How to Improve Your Golf Swing | Tips for Fast Learner

Any person can get a club and start striking the golf ball. Golfing can be the simplest and most enjoyable game. It can also be one of the most complicated games if you do not exercise properly to improve your golf swing.

One of the most effective ways on how to improve golf swing is to avoid common mistakes. Swinging a golf ball should not be done haphazardly but with proper attention to body movements.

For example, you need to check on how your arms are angled and naturally hang loosely at your sides. You can also observe the knuckle of your index finger. When holding your club, maintain a neutral hand position. The position allows you a constant and neutral club-face when swinging.

Therefore, you increase the chances of striking the ball with the center of the club. You will not have a hassle with how to improve my golf swing.

A golfer should make the swing look effortless. To perfect your swing, keep relearning some of the golf swing basics repeatedly. If you are wondering about how to improve your golf swing, we give you some essential tips to help you in this platform.

golf swing follow through

#01 Observing your left shoulder

This tip sounds very simple but is very powerful in helping you develop a smooth, clean, and powerful swing. Ensure that when setting up, you have pointed out the exact position of your left shoulder. When addressing a back-swing, your shoulder should go through your chin and immediately return to the previous position. The previous position is the pose your shoulder was in before you hit the ball. This step enables you to have clear contact with the ball. It also allows you to avoid through-swings. Through-swings may add an unpleasant hook to the shot. 

#02 Keeping your hands low

If you want to hit your ball sky-high, you have to slightly move your hands lower to the gripping point of the club. This may not be as easy as it sounds. However, taking frequent exercises is the best way to improve golf swing. Your hand swing also becomes more powerful. As a result, you can easily make the ball go over a lower or longer distance, depending on your whims.

#03 Slow it down

When you lower the swing slightly downward, there is a better transition between the strikes you make. Managing the right tempo without exerting too much strength on the ball is no mean feat. However, frequent exercise to improve golf swing power enables this to happen and bring about marvelous results.

#04 Powering with your body

Powering with your body is one of the ways to improve golf swing. This is because the power you use to swing comes from your body, not your limbs or other body parts. If you are aiming at a longer distance, practice on your swings regularly. Avoid doing back-swings when you practice. Ensure your head always faces downward even as your eyes are fixed on the ball. You still need to practice more on your posture. These exercises are essential since leaning over the ball can affect your swing trajectory.

Golf Swing Anchoring the back foot

#05 Keeping your right elbow tight

Raising the elbow while facing the opposite direction can cause a curvy slice. Therefore, ensure your elbow is in a lower position. The elbow should also be in line with the flank and slightly beneath your arms as you push to the right. Your wrist should get used to this posture and become softer and more flexible with regular practice. If you Follow the hold instruction correctly so your golf ball will be reached in the right place.

#06 Anchoring the back foot

This is the most useful tip to use if you want more power in your driving swings. Ensure your right foot is always glued to the ground right from the beginning to the end of your games. Do not use force in your straight-back takeaway since it will deny you of natural swings. Instead, too much force only makes you lose proper track in your golf swing.

Lets See How To Improve Your Golf Swing  Tips


The basics discussed in this platform are popular. If you continuously practice them, your performance should improve greatly. Eventually, you will never worry about how to improve your golf swing. Getting the best playing position is the first step in your golf swing. Your feet, hips, and knees must be in their right position for a better and proper swing. Your arms are supposed to move naturally and close to the body when you swing.