How To Measure Putter Length In The Correct Way

There is no denying that a good putter will help you to become successful in golf. But, when it comes to using a putter, you must be careful with the putter length which should match your size, stance, and needs.

When you need to buy a new putter, the last thing you need to know is your existing putter’s length. If you don’t know how to measure putter length accurately, I am here today to tell you about this. Stay with me throughout this entire article to know everything about measuring a putter’s length.

Necessary Equipment

To measure the length of the putter properly you need to have some equipment at your home. There is no doubt that you can use ordinary tape measure and yardstick to measure the putter length. However, by using this common tool you may not be able to get a consistent result.

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You can use any good straight edge ruler which you can buy from any local shop for a good result. Besides the ruler, you will need a flat and level surface in this measuring procedure. If you try to measure the putter’s length on an uneven surface, you may face problems to take the measurement correctly.

how to determine putter length

So, How to Measure Putter Length Correctly

If you have the right equipment at your hand and know the correct procedure, you can easily measure the putter length. When it comes to a driver or an iron, you’ll find the shaft directly attached to the heel.

But the same thing doesn’t happen in the putter’s case. In most cases, the shaft of the putter is located in the center of the putter’s head. That is why you must know the exact procedure to measure the putter’s length or how to measure putter shaft length.

Below, I will break down the entire procedure step-by-step so that you can learn them conveniently.

First Step: At first, you must hold the putter to set its center flat on the ground. This is highly important when it comes to taking the measurement correctly. If you prefer the toe being slightly up, still you need to set the center of the putter flat on the ground.

Second Step: Take your measuring ruler or the device that you have for this particular task. Set the bottom of the ruler in the line of your putter’s center.

Third Step: Here comes the most important step. At this point, you must keep your measuring stick or ruler close to the shaft and make sure that the top of the grip of your putter is properly lined up with the ruler.

Fourth Step: Now, check the number in the ruler’s top which is at the top of the grip. This number is what you are looking for. Yes, it’s the required length of the putter.

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How to Match Putter Length with Your Putting Posture By Brett Meyer

How Can You Know If Your Putter Has the Right Length?

I hope you already got all the key ideas and know-how to measure golf putter length. If you follow the above steps properly, you’ll end up getting the correct measurement of your putter’s length. But, it is also equally important whether your putter length is perfect so that it can fit you properly.

Because the control of speed and distance is more or less dependent on the length of the putter. In this section of this article, I will tell you the secrets to determine whether you got a putter with the right length.


Let me share with you an amazing trick which you can use to identify whether your putter has the right length of not. Suppose, you are playing a ball and have taken your stance.

So, your stance is over the ball. At that moment, you should try to drop a ball from your eyes directly down the ball which you are playing in the golf. To complete the trick the two balls must collide each other. This trick will tell you that you are in the right stance and fully ready to swing your club just like a pendulum.

Now, if you need to bend too much to get yourself into that position, you got a short putter. On the other hand, while you are on that position, but unfortunately your hands have gone off the grip onto the shaft, you have got too lengthy putter.


Needless to say, what kind of stroke you always take plays an important role while determining whether your putter is right for you or not.

There are some golfers, who love to swing the club around. You’ll also find some players who swing down the line. So, you have to determine what kind of stroke you are going to play.

And when it comes to purchasing a new putter, you must check whether it’s perfect for playing your kind of stroke. If you feel comfortable while performing a stroke with your putter, it can be said that you have got the perfect putter.

Height of the Player

Another important parameter to determine the right size of the putter is your height. Because the comfort of using a putter can be varied depending on the height of the players. If you use a putter that is too long against your height, you’ll never feel comfortable and will end up doing a poor or average performance.

In most of the cases, men’s putters are available at 34 and 35 inches. On the other hand, most of the available women’s putters come at 33 inches. The main point I want to tell you here is to determine the length of the putter you need against your height. Only then you will feel comfortable to perform well with the putter.

However, you can also know the perfect putter size for you from the putter length fitting chart. If you have the right weapon, it will be easier for you to hit the ball straight.

Final Words

As you are now at the final part of this article, I am assuming that you already know how to measure putter length precisely. Besides, I hope now you also know how to determine whether you have the right-sized putter so that you can perform comfortably with it.

In this article, I tried to gather all of the necessary information and told you about how to determine putter length so that you can learn about it without any hassle. You can also read how to swing a golf driver here. You can also share your favorite putter size in the comments section below.

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