Pgx Offset Golf Driver Review 2022 – In Depth

The PGX Offset is a unique driver. The driver has an impressive technology that reduces the slice by enabling the golfer to square his ball on impact. The offset driver has a square face that makes the product straighter. PGX Offset also has a black matte finish, which makes it clean and gives it a sleek look.

With the PGX driver, you are assured of maximum forgiveness due to its lightweight 460cc’s massive sweet spot. The driver comes with a headcover. The PGX driver has two models, the 0811L and the 0811LX model. These models have similar sizes and come with very great qualities.

However, the 0811XL model is smaller and has a more attractive look. It highly appeals to professional golfers. In this platform, we highlight some of the attractive features that will make the PGX Offset Golf Driver your most ideal choice.

PGX Offset Golf Driver

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Products specifications

  • Manufactured by: PDX
  • Material used: Graphite
  • Color: Black
  • Model: 0811l and 0811XL
  • Head volume: 460cc
  • Manufactured year: 2015
  • Length: 45 inches

Attractive features of PGX Offset Driver


The PGX Driver has a developed hosel which the golfer can lift or lower depending on the desired length. The head of this product can support the additional weight. Therefore, the golfer can add 2grams or 0.5 grams of plugs, depending on the need for the weight he needs to add.

Adjusting the PGX driver can be complicated. The player requires more time to get the correct position and weight. However, the player should not worry a lot. Some clubs can help players improve their game. Both the X and XL models have the same adjustment capabilities. 


This PGX Driver is designed to be ultra-lightweight. The 0811X model is a bit heavier. The driver has a head weight of 199 grams. Nevertheless, it still qualifies as one of the most popular drivers in the class of lightweight. The LX model weighs 8 grams lighter than the X version.

The driver is the best for golfers who like ultimate swings, as well as those who like to shoot very far. I would recommend to beginners, the heavier version of the PGX driver. Heavier versions are more compatible with players on their way to professional golfing. 


The club comes with a very extraordinary design. The design gives the driver an elegant look, impressive details, and an appealing aesthetic visage. A golf player gets attracted to the driver more often due to its beautifully crafted shaft. The attraction is also occasioned by the product’s high-quality feel and touch.

Material used

PGX Offset Golf Driver material used

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The PGX Driver is made of graphite. Graphite makes the product lightweight, flexible, and strong. Graphite also makes the driver more resistant. These clubs have been tested and found to be well-performing and consistent with impressive accuracy, strength, and forgiveness.


Every golfer needs a club with a specific degree of flexibility. This product gives a variety of free flexibility options. The regular and stiff models enable the player to match his clubs according to his specific desires. The two models are tested, and the small difference between them is very impressive. The stiff versions give faster and compelling shots. However, for a beginner, a regular version is a much better option. 

Sweet spot

The clubhead has a 460cc driver, which offers the golfer a massive sweet spot. Therefore, the sweet spot gives the player maximum forgiveness without considering the area of impact.


This product does not have many extras that come along with it. However, its free headcover is more than enough for many players.


  • The product is fully adjustable. 
  • It has a modern and very appealing look, which boosts a golfer’s confidence.
  • The clubs are professional and very durable. 
  • Comes with two flexibility options
  • The material used makes the product lightweight. The golfer can swing with very little effort.
  • One can acquire this driver without spending a lot of money.
  • The available headcover protects your clubs when they are not in use.
  • The product has a large sweet spot that makes the player enjoy every shot.


  • Adjusting the product is a complicated act. 
  • Has poor packaging
  • The driver is shot in comparison to other brands.
  • The extra-large sweet spot in this product is not always commendable in all tournaments.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

  • Does PGX driver come with a headcover?

This driver is a unique product with awe-inspiring offset technology. The technology reduces the slice by ensuring that the golfer is given a square face. It has an attractive black matte and a massive sweet spot. The sweet spot enables the player to have maximum forgiveness. The driver is lightweight and comes with a headcover. The head cover protects your club when not in use. 

  • Why would you choose this product?

The anti-slice driver helps you improve your game by preventing an unwanted curving of the golf ball in the air. Again, the regular flex graphite shaft improves the swing. The resulting swing makes it easier to hit the ball at a longer distance and in a straighter manner. 

  • What is the flex of this product?

The PGX Offset helps improve your game. The right-handed driver has an anti-slice technology that prevents unwanted curving of the ball while in air. The regular flex graphite shaft enables the player to improve his swing. The flex graphite makes it easier to hit the ball straighter and over longer distances.

Concluding remarks 

With this PGX Offset Golf Driver review, you can confidently advise your fellow golfers to go for this product. The extraordinary features and professionally designed models make it one of the most outstanding drivers in the market.

Although adjusting the PGX Offset Golf Driver is hectic, after mastering it, it becomes very easy and more enjoyable to use. The flexibility options make the product to have a 5-star rating. When considering the driver that gives a lot of forgiveness, best performance, and thrill, the PGX Offset Driver best fits the bill.

PGX Offset Golf Driver Video Review 2022