How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight Every-Time

If you are a novice golfer and wonder how to hit a golf ball straight every time or what will happen if you fail to do it, I am here today to talk about this. Every beginner golfer wants to improve this skill. Although it’s not rocket science at all, you need to know the basics to do it properly.

How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight for Beginners to Expert?

Check Your Stance And Grip

Now, as a beginner, you should know how to hit a golf ball straight. And, the first important thing to consider is your stance. You have to make sure that your body position and overall stance is perfect.

Your body should be properly lined up with your target. If you think your divot is pointing directly at your target you’re good to go.

There are two things to consider. First, you should draw a straight line between your ball and target. The next important thing is your shoulder and other relevant body parts should be in a parallel position to that straight line.

You want to whip the golf ball instead of chopping it. So, how you hold the club is important if you want to hit a golf ball straight every time.

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Greeg Foley Hiting ball

Try not to grip your golf club too tightly, because it will not let you hit the ball straight. A perfect grip on your club can give you a great shot. So, try to make your grip perfect by practicing regularly.

Be Aware of the Clubface

The next step is you must be aware of the clubface rotation. Always try to start with the clubface square to your target area when you first set up to the golf ball.

Now, the backswing is important. You should be careful at your waist high and when you complete your backswing. Your club plays an important part here. Try to avoid longer clubs, because it will make it harder to use it properly.

Another good advice is never to cocking your wrist. You want to hit the golf ball hard and straight. That’s great! Always remember, in golf your hips and legs will give you the necessary strength to do it, not your arm’s strength.

Here comes the next important skill that you need to master. The impact position is the most critical checkpoint when downswing. There is no other way to improve than to practice it.

You can always practice it at different speeds to make it perfect. When practicing you want to do it slowly and you should make necessary adjustments with your body, hands, and arms. This is to make sure that the clubface is square at the impact position.

Beginner golfers always do mistakes when it comes to downswing as in most cases their hands and clubs fail to move together.

Swing The Golf Club On The Plane Line

Yes, that’s true. If you want to drive your golf ball straight, I am afraid there is no other way than swing the golf club on the plane line.

Now, you already know that the entire task is done in two-parts, backswing, and downswing. As the name suggests backswing is swinging the club towards the back of your body to have the necessary strength to hit the ball.

On the other hand, the downswing is the immediate next step of backswing when the club travels down to hit the ball with the clubhead.

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how to hit a golf ball straight with a driver

Always try to swing the golf club on the plane line so that you hit the ball straight and make yourself happy. You should have the clubhead awareness and then body awareness to make a proper hit to the golf ball.

Sometimes, beginner golfers make a common mistake is that they suddenly stop their swing after hitting the ball. It affects the overall speed of the drive and most importantly it can throw the shot off target.

Be Relax While Hitting The Golf Ball

Being relaxed and stress-free may work like magic in your golf journey. Many successful golfers have mastered this key skill and they try to stay calm and tension free while playing golf.

An important thing is a relaxed hand on the handle frees up wrist joints which in turn gives you a good shot. From fingertips to shoulders all of your relevant body parts should become tension free and relaxed so that you can easily concentrate on your swing and hit the ball straight.

A mild stressful mind can make a massive difference. So, try to make yourself stress-free which will give you a calm mental attitude and you’ll see the difference.

Is it easy to hit the ball straight?

No, it’s not. At least not from the beginning. You have to practice a lot to master this unique skill. You should follow the basic rules and techniques that I discussed above.

But, another important thing is there are different types of clubs available in the market such as drivers, irons. There are some specific techniques for each kind of club. So, you should know how to hit a golf ball straight with a driver.

The key specialty of a driver is the speed it can make in every swing and hit. The basic rules are the same here. You can exercise by doing slow swings with the driver and monitor the position of the clubface during downswing the club.

Also, you have to know how to hit a golf ball straight with irons. Irons are favorite clubs who want to play a classic shot. As I told you earlier, whether it’s iron or driver you should follow the basic fundamentals to hit the golf ball straight.

Always remember, a perfect stance, swing and body position will make your day shiny in golf.

How To Hit A Golf Ball Straight Every Time with an iron


Every golfer wants to hit a golf ball straight every time. Of course, It can be achieved easily, but you have to follow these effective and simple fundamentals. Just try to be relaxed and careful about your body and club position. In golf, a perfect swing and hit is the core thing that gives immense pleasure.