How to Throw a Disc Golf Driver Straight

If you are a novice disc golfer and wonder how to throw a disc golf driver straight, I am here today to tell you about this. Disc golfing is all about throwing further and straighter. You want to throw the disc straight and cover the maximum distance. This comprehensive guide will help you to achieve your target when you play disc golf.

Tips for How To Throw A Disc Golf Driver Straight

Honestly speaking, it is quite challenging. But with regular practice, you can achieve this awesome skill of throwing disc golf straight. You can follow these guidelines carefully. It will help you to master this skill so that you can throw a disc golf driver straight.

#1: Relax Your Muscles

Tensing up your muscles will not take you further in disc golf. Many beginner players in most of the cases tense up their muscles, but muscle cannot move faster when it is tensed. As a result, they throw the driver in a curved way.

Another thing is the golfer even cannot cover maximum distance. You should always remember your goal it’s throwing the disc straight, not hard, right?

So the best thing you can do is relaxing all of your muscles while throwing the disc golf driver. Relaxing your muscle will also help you to play a nice shot so that your driver can cross the right amount of distance.

#2: Accurately Bend Your Wrist

If you bend the wrist more than 90 degrees, you’ll not be able to lead your driver straight. This is where the beginner golfers do mistakes. Honestly speaking, if you want to throw your driver straight, try to keep your wrist in a 90-degree angle.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just simple physics. The main reason behind this is you usually stand in a straight position along to the disc basket. So, there creates a 90-degree angle with your position and the basket’s position.

In this 90-degree angle position, you’ll get the maximum grip to reach maximum distance in a straight line. So, while throwing the disk, always keep your wrist that holds the driver parallel to the basket.

#3: Correctly Move Your Body

Your body movement is highly important here. How fast you are moving your body while throwing the disc golf affects the entire traveling of your disc driver.

Generally, a disc golfer acquires some energy that he needs during the throw by moving the whole body just like a roller. You should be careful in this part as many players do the mistake at this point.

You should calculate your movement carefully. Just move your body as per your calculation and make sure that you are not moving more than the requirement.

Wrong or excessive body movement can deviate your disc golf driver from a straight path.

#4: Properly Hold The Driver

Holding the driver properly, this is where many beginner disc golfers do mistakes. They say, their driver often slipped off their hand and they even don’t know why it happens. If you don’t know how to hold the driver, it can slip even after holding it tightly.

Any idea why it happens? It because many disc golfers hold the driver with incorrect positioning of their fingers. Yes, it is important. If you don’t position your finger accurately, you can not achieve a straight throw, even though you hold the driver tightly.

 Always try to find the edge of the driver and place your fingers carefully at the edge. This exact holding will give you a perfect grip to throw the disc golf driver straight.

#5: Avoid Unnecessary Long Walkthrough

Don’t fall into the trap of myth that a longer walkthrough can give you more strength in your disc throwing. But, did you ever realize the counterpart?

A longer walkthrough will cost more energy and you’ll feel exhausted and tired. Eventually, you’ll end up performing a week shot. I will not be surprised to see that you can’t even cross the halfway in this condition.

But, honestly speaking, I would never want to see this from you. With that said, it is highly recommended that you’ll always try to avoid a long walkthrough.

Instead, you can try to move your body properly to gain extra strength. It will help you to drive the disc straight.

#6: Be Relaxed And Stress-Free During The Throw

Now that you know the basics of how to do that, you must remember that you should be stress-free while playing the game.

Because a stressful mind will never let you focus on your goal. In this case, chances are you’ll end up throwing the disc golf driver in the wrong direction. So, it is a wise decision to become calm and relax during the throw.

I found this extremely helpful during the game. When you become stress-free your muscles will be relaxed and you’ll have a great focus and concentration on your game. This will help you to throw the golf disc driver straight with maximum accuracy.

How To Choose The Best Disc Driver?

I believe, now you almost know how to throw a disc golf driver straight. But, still, it is important to choose the perfect driver for you. But you’ll find it challenging given that all of the cheap and poor quality drivers are available out there.

You’ll find many discs in the market. Each type of driver is unique with their characteristics. You should identify your playing style first. Don’t do the same mistake that every novice player does.

They choose a driver which is either over heavy or over light, too speedy or too slow. You should customize the speed, weight, stability as per your preference and find the perfect driver that suits your preference. If you feel comfortable with your driver, trust me, your gameplay will be awesome.

Choose the Brand Carefully

Don’t fall on the trap of poor, cheap brands. Try to choose a brand that you can rely upon. First of all, a putter may give you a great learning shot. You can practice with that. Gradually, you can choose midrange and drivers.

Whatever, the disc you choose try to stick with a speed between 5-8. Besides, stability between -2 to -3 could be a good option for you.

Don’t grab a high-speed disc so soon. Always go for trustworthy brands, because a good brand is always worth your money.

Back to Basics: How To Throw a Golf Disc Driver Perfectly 

Final Words

Disc golf is an exciting game. All you want in this game you want to throw the disc golf driver straight. Because it’s the ultimate goal of this game. No one likes a throw in a curve way.

In this article, I tried to tell you about how to throw a disc golf driver straight. You’ll get the real benefit of this guide when you apply these tips in your real game. It is joyful to see the disc driver going straight to the goal.