How To Hit A Pitching Wedge Perfectly

If you are a new golfer and don’t know how to hit a pitching wedge, I am here today to tell you about this. Pitching wedge is a club that comes with an outstanding level of versatility. Whether hitting high shots or just a lower chip shot, a pitching wedge can give you the most optimum solution.

To hit a golf ball with a pitching wedge correctly, you must follow some essential steps. First of all, you have to get the right grip, and then you should know what the correct stance is for you. Then comes the backswing part, and the entire process will end with the proper follow-through.

If you are still unsure about this, please don’t worry anymore. From this comprehensive guide, you will learn the right way to use a pitching wedge.

Characteristics of a Pitching Wedge

As per the name suggests, pitching wedges are specially designed for playing pitch shots. These shots are typically relatively shorter comparing to full iron shots, but longer from a chip shot. These are the irons with a specific clubface loft, which us 43°-49°. In a general sense, pitching wedge comes with the lowest loft. The shaft length of this wedge lies between 34-38 inches.

On the other hand, the bounce of the wedge can be of 2°-3°. When it comes to hitting a golf ball with a nice shot, you can easily count on a pitching wedge. However, you may need to do a lot of practice to master this specific golf club. Knowing how to hit this club in the right way will make your day shiner. In the sect section of this article, I will discuss this.

How to Hit a Pitching Wedge Perfectly in Golf

Pitching golf wedges are perfect for shots of a range of 15-60 yards. These are specially designed for lofting the ball in the air. Below I will demonstrate the step by step ways to hit a pitching wedge.

Step 1- Grip Correctly

Grip Correctly

Having the grip is the precondition to hit a golf ball successfully with a pitching wedge. Most of the novice golfers make their first mistake here. They don’t know how to grip in the right way. Let me demonstrate it carefully. Positioning both of your hands and all of your fingers is our main aim here.

You should start the gripping process with your left hand by placing your thumb straight right on the club’s handle. Then, you must overlap your left thumb by overlapping it with your right hand. Don’t forget to place your right thumb straight on the opposite side of the club.

Ensure that your right hand’s little finger is placed correctly in the middle of your left index and middle finger. If you do everything as per the instruction, you’ll end up having an excellent grip to make all of the successful shots.

Step 2- Focus on your Stance

There should not be any doubt that you must focus on your stance after fixing up the grip. In this case, you must check the positions of two things. First, confirm that your ball is in the middle place between your two feet.

Also, make sure that the clubhead is flat on the ground and in line with the ball’s position. It will help you to hit a straight shot. Ensure that you will master how to hit a pitching wedge straight to get the job done successfully.

Step 3- The Backswing Part

Nobody will deny that the backswing part is the most crucial step in this entire process. So, you should do it with the utmost care. The first task in the backswing is to lock your front arm.

You should focus on the ball with your head and eyes to complete the process. Make sure that your clubhead is positioned correctly, just like an opened door. And when the time comes during the downswing moment, the clubhead will turn into a close door and will become relatively flat to hit the ball.

In a nutshell, in the backswing, you should turn your body away from your target, and you must do the opposite while in the downswing. The timing always plays an important role here. If you want to know more about how to swing correctly, please click here.


Step 4- Follow Through

Don’t fall in the trap that downswing is the last step of this process. Instead, the entire process ends with the follow-through process. Because if you don’t follow through, chances are you will end up having an incomplete shot.

When it comes to following through, both of your hands should be high in the air, and most importantly, your clubhead’s position should be in line with your spine’s position.

Different Types of Shots with a Pitching Wedge

Pitch Shot:

Pitch Shot

When standing in the 100 yards to the flag, a pitching wedge can be the perfect weapon for playing a pitch shot. I believe you already got the idea about how to hit a pitching wedge 100 yards. Of course, the basic processes are the same in most of the cases.

When it comes to playing a less powerful shot, you should go for a short swing. However, if you expect an image with a high trajectory that won’t carry so far, you should align yourself left of the target to get the best result. Undoubtedly, you can do any pitch shot with a pitching wedge.

Flop Shot:

If you want to take a flop shot, you can also use a pitching wedge.  If the lies are tight, you may need to go for flop shots. To do a flop shot correctly, you will need to open the clubface wide. Then after adjusting the alignment, you should re-grip the club. After that, a proper swing will do the rest of the job.

Flop Shot

Chip Shot:

Sometimes we need to go for the chip shots. In that case, you will still all set to go with a pitching wedge at your hand. If your club is longer, you will end up having a low trajectory. However, if you practice by changing your orientations and in different lofts, you’ll eventually get the trajectory as per your expectation.

Final Words:

There is no denying that a pitching wedge is an excellent weapon in your bag when it comes to playing golf with a passion. In this article, I have demonstrated all of the steps about how to hit a pitching wedge high. I hope now you can play nice shots with your favorite pitching wedge without any hassle.

How to Hit a Pitching Wedge | Video Tips By Matt Meyer

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