How to Organize Golf Bag – Step by Step Process

If you’re someone like me who had a tough time keeping their golf bag organized, I understand your pain point. I didn’t know how to organize a golf bag, and I suffered. It is not ideal if you have to search for something in the middle of your game.

An organized golf bag doesn’t only give you a sense of control, but also it gives you an edge over your competition.

Keeping your golf bag organized can help you keep your clubs safe while traveling. Also, you’ll be having the right club at your disposal, which I believe to be a crucial part of the sport.

However, each player has their own way of keeping their clubs and other equipment organized. (Fun fact: it’s not true always – I had literally no way of keeping things organized. I would put whatever club I like at whatever place I find empty, lol)

In this piece, we’re going to look at some standard steps & practices that’ll help us to keep our golf bag organized. Let’s get started.

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how to organize your golf bag

Keeping How to Organize Your Golf Club Bag

Empty Everything & Clean the Bag

The first step to filling up your golf bag properly is to empty whatever you have right now. If you’re doing this after a long time, you and I both know that you’re about to face some grossness.

Forgotten wrappers, tissues, muddy and old golf ball, chewing gum, and what not – you’re about to discover them all coming out of the bag. And wear a mask while doing so because dust will be flying around, which is obvious.

If we leave such things aside, we’ll discover that we’re carrying items that might be functional, but have not been of any help for quite a while. This excessive golf gear is cluttering your bag and making it heavier, causing it hard to carry the bag around.

Empty all the pockets that you have in your bog – do not forget the side and small pockets. Remove all the gears and keep them aside, take out the last piece of scrap paper, and all the dirt.

After you’ve emptied your golf bag fully, clean the bag. Take a damp cloth and gently rub it over all the areas inside and outside to get rid of the dirt. Where your hands don’t reach, use a brush.

Gather Things Together

After you’ve cleaned your bag, now it’s time to gather things together. 

This means putting all the items that you need for golfing together. From those, first sort out the things that you do not need. What will you do with those empty tubes of suntan lotion, or those torn out tees and wrecked balls? Throw them away.

Now you’ve all the things in front of you that are functional in the game. But do you need all of them? Hey, is carrying 20 balls for a game necessary? What will you do with five pairs of gloves, when you’re going to wear one or two only?

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So after you’ve discarded the waste, decide on the number of functional equipment that you need in your game. Do not overload the bag with an excessive amount of gear that you do not use.  

Most often, we do not use half of the things that we carry with us. There’s no need of 8 tees, four towels, 20 balls or so. Sort out the necessities keeping that in mind, and keep the items in a pile in front of your eyes, so you get a clear picture of what you need to fit in the bag finally.

The art of putting things in the bag

how to organize golf bag pockets

Did I exaggerate by calling it an “art”? Well, yeah kinda, but there’s actually a rule of thumb to putting the clubs and irons and other things in the bag. And it’s pretty simple – put the tall items in the backside portion of the bag gradually followed shorter items than that.

Usually, there are two types of golf bags –

Carry/Stand bag

Identifying the front and backside of a stand/carry bag is pretty straightforward – the side that is closer to the strap is the backside where the far one is the front side.

Now, following the rule of thumb, we’re going to put the tall items like the hybrids and woods in the backside. The 3-6 irons are going to find their way in the middle dividers.

The wedges (Sand Wedge, Pitching wedge) and the shorter irons should be sitting in front, followed by the medium tall items. There’s usually a putter well that is an exclusive divider for the putters. If there’s not, place them with the taller items.

Cart Bag

The cart bags are those that are strapped to a golf cart. For a cart bag, the sides alternate, the back becomes the front and vice versa. So you’ve got the follow the instructions for a carry bag but in an opposite way.

The rule of thumb stays the same here. The idea is to create a waterfall of clubs, so the shorter one does not get blocked by the taller ones.

Accessories in Other pockets

After you’ve put the irons and clubs, now it’s time to put the accessories. Your golf bag has several other pockets to fit those in. Just make sure you don’t put them randomly. Do not fix different items together.

Where you put the balls, put only the balls and similar items there. Where you put the tees, put other clothing like a raincoat, towel, etc. there. The idea is to have related items together, so it’s easy to navigate.

Golfing Tips: How to Organize You Golf Clubs Bag

Bottom Line

An organized golf bag can indirectly impact your gameplay in a positive way, and now you have the know-how of how to organize golf bag. Everyone might have their different styles, so customize accordingly, following the basic rules.