How Much Do Golf Caddies Make

If you love golf and love to take part in the game by any means, doing a job as a golf caddy can be an incredible opportunity for you. Because not every job won’t allow you to become a part of something which you are passionate about.

The actual feelings will be multiplied when you become a caddy of a good golfer. Now, you are maybe wondering how much do golf caddies make.

Without any doubt, it’s a valid question to ask, especially when you are planning a career in this field. Maybe all you need a solid answer to how much do caddies make to start your future in this field.

In this article, I will discuss this from every possible aspect.

So, stay with me throughout this entire article to learn everything about the income of caddies so that you can make your future decisions properly.

How Much Do Professional Golf Cadies Make- Let’s See


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The person who carries a golfer’s bag and clubs in the golf game is called a caddy. Besides carrying the bags, a caddy gives much insightful advice to the player. He also provides a great level of moral support to the player. Now, the earnings of a caddy depend on many factors. Know more about golf cadies from here.

A caddy earns a different amount of money from a different type of clubs and tournaments. While earnings of a caddy depend on the job contract, most of the PGA Tour caddies can earn more than $1000 per week.

Besides, depending on the contract they may also earn some percentage of the player’s winning money in the famous tournaments. So, how much do pro golf caddies make? Below, I will discuss in detail how much a caddy makes in different clubs and tournaments.

Earnings of a Country Club Caddy

Being the country club caddy can be a pretty much good start for junior golfers. When it comes to the public golf courses, they don’t have any kind of program for the caddies these days. But, you don’t need to be frustrated at all.

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Still, you will find many country clubs with active caddy services which can be a great career opportunity for you. However, if you are unsure whether these jobs are only for junior golfers, let me clarify you first.

People from any age limit can become a caddy with the country club caddying service. But, you just need a passion for that. Now, if you want to know how much do caddies make in a country club, I have got you covered. A country club caddy earns around $30-$35 on an average scale.

Please don’t conclude it here as the main fun things are yet to be revealed. A caddy mainly earns money on tips. The largest portion of their income comes from the tips, not from the fixed rate. Now, how much you can make as a caddy depends on many factors.

For instance, the number of tips you may get may vary from players to players. The world is full of amazing things. One of the amazing things about the caddies is a caddy who works in any wealthy country club depending on the player whom he works with may make up to $50 to $75 per hour.

In some cases, it may exceed this limit as well. So, if you have a passion for becoming a successful caddy, you should check the local golf clubs in your locality. In most of the cases, chances are you’ll end up getting an offer to become a caddy.

Earnings of LPGA Caddies?

Referring to an article of the GolfWeek, the weekly base salary of an LPGA caddy is around $1200. But, on the downside, caddies need to maintain their travel expenses. So, in most cases, the maxim portion of this earning is used for bearing all of the associated travel expenses.

So, selecting the right player is a crucial decision for you when it comes to being a caddy. Because, if the player can’t become successful in the tour, you as a caddy will also experience an unsuccessful tour.

So, it is a common practice for the caddies of professional golfers to take a percentage from the weekly winnings of the golfer. Now, in what percentage they agree depends on them. But, in terms of the LPGA tour, the percentage is 7%-8% which will be cut by the caddies from the player’s winnings.

The calculation is fairly straightforward. Suppose, a golfer wins a tournament and is awarded $320000. In that case, his caddy may get up to $25600 from the golfer’s winnings. It’s as simple as that.

As the total pay a successful player can get from the LPGA is not as much as the PGA, the caddies tend to take a higher percentage from the player. Simply put, the income of the LPGA caddies mostly depends on the player’s success.

Are you still unsure about how much do professional golf caddies make? The simple answer is the more successful the player is, the more money a caddy may make from the entire tour.

Earnings of PGA Tour Caddies?

In most of the cases, caddies of the PGA tour golfers may make around $2000 per week as the base salary. One thing to remember is the pay scale for a caddy is not fixed by any means. So, it can vary from player to player.

Like the LPGA tour, the PGA Tour caddies also get the opportunity to cut a percentage from the winning money of the golfer. Typically the percentage for the PGA caddy lies between the ranges of 5% to 10% of the golfer’s winnings amount.

So, the total earnings of a caddy depend on the player’s success. If you have the opportunity to become a caddy of a successful golfer in a successful tour, chances are you’ll end up earning a huge amount of money. So, if the golfer wins $1500000, the caddy may get up to $150000 from that money.

You may find news over the internet about the caddie’s income. According to some reports, you may find many successful caddies who got millions of dollars from a successful PGA tour.

Final Words

In this article, I tried to provide you with all of the information regarding the earnings of caddies. I hope this article answered the question of how much do golf caddies make. There is no denying that caddying is a great profession with a potential earning opportunity. So, it is a good decision to plan a career in this field.