How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh in Average

When you’re using one, have you ever wondered how much does a golf cart weigh? 

Basically, when we buy a golf cart, we do not pay close attention to the weight of it, and that’s why we stay unaware of the weight of our cart. Based on my research, most standard golf carts weigh between 900-1050 pounds, which varies depending on the size of the type of the cart.

When we buy our cart, the things we consider most usually are the color of it, the windshield and so on things, mostly the specification and features. Considering the weight of it might be a smart choice on your next purchase of a golf cart.

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How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

When we talk about a 2-person golf cart without battery, the weight is somewhere around 950 pounds. Add a battery to the cart and it’ll add around 63 pounds to the cart. Talk about a 4 and 6 person cart, which weighs 100 lbs heavier.

So that sums up that, average golf carts weigh between 900 to 1100 pounds. Now, this weight can vary. Based on the material used and the model of the cart, two similar-sized carts might have different weights.

When we are talking about an electric one with a large battery, you’re expecting 300 pounds more. Just like that, when a two-seater cart weighs around 900 lbs, a cart with more capacity, like 6 persons, would weigh around 1100 lbs.

The weight varies depending on the manufacturer as well. People ask me, how much does an EZ Go golf cart weigh? Well, when the Yamaha Drive2 PTV weighs around 785 pounds, the E-Z-Go Express S4 cart is much heavier at around 984 pounds.

Golf cart manufacturers usually make their carts available through resellers. And most of them offer customization. Since you have to shell out about a thousand bucks on a new cart, it won’t hurt much to spend a few more and customize the cart according to your choice.


Add 1000 pounds to the curb weight of your cart. This number is the base figure when you have to decide if your vehicle can tow the golf cart or not.

You should be considering this because usually, the towing limits of the vehicles are too low. Even if your vehicle is still able to tow high numbers, there will be more strain on the transmission of it.

Thus, choosing a higher number is recommended so you’ll be able to tow easily and also extend the lifespan of the vehicle. You’d thank me for this advice when you have to tow your vehicle over rough terrain next time.


Not only the weight but also the dimension is a concern to care about to know. You know there will be times when you might need to store the cart in the back of your pickup trailer or truck.

The average dimension of small-sized golf carts are – length: 7.87 feet (2.4m) x width: 3.93 feet (1.2m) x depth: 5.9 feet (1.8M). 

If we talk about larger 6-seater golf carts, that may look like – length: 146-inches x width: 70-inches x depth: 47.2-inches.

The modern golf carts mostly seem to be powered by electric motors and batteries and many golfers are showing interest in them since they’re appreciating the new technology, which is a great sign.

The batteries get you through a whole day of golf and they’ll get ready for the next day when you put them in charge in the parking station. The hassle of purchasing gasoline after a while is no more there, and you’re being environment-friendly too.

Gas vs Electric golf cart weight

Gas carts have gasoline engines, obviously. But these are much smaller than gasoline engines used in cars. But these engines still have to produce enough power to carry 8 people around the course.

Most often the capabilities of the cart that the manufacturer states in their sales page reflect the cart’s performance when used in a flat surface. Since golf courses are not the smoothest terrain you should be going for greater numbers as that ensures the carts will do great on uneven terrains too.

The electric carts are run by electric motors that are powered by big batteries. Don’t think to be electric means they’re underpowered. They also have great potential to deliver great power.

Now, people often ask how much does a gas golf cart weigh or how much does an electric golf cart weight?

Talking about the weight of gas vs. electric carts, the electric ones seem to be on the heavier side due to their big batteries.

Understanding the Terms & Numbers

The first thing you need to properly judge a cart is to understand the terms and number – what means what and which is good. It’s tough for someone to pick the best cart if he doesn’t understand the technical terms and numbers used. 

Do you know the difference between Dry weight & Curb weight?

Dry Weight – Dry weight means the weight of the golf cart without the battery installed. This is the weight value of the barebones. A battery could add from 100 to 400 pounds to the dry weight, depending on the size of the battery.

Other accessories like motor lubrication fluid, extra seats, and other extras are also not included in the dry weight.

Curb Weight – Whereas, the curb weight refers to the weight with everything included – the weight of a full-fledged, ready-to-function golf cart. Usually, when you get the cart delivered, it comes in its curb weight.

Batteries, engine oil, seats, extra wheels, etc. adds quite some weight to the dry weight, where the contribution of the battery is significant. You should be more concerned about the curb weight because it’s the actual real-life weight.

Weight Limit of the Passenger

A 2-seater gas-powered cart can carry 2 people that weigh up to 200 pounds or a little more, but no more than that.

Talk about the large 6-seater carts, they can carry up to 700 pounds all the way.

When you purchase the cart, the maximum weight limit will be mentioned. It’s wise not to cross that limit as that can reduce the lifespan of your cart and cause it to underperform over time.