How to Adjust Callaway XR Golf Driver Perfectly

Callaway is a prominent name in the golf equipment manufacturing industry. They’ve always come up with innovative golf equipment that helps to make your game better.

 Callaway golf introduces newer drivers with smart features and flexibility to the market on a regular basis. If you’ve upgraded to one of those drivers, you might be wondering how to adjust Callaway XR driver or what impact of the adjustment will be there on your game.

 Also, such advanced newer drivers may seem a little overwhelming in the beginning if you’re switching from older drivers. In these modern drivers, you have the freedom to customize the lie and face angle, the loft, and also you can move the weights to alter and improve the center of gravity, etc.

 The Callaway Driver is one famous of those adjustable drivers and in this article, we’ll show you how to adjust Callaway XR driver to get the desired performance out of it.

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 Let’s get started…

The Callaway XR Golf Driver 

Callaway tends to build its drivers primarily focusing on speed. That is why they’ve designed the golf drivers to be lightweight, and give it such an aerodynamic shape which helps to reduce the drag of air and maximize the force of the swing thus.

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However, the feature we’re going to learn to utilize today is the OptiFit adjustability hosel that can be configured in 8 different ways.

 The Callaway XR driver has the stock project X LZ shaft, which increases the downswing load and results in higher energy transfer. The driver also features the R.MOTO face technology which is responsible for a more efficient transfer of energy.

How to Adjust Callaway XR Driver

The Loft Setting

In the hosel, the ‘S’ indicates that the stated loft is set on the natural setting. The ‘-1’ will subtract one degree from the stated loft. In the same manner, ‘+2’ and ‘+3’ will add 2 and 3 degrees to the stated loft.

Lie setting

In the cog, the draw setting will be designated as ‘D’. It helps you to reduce slicing and increase the draw at the same time. If you tend to often miss the right draw, you want to set that to ‘D’.

 The Neutral setting will be designated by ‘N’. When you keep it in a neutral setting, you have the freedom to respectively control the draw and fade. This ensures that the ball can work in both directions.

The Wrench tool

Take the wrench and keep screwing the bolt to the point where you hear a click. You want to ensure that you’ve tightened the hosel properly.

 The clubs are supposed to be frequently adjusted and thus the wrench is designed in a way that it delivers optimum tightness every time while preserving durability.

How to Adjust the Callaway XR16 Drivers Video Instruction

Few things about adjusting the loft

Mostly, the setting of the loft varies from player to player. It highly relies on the player’s preference and consistency of the swing. However, still, there are few things that you may want to keep in mind while adjusting your driver’s loft –

When you set it too high

You reduce the ball’s travel distance when you hit it too high. Since most of the swings come naturally, the loft adjustment is there to help to keep the balls’ trajectory at a medium height to gain more travel distance.

Keep in mind that if you have consistent swings, the way you set the loft can bring about a big difference in results.

You can reduce the degree from 12.5 to 10.5 or further below to fix the balls’ trajectory angle if most of your swings are resulting in a higher trajectory than expected.

Setting it Too Low

In contrast, if you’re experiencing a low trajectory on most of your hits, you may add 1 or 2 degrees to your loft. If you launch the ball too low, that will cause the ball to have more rolls when it lands, which is not something you want on water or high grass.

Finding your Sweet Spot

When you practice your swing, you need the test and analyze the distance that the ball has gained to find your perfect setting. To begin with, you should make an estimate of what might be the best setting for you, and keep records of the balls’ distance with that setting.

 Yes, the distance might vary depending on how consistent your swings are, but at least you’ll get a clear idea of whether that setting is working for you or not. This way, keep tweaking to find your perfect setting and trust me, the perfect setting can help you gain an extra 15 to 20 yards, which is a great deal.

 However, in some shots, the trajectory might ‘feel’ to be too low or too high, but it’s your performance that ‘matters’ at the end of the day. You need to maintain the consistency of the swing and leave it to the loft to decide which will be the best setting for you.

 Another great thing about the Callaway XR driver is that it offers forgiveness as most of the swings can lower the sidespin. So take your time to tweak things until you get that confident strike.

However, the Callaway XR driver lacks the adjustable weight feature thus it does not let you adjust the center of gravity. The driver is mainly focused on more speed and loading. However, it definitely impressed me with the level of forgiveness it offers. This is a driver that’s highly reliant upon strength.

How To Adjust the Callaway Optifit Hosel Golf Driver

How to Adjust Callaway XR 16 Driver – Conclusion

The core function of the adjustable drivers is to impact the trajectory in the way you like. But the accuracy, consistency, and strength of your swings still play a significant role in the overall output.

 The role of the adjustable drivers has been evaluated by professional golfers and it has been proven to be effective to tweak the trajectory. Many professional golfers use modern adjustable drivers in world championships.