Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Specs & Review 2022

Odyssey white hot pro replaced the original white-hot version. The new product has a new darker finishing, which beautifully contrasts with the white-hot insert.

The white-hot insert is the key to Odyssey’s white-hot putters. The hot insert is engineered to enhance its consistent feel, the impact, and the sound of the performance.

A lot of upgrades have been done, especially on the spot where the insert is placed. Odyssey White Hot has proper tolerance levels because of its new laser milling system. The high tolerance level complements the various head shapes and the new insert. This feature improves consistency along with the clubface.

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Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 putter black Review 2022

Odyssey white hot product guarantees impressive performance as it is well designed to meet the demands of the world’s most serious players.

It has a timeless blade that features an insert. The insert usually gives Odyssey white hot a white-hot face and improves the club’s performance, feel, and sound. The odyssey white hot pro 2.0 has a heel weight replacement that combines a complete-shaft offset with the crank neck socket.

The hosel maximizes the feel, accuracy, and alignment of the club.

Features of odyssey white hot pro 2.0 putter black

The odyssey white hot pro review should acquaint you with the topnotch features of the product. For instance, Odyssey white has a white-hot insert that is well-engineered to give you a consistent feel, performance, and sound throughout the entire striking. Laser milling provides the putter with a high tight tolerance level.

In turn, high tolerance comes with better performance and consistency. The eye fit system makes the gadget simple to fit. It also helps you select a proper head shape that best suits the setup of your ball. 

To be the golfer with a straight back and arch, you need to be closer to your ball. The eye fit system of this putter helps the player select all these features.

The product also has a black finish, which gives the club an impressive sleek look. The look also reduces glare and helps the putter durable and wear-resistant. The putter has a popular blade and a mallet head shape that enables the golfer to hit without so much physical input or energy.

The Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 putter also has a D FX grip and a headcover for safety. This product has a heel or toe weighting system that gives the golfer better response, utmost comfort, and forgiveness across the face.

The full-shaft offset system gives Odyssey white pro product the best putter. In turn, the putter ensures your hands are always ahead of the ball to provide you with an upward strike impact.


  • The putter has face inserts that enhance a consistent feel, sound, and performance within the face.
  • The full-shaft offset and the toe weight placement aid in the alignment of the putter and maximizes the feel and accuracy.
  • The process of laser milling and cutting of the inserts gives golfers tight tolerance consistent performance.
  • Callaway gives the putter a sleek finish, enhances its aesthetics, reduces glare, and enhances durability.
  • The product’s design comes with a blade head that enables the club to have an incredible feel and helps with the alignment.
  • The crank neck hosel is designed to enhance visualization during each stroke.
  • The different alignment increases accuracy and gives consistent strokes.


  • Players take a lot of time before getting used to the putter.
  • Many golfers prefer an oversized grip, which the putter does not have. 
  • The product is costly.

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FAQ’s On odyssey white hot pro 2.0 putter

Q: How long can Odyssey White Hot last?

A: The product is highly durable, though its lifespan depends on the care given to it. Regular and careful use can get you going for at least 2 years. The fact that the crank neck socket allows for adjustments increases its lifespan.  

Q: Who can use the product? 

A: Odyssey white-hot is appropriate for both amateur and professional players. The product is favorable for the youth, the middle-aged, and players in their senior years. People with large hands also find a lot of comfort holding Odyssey white hot. However, only the left handed and the ambidextrous get to enjoy the putter’s desirable features since Odyssey white hot has a left-hand orientation.  

Q: What are some of the most desirable features of Odyssey White Pro? 

A: The putter is perfectly balanced. It also feels so good standing over the ball. Getting the face of the putter on line is easy and gives the player a solid contact. The putter also has good weight. The longer shaft and Jumbo grip give the player an easy, steady, and comfortable grip. Odyssey White also comes with an attractive and durable package and headcover. Some players find Odyssey white irresistible because of its numerous puts, it’s a great balance and right length. Others find the putter’s white-hot face too aesthetically appealing to ignore. 

Q: Are there any shortcomings related to the product, and what can be done about them? 

A: Some inexperienced players find Odyssey white pro a bit too heavy, and its contact a bit too strong. However, players in this predicament can use regular practice to get their hands used to the putter.  

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Concluding remarks

If you are a golfer and are looking for the best putter with an impressive look, consistency, and comfort, then look no farther than Odyssey white hot pro. The putter has an improved white-hot insert and a laser milling cutting process that ensures the inserts gives a tight tolerance.

Tolerance helps golfers to have a consistent performance. These features and inserts provide consistent sound performance and feel. These features highly appeal to the golfer. Indeed, the putter has its shortcomings.

The long time the golfer takes to get used to the putter, and the high cost associated with it are some of the known demerits. However, the outstanding performance and impressive experience this putter has far outweigh the product’s shortcomings. These factors make Odyssey white-hot the best choice for both learners and professional players.