to match their preferences, needs, shades of color, brightness and rich colors. Silicon also makes the watch harmless to skin.


  • Has an accurate yardage info
  • One can also use it as an all-time fitness watch. 
  • The watch is waterproof. 
  • It has a good battery. 
  • Comes with its own Garmin Approach S20 charger


  • Using the watch to measure scoring features can be somewhat complicated. 
  • Garmin Approach S20 has an auto shot detection, which is not as favorable as the ones in the premium model. 

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Features of Garmin Approach S20 GPS


Approach S20 does not have a beautiful, curious look, but it blends with normal golf togs in a hardly noticeable way. The watch also transcends the fads of fashion. The perforated silicone bands come with a flat square case. The case enables the device to function optimally.

Thus, the efficiency of the watch complements its look. The tang buckle allows the wearer to put the watch on and off with a lot of ease. The compact case gives comfort during the swing. Approach S20 is very lightweight. The watch weighs 1.5 ounces, making it barely noticeable. 

Touch-screen control is absent from the device. The Garmin Approach S20 manual is supposed to help first-time users acquaint themselves with the device’s operations and functions. Garmin Approach S20 GPS owners manual also covers Garmin Approach S20 troubleshooting functions.

After using its single-button, the touch-screen TAG Heuer connected golf Edition. There is a silver lining in the absence of touch control is that the watch does not get fingerprints. Therefore, the device remains clean, clear, and legible at all times.


GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking

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Garmin Approach S20 has an extreme sense of accuracy. It provides the player with back, front and middle yardages. The golfer only needs to press the button at the left side of the watch to scroll in between the holes. By doing this, you can get the yardage, hole numbers, and the green outline.

Pin locations

Although the device’s green visage is not physically appealing to some people, the watch comes in handy, especially in a new course with a large green outlook. The location of the pins gives users the exact yardage they need. It is essential to ensure that scoring irons are into tight pins. With this, golfers have complete confidence that they can get correct yardage. 

Hazard and lay up info 

Approach S20 has a great layup and hazard info. It has a lovely layup feature which gives the yardage needed for layup of up to 100, 150, and 200-yard shots. Regardless of the annoyance that accompanies the need to alter between menus and numerous clicks, the gadget’s effectiveness still stands out from the crowd. 

Garmin Approach S20 shows a straight hazard line to the green circle at the right side of its screen. In this line, you will see a letter which shows you where the hazard is, toward the green indicator. On the left side of the watch, you will notice yardage to the front of the hazard, indicating the distance.

GPS Golf Watch with Step Tracking

Scoring Feature

The scoring feature of this watch takes some time when making each hole. It’s too many button clicks can be tiresome and quite frustrating. It is also effortless for the golfer to forget to adjust the watch when rushing to the next tee.

Frequently asked questions

What does the Garmin Approach S20 do?

 The Garmin Approach S20 golf GPS watch is an ideal partner who can work as an everyday watch. The watch is popular because of its convenience, stylishness, and lightness. Approach S20 is a watch loaded with so many courses (41000 courses) all over the world. It comes with automatic smart notifications and map updates for tracking daily activities. These features keep the golfer connected, whichever way he takes.

Is the Garmin Approach S20 waterproof?

Approach S20 has a breathable and watchable lightweight feature that weighs 1.5 oz. Approach S20 is also waterproof by a depth of 50 meters.

How do you use the Garmin Approach S20?

Approach S20 has a green view that helps the player to see the green outline and layout even when he is behind it. The Garmin Approach S20 owner manually gets the accurate shot selection by repositioning the pin to the day’s location.


Approach S20 gives the best performance with its accurate yardage, green view, and movement pin option. Its layup feature brings comes with a great look. The hazard info enables the golfer to get the yardages to the front and the back.

As a result, you can know how many clubs you need to carry. Though German Approach S20’s auto shot detection might not be the best watch when compared to other options such as S60, it still works best as Garmin’s budget. The watch has a brilliant look, offers accurate yardage.

It also functions optimally as the best smartwatch. To a golfer looking for a golf watch, we advise him to look at the Garmin Approach S20 review. In this review, we have comprehensively highlighted the features that can tweak your performance to your advantage.

Garmin Approach S20 in-depth Video Review for Golf!