How to Clean Golf Grips Smartly

Often overlooked, but ask any serious golfer, he’ll tell you how important their grips are to them. Grips are just as important as any other equipment you play with. After all, this is the only equipment you directly come in touch with while swinging.

How you feel with the contact, can have an impact on the outcome of your shot. 

The bad news is, gold grips tend to get dirty real quick, especially if you use your club without a pair of hand gloves. Sweat, oil, chemicals and other stuff stick really bad and stress your grip.

A tired and dirty grip could be the hidden reason behind the bad shots you’re hitting lately. You probably kept wondering why the shots are not as expected, analyzed a lot of things but didn’t think about the grip.

On the contrary, a clean and fresh grip will make you feel better and more confident, which eventually will show in your game. Simple cleaning helps your grip to restore its surface tack, remove the chance of slipping and ensures that you get a firm and light pressure grip. 

If I had to say in simpler terms, cleaning your grip often helps to keep itself feel like new. Remember how amazing your grip felt when it was new? Cleaning your grip regularly also helps to expand its lifespan so you don’t have to shell out your money too often on changing grips: win-win.

If you’re already convinced why you should be serious about keeping your grips clean, the next question you’ll be asking is, How to clean golf grips?

Let’s find out.

How to clean rubber golf club grips?

golf grips rubber clean


Rubber grips are the most common form of grips probably because most of the clubs have a rubber grip on them. People tend to like rubber grips as they’re handy and have a long lifespan as well. 

However, to extend your rubber grip’s lifespan, cleaning it often is necessary because of the chemical and oil that stack up causes the rubber to deteriorate over time. Here’s how you clean your rubber grip – 

 a. Take a little bowl and put some water into it. Put a little amount of detergent into it. You may use your dishwashing detergent which will do just fine. 

You can also insert a stopper in your sink and use it as a bowl as you might be executing this operation in your kitchen.

 b. Take a small hand towel and wet it. Grab some suds with the wet towel and scrub the grip gently with the suds. You don’t have to rub too hard, let the detergent take care of the dirt. I discourage rubbing hard as it might hamper the temper of your grip.

When you’re done rubbing, do not forget to have a look at the towel to see all the dirt that came out. This is damn satisfying.

 c. Now, turn the tap on, put the grip under flowing warm or cold water, and rinse the detergent off. You should not be using hot water as it might cause the glue underneath the grip to loosen and harm the functionality of the grip.

And also make sure that the water does not reach the shaft while you’re putting the grip under flowing water. The steel shaft doesn’t like water if you know.

 d. Take another piece of dry hand towel. Dry all the grips as soon as they’re rinsed off. Also, rub the towel over the shaft once to get rid of any unwanted water that might have reached there. You can dry the grips even further afterward by keeping them in the open air and under sunlight for a few minutes.

When you’re cleaning white rubber grips, an additional element you’ll need to make it look like new is rubbing alcohol. Follow the process above but before everything, take a little bit of rubbing alcohol in a cloth and scrub the grip gently. This will help to bring back the freshness of white grips.

How To Clean A Golf Club the Right Way

How to clean a genuine leather golf club grip?

Leather golf club grips do look more classy but they’re more delicate at the same time. If you’re old-school and not willing to replace leather grips with rubber ones, here’s how you clean them – 

  1. Take some warm water into a bowl and moisten a dry towel with it. 
  2. Gently rub the towel over the grip a few times for the dirt to come out. DO NOT use any kind of detergent or other chemicals as they’ll harm the fibers of the grip.
  3. Take another dry towel to soak the water.

How to clean golf grips with Windex?

Well, people are innovative and they tend to find new & creative things out. A friend of mine taught me about how to clean golf club grips using Windex, which is basically a glass cleaner. And I found out that it works. 

You need to spray the Windex a few times over the grip to cover all the areas. Then take a dry cloth to rub all over it and see the dirt in the cloth that came out of the grip. Easy and effective.

However, I’d still stick to the water and soap idea as I thought it cleans better. The Windex thing is a quick on-the-go solution when you don’t have enough time, or just before heading out of home for the game.

Golfing Tips : How to Clean a Golf Club Grip By Kevin Battersby

Using professional wipes to clean the grip

Have you heard the name of GRIPES? It is a golf cleaning wipe that many professionals use. They come in a resealable package and here’s how you clean golf grips with GRIPES –

  1. Take a GRIPES wipe from the packet, and reseal it afterward. Simply wipe your grip down with the GRIPES wipe to remove all the dirt and bring back the tackiness. You can use GRIPES wipes for any type of grips. The grips are tear-free and durable enough that a couple of grips take care of your whole set of clubs before every game, at a cost below a dollar.

GRIPES grip cleaning wipe is a great quick solution to have a tacky grip before every game. They are an on-the-go solution and fit in a corner of your golf bag. They are engineered to bring back the tacky feel which is so important for a confident shot.

It is prepared with a fast-drying formula that allows the grip to quickly air-dry before around. GRIPES wipes are also amazing at keeping white grips white With GRIPES, you’ll clean your grips more often which lengthens the grips’ lifespan. And most importantly, isn’t it great to get that tacky feel before every shot?

Now that you have the know-how of how to clean golf grips, never let them stay dirty ever again. Hit every shot with confidence.