The GX7 golf club reviews 2022 – Details Guide

Golfing is a sport, and should, therefore, be an enjoyable recreational activity. As such, you do not need to constantly struggle with slogging the club from the rear, hitting the grass, and having to retee when you lose your ball in the trees or water.

When you struggle with these setbacks, you may appear slow, weak, and amateurish in front of your playmates. Your scorecard is also going to be full of mishits. Equally, when these hitches visit you repeatedly, they are likely to erode your confidence and eventually drive you out of the game altogether.

However, you do not need to deal with these misfortunes, thanks to the GX7 golf club. With these GX7 driver reviews, you can make your golfing experience a progressive and enjoyable engagement. 

GX7 Golf Driver Features and specifications

gx7 golf driver

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GX7 driver specs 

One of the factors that make the GX7 golf club a favorable pick for you is its measurements. The GX7 golf driver is 43” long and has a 267 cc clubhead. The club gives the ball an upward inclination of 14° in a single stroke. These specifications make GX7 stand out from regular stock drivers.

Normal drivers are 45.5” long, have a 460 cc clubhead, and at least a 10° loft. These measurements mean that regular stock drivers come with too little loft, an excess head volume, and a frame too long for a regular weekend golfer. 

Conversely, the GX7 golf club’s measurements are an essential part of the GX7 golf club reviews. This is because they give golfers favorable positions and postures for enjoying the game. For instance, from the specs, it is clear that the GX7 golf driver comes with a smaller clubhead, a shorter length, and an extra loft.

The extra loft is supposed to give you a higher launching power and position, and longer carry. The small clubhead gives players unparalleled versatility. You are even able to hit the ball off the deck because of the clubhead. The shorter length makes the golf club easier to control and swing.

Golfers can get better and easier control of the stock driver for maximum accuracy and contact. Again, these features allow you to swing the golf club like a 7-iron. You can do this by hitting down on the ball so that it bounces up. You cannot achieve this feat with a conventional golf stick. With conventional drivers, you can only hit the ball up.

What we like

  • A unique design for greater accuracy and control, lower scores, more fun, and more distances
  • Design features for regular, professional, and amateur players
  • Smaller clubhead for unparalleled versatility
  • Shorter length for better control, accuracy, and contact and easier swings 
  • Extra loft for longer carry and higher launch 
  • Driver replacement for impressive results for golfers with imperfect swings 

What we do not like 

  • In some cases, a ping sound accompanies the hits. A few find the sound somewhat irritating.

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How the GX7 golf club improves your gaming experience

The GX7 golf club specs enable players to enjoy specific advantages. For instance, with the GX7 club, you do not have to learn or adhere to various swing techniques between clubs. This is because the specs allow you to hit the golf club exactly like an iron.

The smaller clubhead, shorter length, and extra loft give you versatility and cushion you from wild variances from hole to hole. The specs also increase golfers’ driving accuracy.

Thus, the fairway’s center easily becomes a gamers’ domain. Ultimately, you can barrel yourself past faster swingers or keep up with them. This quality raises your confidence and tremendously improves your score. 

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Who can use the GX7 club?

Interestingly, in spite of the many positive GX7 driver reviews, the golf club is favorable to sundry and all. Both amateur and professional golfers can use the GX7 club because it provides an average swing speed that is greater than 100 MPH.

Novices have the discretion of using swing speed that is below 100 MPH. Experienced players can exceed 100 MPH. Since GX7 is 43” long and possesses a 267 cc club head, the center of gravity is farther and lower from the clubface. Therefore, if you are a novice, you can reduce spin and increase the roll and total distance. 

Regular golf clubs have bottom lines designed for pros only. Because of this fact, they are costly. Despite fetching so much, conventional drivers do not guarantee satisfaction. On the contrary, the product’s bottom line is remarkably straight, versatile, and long. These qualities allow amateurs to play with much ease.

These clubs are far more affordable. Regular, professional, and amateur players fall in love with GX7 fast because of these characteristics. The size of the driver’s clubhead (267 cc) also provides extreme MOI. This quality allows you to hit the golf ball comfortably, without a tee. Eventually, your confidence grows as you continue playing with the GX7 golf club. 

Regular golfers also have their stakes in the GX7 design. Shafts of regular drivers have several choices of flex, torque, weight, and manufacturers. However, GX7 shafts have four options made exclusively and specifically for the club. Each one of the options has a particular golf speed, and optimizing launch angle, and spin rate suitable for regular golfers. Some shafts measure 42” meant for ladies clubs. 

Other problems that the GX7 Golf Club solves

The upward inclination of 14° that the loft gives your strokes allows you to have the most suitable launch position off the tee. With more loft, the GX7 golf club is not likely to slice. You can even hit a draw, regardless of your experience. Because of these features, the product rids you of ugly slices, embarrassing worm-burners, and pitiful pop-ups. Since the GX7 golf stick gives greater accuracy, you will not have to contend with mood golf swings that come from bad results. 

Final Words

The product is adjustable to cater for driver replacement. You can replace the driver you prefer, for superior results, even with imperfect swings. Of course, this GX7 golf review is incomplete if it does not help you gauge how much is the GX7 golf club.

Many GX7 golf driver reviews show that, on average, the product costs about $200 from regular dealers. Because of these GX7 golf driver reviews, you have valid reasons to prefer GX7 golf club to conventional drivers. Distance consistency, greater accuracy, swings that produce positive results, and confidence are the benefits you enjoy using the GX7 golf club.

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