How to Hit a GX7 Golf Driver in The Correct Way

When it comes to playing golf  hitting correctly a golf driver can make a real difference. If you are confused about how to hit a GX7 driver, I will remove all of your confusion by telling you everything about this.

GX-7 is a pretty much good golf club with an excellent capability to hit the ball with maximum accuracy. But, to play a clear shot with the GX-7 driver, you need the right way to use it. In this article, I am going to show you the correct way to hit a GX-7 driver.

Why Gx-7 driver is special

If you are a golfer or love to play golf and looking for a trustworthy utility wood that comes with a great distance and excellent hitting capability, the GX-7 driver is the right choice for you. So, do you want to know how good the GX7 driver is? Let’s dig it further.

The length of this amazing driver is 43 inches and it has a loft of 14 degrees which are so perfect for bringing accuracy in your play. You’ll love this driver as it is a well-built wood that comes with the excellent ability to work off the tee and provides you with an accurate shot every time.

Besides, the shaft of this driver is shorter which will give you excellent swing speed and improved contact during the impact. On top of that, the low center of gravity will provide you with extra flexibility in the game. Many good quality golfers have always reviewed the GX7 Golf and found that this drive agrees with many standards.


GX-7 “X-Metal golf driver

Easy 4 Step How to Hit The Gx-7 Driver

How to Hit The Gx-7 Driver


Now, it’s time to know how you can hit a Gx-7 golf club with maximum perfection. Stay with me throughout this article as I am explaining everything you need to know about this. To hit a GX-7 driver, you need to follow these steps.

Step 1: Stand in the Correct Position

It is the first important step which you must do when it comes to performing a great hit. Now, stand keeping the ball in front of you and try to stand closer with the driver standing a little more upright.

However, make sure that you leave at least three steps gap between you and the ball. It will provide you with enough flexibility for hitting the ball correctly. Besides, you must stretch your legs apart and keep your knees slightly bent forward.

Step 2: Backswing Properly

At this point, you must start the backswing process. However, before moving on to the action part, make sure that you have a good grip on the driver. Now, the backswing is a pretty much easy step. You must try to move the driver towards the back of your leg.

Make sure that you know where you should stop, also keep the hands and feet ready for the next step. The most important thing in this step is you must move the club head’s back forming an arc and continue the move until you find the shaft behind the head’s center.

Step 3: Downswing Correctly

The downswing is one of the most significant steps in this entire process. You must push your front knee and even the hip towards the ball. At this point shifting your weight from front foot to the back foot will provide you with enough energy flow to complete the downswing properly.

Did you see how a pendulum move? You have to follow the same way while downswing the club. Just perform your downswing like an arc. Try to perform your move smoothly.

Because, in golf, a smooth downswing can give you a crystal clear shot. At this moment, you can follow an important strategy to get the job done smoothly. Try to perform a downward angle of attack which will help you to optimize the backspin and result in straighter ball flights.

Especially, when it comes to GX-7 golf driver, it is built for giving you accurate and straight flight always whenever you hit the ball with it.

Step 4: Follow Through

This is last but not the least step when you are going to hit a GX-7 driver. Performing a complete and perfect follow-through process right after the downswing is a must-do thing to get a straight flight.

Because, if you stop your downswing short, you may end up getting a weak flight. That is why the best practice is bringing the entire club’s head through the ball to complete the entire process.

Final Words

A Gx-7 driver has so many exclusive features to give you a straight and accurate shot every time. In this article, I tried to gather all the necessary information in one place for you so that you can bring perfection in the game. I believe this guide helped you to know how to hit a GX7 golf driver accurately.

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