The Power of How to Increase Club Head Speed in Golf

If you are a beginner golfer and wonder how to increase club head speed to create maximum impact on the golf ball, I am here today to discuss this. 

Every novice golfer does struggle to understand the significance of club head speed while playing golf. This comprehensive guide will tell you everything about how to increase club head speed like a pro. 

Why You Should Increase Club Head Speed?

You might have come across some beginner golfers who swing the club widely out of their shoes. But the interesting part is it would not do them any kind of favor in their golf game. 

Honestly speaking, golfing is not rocket science at all, but undoubtedly it follows the basic rules of science. 

You can trust me, it’s not that tough. You should be aware of backswing, downswing, club, club head speed when you are talking about golf Club.

Ever thought about any differences between “swinging hard” and “swinging fast”? You will be wondered by knowing that in golf, swinging fast is more important than swinging hard.

You always want to hit the ball straight. Generating a great club head speed is necessary for that. Now, here comes another important thing – ‘timing’. 

You should always consider the timing of hitting the ball. If you can feel the right time, you will be able to generate control club head speed. 

You might have seen many pro golfers who look like swinging slow, but the reality is their swing speed is at least 10-20 mph faster than many new golfers. The magic lies in the club head speed that they can generate at the right time. 

Understanding Average Swing Speeds

Let’s understand the average swing speeds that a golfer can achieve. However, it varies from golfer to golfer. 

Most often, long drive champions can have club head speeds of 140 mph which is pretty much good. Now, the best player on TOUR can have an average of 115 mph swing speed. 

You already know that swing speed is important in golf. Many LPGA players can increase their club head speed up to 100 mph. On the other hand, you’ll see an amateur golfer with swing speed more or less 90 mph. 

Now that you got to know the average swing speed of different golfers, you’ll be amazed to know another secret. Just a small increase (5 to 10 mph) in club head speed can give you a great shot that you always dreamt for.

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How To Increase Club Head Speed In Golf Field?

Now, you already know that increasing club head speed can make your ball to travel more distance. The key point is how you can increase club head speed. Le’s dig it out more.

Understand The Timing

I would like to stick to my statement that ‘timing is important in golf.’ You don’t want to swing harder, because it will not take you any further. 

Rather you should focus on swinging fast. It will increase the club head speed. You should have a crystal clear idea about how to increase club head speed in golf swing.  

how to increase club head speed in golf

But in this entire process, you must have to understand the timing of the impact. Yes, it’s really important. Honestly speaking, good golfers never waste their energy by speeding up the entire swing. 

You should feel the time of impact. Once you can identify the exact timing of impact, the next step is to increase the club head speed at that specific moment. 

Trust me, it works. There are some exercises (Whoosh drill) that you can do to improve your timing sense. You should try to do this kind of exercise regularly. 

I believe regular exercises and practices are good enough to develop a new skill in human beings.

 Practicing is the key here. A lot amount of practice can develop this timing skill in you so that you can increase club head speed at the exact required time.

Check Your Grip

How you hold the club can create a huge difference in golf. Because at the end of the day it’s your club that’s going to hit the ball.

how to increase club head speed for seniors

Try to fix your grip. I know it’s not an easy task. But, fixing the grip will ensure proper impact and club speed. If you want to increase club head speed at the impact time, you should try for a proper grip. 

A good grip will help you to achieve maximum club head speed at the exact impact time. So, you should always check your grip before any kind of swing.

Keep yourself fit 

Physical fitness is a must thing for every golfer. If you are not physically fit, chances are you can’t play the game properly. 

Because golfing needs a lot of physical stamina and strength. If you are specially up to increasing the club head speed you need to do regular exercise. 

how to increase club head speed in golf swing

There are many exercises to increase club head speed that you can follow. Far too many times novice golfers lack the necessary strength that is required to swing fast, but they also don’t do any exercises to make them strong. 

It’s simple. If you don’t have enough strength, you will have less speed. To increase club head speed you should learn how quickly you can develop force and swing. 

But, without proper strength, you’ll end up with low speed in the club head. So, always focus on improving your fitness. This will lead to increased club head speed gradually.

How To Increase Clubhead Speed With Your Driver By Eric Cogorno

Finally, I want to conclude the article here by telling you that club head speed is one of the parameters of successful golfing. Golf is a game for people of different ages. 

From juniors to seniors golf brings happiness and immense pleasure. This happiness can be increased lot with a slight increase in club head speed in real golfing. 

Because proper and controlled club head speed at the proper time can make the ball travel more distance. I hope, this article has helped you to know how to increase club head speed properly.

Golf Swing Tips – How to Increase Club Head Speed by Adam Bazalgette