The Garmin Approach S40 Review in 2022 For Golfers

Approach S40 is a golf watch that comes with the bells and whistles that every golfer would like to have on the course. It is well built and very accurate. Approach S40 is a color touchscreen watch that looks very appealing on both your wrist and in the course.

The watch displays the front, middle and back distances of the green outline. It also shows the golfer the hazard records, detected shots, and farness, automatically. You can also review all the starts in real-time when playing or when you have exhausted all the rounds on your smartphone.

If you are looking for a golf watch that has excellent features and one that provides fantastic accuracy and also gives you a breakdown on your improved fitness level, then the Garmin Approach S40 review is your go-to source of information. The article is also meant to enlighten you on the features and specifications of the Garmin Approach S40.

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Garmin Approach S40

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Product specifications

Approach S40 manual gives the player the privilege of adjusting to today’s pin manually to get an accurate approach shot. If the golfer wants a more precise automatic tracking, he will use Approach C10 to pair with the club tracking sensor.

You can use this watch with the Garmin Golf app if you want to have life scoring uploads of the automatic scorecards. During the Garmin Approach S40 release date, the manufacturers ensured that the product comes with additional smartwatch features. Therefore, someone can wear them at all times. This watch can also track all of the wearer’s daily activities. 

The watch is made of the metal bezel, a plastic case, and a quick-release silicone watch band. The quick-release silicone band enables the wearer to modify the color of the watch to match the preferred hue, shades of color and brightness. The display of the watch consists of a 1.2-inch color touchscreen of 240 by 240 pixels. Therefore, the glass is resistant to breakage, cracks, and scratches. 

Other qualities, such as dust and water resistance also make the watch highly durable. The durability of the watch also matches the battery life to the tee. The battery can run for up to 10 days and 15 hours when Approach S40 is on GPS mode. 

Garmin Approach S40 Golf Smartwatch

Features of Garmin approach S40

Auto shot

This feature records your club’s distance so that you can have an average distance on your hits during the course. The golfer has a good view of the green and accurate yardage because of the auto shot. 


Every golfer would go for the most comfortable and user-friendly watch. Approach S40 is more comfortable as compared to other models. It is pretty, very comfortable and lightweight. The wearer and other observers can hardly notice its presence in the wrist. The lightness allows the player to swing easily and with no interference. The interface of this device can be a bit complicated at first. However, once you get used to it, you will have a lot of fun. 

Functional output

Accurate indication of the hazards and greens and battery life are the main components of a good performance. Garmin Approach S40 functions as one of the most accurate watches to the greens and hazards since it measures between 4 and 5 yards. Approach S40 has about 41000 courses. It has a green view feature that enables the golfer to have a manual pin positioning. The pin quickly shows the distance to the front, middle and back of the field. The same pin also displays hazards and doglegs.

The watch tracks all the day’s activities, such as built-in multisport profiles, steps, and sleep. The battery life of the S40 watch can stay up for10 days when on smartwatch mode and 15 hours, on GPS mode. 

Moveable pin

Approach S40 makes it easy for the user to move the pin since it has a touchscreen feature. You just need to tap the green map and change the position of the pin with your finger for you to tweak the yardage. Tweaking the yardage helps the golfer tune the club selection.

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  • The watch is waterproof by 50 meters. 
  • S40’s touchscreen is highly sensitive and responsive. 
  • The watch has a highly responsive touchscreen. 
  • The watch can be used in other sports activities such as running and swimming due to its fitness tracking. 


  • The watch does not have a heart rate monitor. 
  • It is expensive. 
  • Some of its features are a bit too complicated for regular or first-time users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Garmin Approach S40 able to determine the distance of the golf shot?

The Garmin S40 premium GPS watch enables the golfer to get his ball by the foot or the cart. It measures all these actions as you take every step. S40 knows your present location and the distance between you and your next pin. Garmin Approach S40 Premium GPS watch has a highly sensitive GPS receiver that enables the player to have the distance data he needs to fire away confidently. 

What features make Approach S40 better than other devices?

Approach S40 is more advanced as compared to other Garmin watches. The watch has more than 41000 courses from around the globe. Credible Garmin Approach S40 user manuals show that the watch shows the distances to all points in the green. It also comes with the app that keeps track of all shots. Approach S40 also points out the common mistakes you make during the course.


If you are interested in reliable tracking features to improve your golfing experience, then Approach S40 could be your best bet. The well-built, accurate, and long battery life places the watch in a class of its own. You can pair this watch with your phone to enable you to receive alerts of calls, texts, and other forms of alerts.

With the information we have given you in the Garmin Approach S40 review, you are more acquainted with the features of the best golf watch and better poised to improve your performance.

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