How To Adjust Taylormade M6 Driver

If you don’t know how to adjust Taylormade M6 driver, today I will tell you about this. This driver comes with many exclusive features with increased speed to make your golfing day shiner. One of the exciting features of this driver is you can adjust it as per your preference.

However, if you do not know to adjust it, please don’t worry anymore. In this comprehensive article, you’ll get a clear cut idea about it and you can make adjustments in your favorite M6 driver in a convenient way.

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Why M6 Driver Is So Special

The M6 driver is one of the exclusive Taylormade golf drivers and you will get many benefits by using it. You’ll be wondered to see that it comes with a twisted face which is a speed injected version. Therefore, you’ll get a great ball speed when you hit it with an M6 driver.

If you are new to golf and never experienced speed so far, this Taylormade M6 driver could be a great opportunity for you to experience the power of speed in golf. On top of that, with this specially designed twist face, you can perform straight and long-short easily.

Besides, if you want to experience higher forgiveness and lower spin, the M6 driver could be one of the best options for you.

TaylorMade M6 Driver (460cc)

Let’s Know How To Adjust Taylormade M6 Driver Perfectly

Adjusting a Taylormade M6 driver is not rocket science at all. But, you have to know the basics to make adjustments in the driver. In this section, I will discuss everything about the Taylormade M6 driver adjustments. SO, without delaying anymore, let’s begin.

Adjusting the Sleeve:

To adjust the sleeve first of all you have to open the screws and remove the clubhead from the shaft. If you want to remove the shaft conveniently, you have to open up the head screw. In this case, you can use the wrench that comes with the golf M6 driver. Just set the wrench on the screw and turn anticlockwise to open it.

Remember, turning clockwise will close the screw. So, as you already know what you have to do, just open the screw and separate the clubhead from the shaft. At this point, you have to adjust the sleeve as per your preference. You’ll see some markings in the shaft. Every mark indicates a specific setting.

TaylorMade M6 Driver head

Typically, there are four positions where you can adjust the sleeve which is STD, lower, higher, and in the UPRT position. Now, if you adjust the sleeve in the standard position, you’ll get a square face and the loft will be as stated. The lie angle will set at fifty-six degrees.

At this moment, if you change the sleeve to the lower position, the face will be four degrees open and the loft will two degrees lower than stated. Moreover, the lie angle will set at 58 degrees and the RPM will be reduced by 400 RPM.

On the other hand, if you set the sleeve to a higher position, the face will be four-degree closed and the loft will be two degrees higher than stated. Besides, these settings will add 400 RPM to the driver spin while the lie angle will set at 58 degrees.

Besides, if you want to set up the sleeve so that you will get incremental changes, you have to adjust the shaft sleeve to the UPRT position.

Adjusting the Ball Flight Control:

You can also adjust the control of the ball flight. To make adjustments you have to make necessary changes in the weight track system which is easily movable. It comes with a single ten grams weight which will help you to adjust the golf driver to your preferable shot shape. If you position the weight to the center of the track, you will get a neutral position.

If you position the weight towards the toe, you’ll end up setting it to the max fade position. On the other hand, when it comes to getting the max draw adjustment, simply position the weight toward the heel and you will be all set to go.

Final Words

Whether you want speed or accuracy, a Taylormade M6 driver will make your day even shiner. In this comprehensive article, I tried to help you by providing all necessary information about M6 driver, I believe now you know how to adjust M6 driver conveniently.

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