How to Address a Golf Ball with an IRON the Secret of Success !!!

You might have heard people say that the position of a golf ball changes depending on your club. When using a shorter iron, the middle part of your body should be more active when you hit your ball. The shaft varies in length. Hence, one needs to adjust the golf ball since every club bottoms out at different points.

Changing the ball position with every club is untenable. Such kind of resolve leads to guesswork when hitting your ball and aiming at a specific distance. To avoid guesswork, control the distance at which you play the ball, regardless of the club you are with.

You also need to consult with your tailor to match your physique with the club’s length so that you will be able to address a golf ball with a driver. This initiative is essential since you will keep changing your position and posture.

If you are wondering about how to address a golf ball with an iron, we offer you insightful tips. The tips should help you enjoy playing your golf ball.

Here Are Some Tips How to Address Golf Ball?

The alignment in the golf setup

People with a clue on how to address a golf ball think you can hit the ball from any position. This is not the case! When addressing the golf ball, it is good to ensure the body is positioned parallel to the line you are targeting.

Also, the viewer from behind should be able to see that you, his fellow golf partner, are aiming towards the left side of the ball. This way, your golf ball is the one on the target line instead of your body. 

The position of your foot

The best-golfing tip on how to hit a golf ball straight with iron is aligning your feet with your shoulder when doing a middle iron. There should be a 2-inch space for a short-iron stance and another 2-inch space for a long iron stance. Your target-side foot is supposed to flare towards your target.

Your feet should be open 20-40 degrees to enhance proper body rotation around your target. Your target line and foot should be at 90 degrees so that your foot can be in a good position.

The positioning of your foot allows you to turn your hip when doing your backswing. Your foot positioning also enables you to hit a golf ball straight with an iron. Ensure your body rotates flexibly. Flexibility determines proper foot placement.

Position of the ballHow to address a golf ball with position

The club determines the position at which you place your ball you select. If the club is flat, your short iron stance should be at the center portion. This is because the club should have an upright angle.

For the middle iron, play your ball while directing the target-side. You should position your body at the center when doing this. This is because the club has a slightly flat angle. Therefore, take a slightly shallower divot more than the one you take for a short iron.

The best ball position for a long iron is having the ball direct your foot. This position ensures that you are at your center point. By so doing, you can strike the ball from the bottom and make a swing arc with a minimal divot.

Find your balance

Your weight should be evenly distributed and balanced on your feet and not your toes. When using short irons, your weight should be at least 60 percent on foot on your targeted-side. With a middle-iron shot, ensure that the weight is half or equal to each foot.

If you are in the longest club, your hind leg should carry 60 percent of your weight. This posture helps you swing your body at a right angle while at the club. Ensure your knees are slightly flexed and are directly over your ball to enhance the balance in your feet. You should slightly bend your body at the hips for appropriate balance.


Your spine should slant to the side a little further from your target. Your hip and shoulder are tending towards the target-side need to be more upward than your back, hips, and shoulders.

Allow your pelvis to be slightly inclined towards the target. Your hips, therefore, counterbalance your body to allow the upper spine to lean far away from the target. For a better shoulder turn, your chin should be near your chest to enhance proper turn.



How you address your golf ball is very important. A golfer should also take enough time to practice and rest since this exercise can lead to intense fatigue.

The golfer’s health may also be affected, if not well-cushioned. With the above tips on how to address a golf ball with an iron, you can easily become a golf guru!

Happy Golfing Guys!