How to hold a golf club for beginners [5 Easy ways]

The basic aspect of playing golf involves knowing how to properly hold the golf club with proper grip and the right stature. Holding a golf ball may seem very simple but is an essential skill in learning to golf like a pro. Your grip on the golf club influences your stance and swing.

Therefore, if your grip is poor, your swing will equally be weak. Learning how to hold golf clubs for beginners may involve the use of trial and error to help you identify the grip that works best for you. The only connection you have with the club is your grip. Therefore, you should make the best out of it. 

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Here are a few principles to apply in learning this skill-

#01 Position your hands correctly

golfer holds club with gloves

Most beginners do not know how to hold a golf club left-handed but tend to assume that their dominant hand should be at the top of the club to control the swing. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This is how to hold a golf club for a right-handed person. The left hand should go to the top and the right one. For a left-handed person, it is vice versa. The stronger or more dominant hand should always go beneath the weaker one. The weaker hand is the one that controls the swing.

#02 Use fingers, not the palms

Your fingers play a significant role in how to hold a golf club properly. By using your fingers, you get a more prominent speed than when you use your palm. If you forcefully grip the club into your palm, it becomes challenging to pivot properly when taking a backswing. This action is going to slow your swing and affect the angle of contact between the clubface and the ball. Eventually, the direction and distance of the shot are impaired.

Your fingers should provide a smooth but steady grip on the club if you hold the golf club properly.

#03 Choose your griphow to hold a golf grib

You can choose the most suitable style of grip from these possible three- overlapping, interlocking, and baseball. Each method has its advantages and weaknesses.

An interlocking grip provides a constant connection between your hands. The hands are at all times interlocked to give you a stable and consistent swing. This style is best suited for people with big hands. Relatively smaller hands struggle to interlock themselves around the club. At first, the linkage may feel awkward, uncomfortable, and challenging. However, with practice, your hands will get used to this kind of grip. 

An overlapping grip has benefits identical to the interlocking style. It is less awkward and feels more natural and comfortable. It involves overlapping your fingers smoothly around the club.

In the baseball grip, one is not required to connect the hands. The style is, therefore, suitable for people with smaller hands like women and juniors. This style is challenging because hands can easily slide or rotate, leading to hooked shots and instability.

#04 Select the best position to grip

The position of your hands on the club is an essential aspect of handling the golf club. It can either be a strong hold, weak hold or neutral hold. On the one hand, a stronghold is the best technique to use in case you wonder about how to hold a golf club right-handed.

It helps greatly when slicing the ball to the right. It also enables the clubface to have a square impact and causes the ball to go straight and head further. The main challenge of using a stronghold comes when you are trying to make a shot to the left.

On the other hand, the weak hold is more suitable for people who usually hook the ball leftwards. By reducing the amount of strength in the top hand, it is possible to turn hooks into straight determined shots. A neutral hold is the best option for beginners since it is easier to direct the shot towards the desired direction. In this type of hold, only two knuckles can be seen.

#05 Approach the club with a moderate grip

Holding the club too hard reduces the speed of the swing and makes it impossible to hinge your waist. These conditions reduce your speed and power. Conversely, if the grip is too loose, it is impossible to control the club. Eventually, you lose the ball or lose the club from your hand.

How to Hold a Golf Club – What Is the Proper Golf Grip?


Mastering the skill on how to hold a golf club for beginners is a lot of work. Fortunately, with the right amount of practice and dedication, you can easily learn to handle the club like a pro. Have fun as you apply the principles in this article to begin your golfing journey.