How Wide Is a Golf Cart – Length Width & Height

Planning on buying a golf cart and suddenly wondering whether it will fit in your garage or back of the truck?

If not, there might be other reasons that have made you interested to know how wide is a golf cart, Or what’s the overall dimension of it?

Here’s a fun fact: Many of the people in the industry, that be a salesperson, a dealer, or someone else, even they aren’t properly aware of the overall dimensions of a  standard golf cart!

But we do.

How Wide Is A Golf Cart? Length Width & Height of a Golf Cart

A standard golf cart which is meant to accommodate two people is around 48-5o inches or 4 feet wide. Golf carts made for 4 or 6 people are quite larger than this size. 

Now, the width I mentioned is not even for the whole golf cart. I mean, the front of a golf cart is a little narrower than the back, for functionality purpose. So the distance between the front two wheels is around 33 & half inches, where that of back wheels is around 38 inches. 

Around 48 inches is the width of the body of the cart, meaning one end of the cart to the other end of it.

Now that is an average of the industry. Not necessarily all the carts would be 48 inches wide. Most of them stick around this number, but some of the models from a few popular manufacturers could be as narrow as 47 inches while some of them may go as wide as 58 inches.

To fit your cart in your truck, just cross-match to see if the width will be too much or not because usually, that’s the tricky part.

Understanding Average Golf Cart Size

It’s important to be precise when you want to know whether your cart will fit in your truck or not. If that’s the purpose of you behind reading this article, I want to again make you aware of the fact that the dimension we mentioned for a two-seater cart is ‘average’ of the industry.

They can vary depending on a lot of factors, say engine type, ergonomics, design and so on things. 

Thus, you should be eager to learn about the precise overall dimension of that specific cart that you’re willing to purchase. That way you can be sure whether it’s going to comfortably fit in your truck or garage or not.

How Long is a Golf Cart?

The average length for a two-seater golf cart is about 8 feet or 96 inches. Naturally, the carts made for 4 or 6 people are considerably longer than that.

The length of a golf cart is an important factor as far as the engineering of the cart is concerned. The length of a cart has to be in line with a few other dimensions or factors for the golf cart to be steady and stable, especially when it’s fully loaded with riders.

Around 8 feet is the length of the cart from the beginning of the front side to the end of the backside. If you’re interested to know the distance between the front wheels and the rear wheels, it’s typically 92.5 inches.

There are smaller carts in terms of length, but they’re not much shorter than the standard. The shortest cart is around 94 inches. Whereas, when we’re talking carts made for 4 or 6 people, they can be as long as 160 inches.

How Tall is a Golf Cart?

There are two ways to measure and express the height of a golf cart. 

Firstly, the distance between the steering wheel and the tire where it touches the ground is measured. It is roughly about 47 inches for most of the carts.

Another way the height is measured is from the tire to the cart’s roof, which is the uppermost part of the cart. The typical measurement of this distance is around 67 inches. 

Some of the golf carts do not feature a roof. In such cases, the height mentioned by the manufacturer should be taken as the height from the tire’s bottom part to the steering wheel. 

However, this is again an average standard but this time it’s not likely to vary depending on how many users the cart can accommodate. I mean, the height of the cart is not likely to be influenced by how much seat it has. 

The height varies depending on the manufacturers. Some companies tend to make taller carts while some prefer short. I believe that the unnecessary height of a golf cart is not required.

Golf Cart Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is an important factor of any vehicle, let alone golf carts. Ground clearance refers to the distance from the ground to the bottom part of the vehicle. Simply expressed, it’s that distance to which the tire lifts the vehicle from the ground.

Usually, most of the carts have a ground clearance of 4.5 to 5 inches. More ground clearance helps to ensure nothing comes into the touch of the bottom part of the cart body while it is moving.

Many of the golf carts come with adjustable ground clearance. Means, you have the option to lift the vehicle if you intend to. This helps with rougher terrain where you need more ground clearance. 

Modern golf carts can be lifted by 3 to 6 inches upon requirement, which is great.

Average Golf Cart Weight

When it comes to weight, there’s no average. Similar golf carts can be of different weight depending on the body material, engine, design, and so on. However, a common range of weight for golf carts is 900-1050 pounds.

It’s recommended that you look for the weight of a particular cart that you want to buy to be assured that it won’t be too much for your truck if you’re willing to carry it around.

Golf Cart Measurements Understanding

Now you Know How Wide is a Standard Golf Cart

Now that you know what is the width of a standard golf cart, you can cross-check to assure if it’ll fit in your garage or truck or not. But it’s better that you do a little more research on the particular model that you’re concerned about to be more precise.