How to Properly Use a Golf Rangefinder

Most people think that only equipment for golf is balls, clubs and golf bags. Nevertheless, one device could help you improve your performance. We are talking about a golf rangefinder that will measure the distance between the ball and the pinhole. That will increase the possibility for you to make a better shot and to calculate the distance so that you can control the game all the time.

Using the device is pretty simple. High-end models include advanced features, so you just have to learn how to use a golf rangefinder, and you will become a better golfer in a no time.

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What is a Golf Rangefinder?

Golf rangefinder is the device that will measure the distance from you to another object. In most cases, people use them for golfing and hunting purposes. When it comes to types, there are two kinds of rangefinders based on the principle they used to measure the distance.

The first type uses GPS navigation to show you the way on the course, while others use a laser to measure the distance.

Even though GPS rangefinders have better features, they are more expensive, and in most cases, you will have to sync the map of the course before you start measuring. At the same time, they are not 100% accurate, which is the main reason why laser rangefinders are more popular.

Laser rangefinders are mostly lightweight and compact so that you can use them without too much fatigue. They can fit in the palm of your hand. In the matter of size and shape, it resembles an ordinary camcorder, and they have straps so that you can stabilize the shot to make a more accurate measurement.

As soon as you shoot the laser, it will hit the target and relay the distance stats back to you in meters or yards.


How to Use a Golf Rangefinder

To answer the question on how to use a golf rangefinder we have to present and analyze the most important features so that you can get familiar with the device. You should test the scope to see the amount of clearance and the magnification options. Most of them have magnification levels, while the high-end model can adjust the zoom without too much hassle.

How to Look Through It — First thing that you have to understand is that you should check where your eye touches the unit. For example, some units require keeping a short distance between your sight and the golf rangefinder. For additional stability, you should use only one eye and hold the hands as steady as possible until you reach the target.

 How To Search a Target — It is always better to find the target you want with the bare eye before you look through the golf rangefinder. That way you will get the idea where to look in search of a goal. At the same time, you should check other landmarks and obstacles and measure distance so that you can have the control of the entire field. Some expensive models have a scan mode that will easily measure distance all around you. It is convenient because you will be able to see the distance between the target and other obstacles on the course.

Steady As You Go — We have mentioned above that it is essential to keep the rangefinder stable during the shot. That is why we recommend you to use a tripod as the best way to ensure stability. However, if you cannot find the tripod, then use it with both hands so that you can keep the line as level as possible. Of course, it is essential to practice out of the field, so that you can do it straightforwardly during the game.

How To Find The Flag — The main idea of using a golf rangefinder is to find a flag. However, some rangefinders include a sensor that will vibrate as soon as it locks the flag. That way you will be able to get the solution faster. The sensor will differentiate flags from other obstacles such as trees. On the other hand, low-end models will target objects that are farther. Great way to practice is to use the device on the flag that is closer. And while you become better, you can get farther and farther away.


Finally, we have provided you the clear and thorough answer on how to use a golf rangefinder. The main idea is to practice out of the field so that you can use it without any additional problem. That way you will reduce the possibility of losing time and reducing the focus on the game.

Of course, each golf rangefinder comes with the user manual, which is essential to read and understand prior to use. You should also check the different video and written reviews so that you can check and follow all options and possibilities.

In case that you want to ask us something, feel free to comment in the section below, and we will answer you on short notice.

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