How To Adjust Taylormade M5 Driver

If you love golf from your heart, you most probably have used TaylorMade drivers for your golf journey. One of the exciting matter of Taylormade golf driver is you can adjust it according to your preference. Now, if you don’t know how to adjust Taylormade M5 driver and why you should adjust it, please don’t worry anymore about it.

In this comprehensive guide, I will tell you everything you need to know to adjust an M5 driver. Stay with me throughout the article to know all the secrets for adjusting an M5 driver.

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3 Easy Step – How to Adjust Taylormade M5 Driver

Needless to say, Taylormade M5 driver comes with many exclusive features and you can hit the golf ball straight. Most of you already know that it also comes with great options for adjustability.

Therefore, you can adjust the driver as per your preference. Below I am telling some easy and effective steps to adjust a Taylormade M5 driver. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Step 1: Adjusting the Loft, Lie & Face Angle

This is the first step for your Taylormade golf M5 driver adjustment journey. In this step, we will learn how to adjust loft, lie, and conveniently face angle. Now, to adjust the loft sleeve, first of all, you have to open up the shaft from the driver. To do that, open up the head screw at first.

If I am not wrong, you got a special wrench with your golf M5 driver which you can use to open up the screw. Just remember that you have to turn the wrench anti-clockwise to open it up. After opening up the shaft you will see it has some exclusive markings which will in turn allow you to adjust the loft sleeve as per your preference.

A Taylormade M5 driver comes with a loft sleeve which is 4-degree and you can do necessary adjustments in the loft. On top of that, the lie angle and face angle can be adjusted as well. Now, you’ll see at least twelve positions in an M5 driver loft sleeve which will allow you to change the ball flight as you want.

The adjustment method is pretty much simple. You just have to rotate the clubhead where you want to adjust and then tightening the head screw again will complete the task.

Now, if you move the loft sleeve to one-click enhance or reduce the loft, lie angle and face angle 0.5 degrees to 0.75 degrees. Remember carefully, you can adjust the loft sleeve to the standard, lower, or higher position.

Then again, if you want to bring incremental changes in the loft, you can quickly adjust the sleeve to the UPRT position. Below I am sharing data for your instance so that you can adjust the loft sleeve as per your requirement.

Step 2: Ball Flight Control Adjustment

The second step is to adjust the ball flight control of the driver. The Taylormade M5 driver comes with two 10 gram weights in the head. Therefore, you’ll have a great adjustment option so that you can control the ball flight while hitting with this driver.

First of all, to get a neutral adjustment, you have to position the weight in the track’s center. You can do that by splitting the weights to two terminal points of the track. Then, if you can position the weight towards the toe, you’ll get a dispersion of 125 yards.

So, that will be the max fade position. Finally, if you position the weight towards the heel, again with 12.5 dispersion on the opposite side, you’ll get a max draw adjustment.

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Step 3: Adjustments in the Trajectory-Spin

Now, you can also control the trajectory-spin which will be applied to the ball by adjusting the weight as follows. When it comes to achieving a medium trajectory, you just have to split the weight along the center track.

Again, if you split the wright what we call the back of the inverse T-track you will end up achieving high trajectory and the launch and spin will also be increased. On the other hand, if you move both weights forward along the center track you will achieve a low trajectory and it will lower the launch and spin as well.

Final Words

In this comprehensive article, I tried to gather all the necessary information in one place just for you. I believe, now you know how to adjust Taylormade M5 driver conveniently. I wish you a happy golfing day.

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