Garmin Approach S60 Premium Golf GPS Review

Approach S60 is a golf watch that has a sunlight-readable touchscreen feature that indicates detailed hole maps and yardage in full color.

The watch gives the distance of the green outline in a quick and precise way. It also shows the hazards and doglegs on a preloaded course of more than 40000. The watch has a stylish look. One can use it in other sports and general wear.

In case you have not met your most ideal golf watch, this Garmin approach S60 review will be of great help to you.

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Garmin Approach S60

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Product specifications

Approach S60 comes with an auto shot feature that records the location and the distance of every detected shot. It automatically does so by enabling the golfer to log his scores as he plays and also to analyze his statistics at the end of his rounds. The touch target helps the player select any point to the map hole and get the distance. The green view feature in this S60 shows the formation of the green. 

The gadget also allows the player to manually position his pin to the present location for exact measurements. You can pair the watch with the Garmin app for weather forecast data, calls, texts, and email notifications. Approach S60 boasts of a Swing Tempo, which measures the upswing and downswing relationship.

There are other features that S60 brags of. Some of the features are big memory storage of 1 GB and a 1.2-inch display. The battery life of the watch is equally befitting the gadget’s functions. More specifically, S60’s battery can run for 10 days and 10 hours, when on watch mode and golf mode, respectively. The watch is made of silicon material and is thus, friendly to your skin. 

Features of the Garmin Approach S60 GPS

Design and interface

Garmin Approach S60 GPS watch can be transformed into an all-time watch. It is easy to change the S60 to a normal watch. You can use the connect app and configure specific notifications you want to receive from your phone. The notifications remain inactive when you activate the golf app. The watch is very lightweight, and one can hardly notice its presence when doing the swing or other activities. Thus, the watch is very comfortable on your wrist. It is also beautiful as it comes in different colors such as black silicon, leather, and stainless-steel style. The touchscreen also facilitates interaction with the widgets when one is wearing gloves or when sweating. The watch is also water-resistant and remains very clear, even in direct sunlight.

Garmin Approach S60 Premium GPS Golf Watch

Check Price & Reviews on Amazon

Navigating the watch is very easy and convenient. The three buttons in Approach 60 helps the user select his activities. The touch screen of this watch can be used to swipe through the necessary widgets that you will use to summarize your daily activities, the last round you played, and the weather.

Battery life

The S60 battery has the best battery life, which can go for 10 hours when it is on golf mode and 10 days when on the watch mode. It also goes for more than 30-holes when doing a back-to-back round. This watch is also equipped with other additional features such as the recording option and handicapped adjusting scores. It can also keep scores for your playing partner in a different format. 

Swing tempo app

The Garmin Approach S60 features a swing tempo app, which times the backswing and the downswing with the help of the sensor attached to the club. The scorecard view in the watch can be accessed from the side button. The golfer can also set his Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS watch when guessing the number of swings he took from the tee to green. Though it does not count the putts, the feature is of great help to people with amnesia. The scorecard view reminds the golfer of the exact number of strokes he took. 


Setting up this watch is very easy. It takes you less than 10 minutes to finish the initial setup. From this point, keep tabs on the on-screen prompt before you install the app on your phone. You can then create a free account before using the Bluetooth connection to the new Garmin Connect account. After taking these measures, all the other settings will be controlled from the S60 watch.  


  • It has extremely accurate yardage, is clear on direct sunlight, and it automatically shows the yardage without touching any button.
  • It is very versatile. Though the watch has so many options and features, it is very lightweight.
  • Has a very accurate tracker
  • Has a good battery life
  • Comes with its own Garmin Approach S60 manual


  • The S60 watch is more expensive as compared to other Garmin watches.
  • Does not have a heart monitor

Frequently asked questions About Approach S60 Golf GPS

How does Approach S60 perform?

Approach S60 is the most accurate device for tracking your day’s activities. It has an automatic feature. Therefore, you will not need to adjust your pin when taking the next tee manually. You can also connect the watch to your smartphone to enable you to get your calls, texts, and other notifications from this device. 

What is the battery life of the S60 watch? 

S60’s battery life is very long, as it can take 10 days on a watch mode and 10 hours in a GPS mode. It can also last for 30 holes in a GPS mode.

Where can I get the replacement of the Garmin Approach S60 watch band?

If you want a new Garmin Approach S60 watch bands, other replacements or updates, then you have to visit the Garmin website.

Concluding remarks

Some of the attributes of S60 are highly available yardage, angle of the screen, movable pin, and upswing and downswing tempo. However, the characteristics do not nullify the presence of S60’s problems. However, Garmin Approach S60 problems are minimal compared to its attendant advantages. One can never regret purchasing it. With the information we have highlighted in this Garmin Approach S60 review, potential buyers can have confidence when planning to acquire it.

Garmin Approach S60 – GPS Golf Watch – Unboxing & Review