PING Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag Review 2022

A Golf bag does not play an active role in completing your rounds, but it is a piece that you should not ignore. Even though you do not physically use the bag while lining up and executing the shots, every ingredient other than your talent for a successful experience remains within the bag.

That is why you need to get the best one, to make sure it accommodates everything that you may need and ping hoofer golf bag serves the purpose.

Golf bags usually come in various colors, sizes, weights, and shape and so the choice depends on various factors. You can choose depending on your taste, what you need to carry, and whether you intend to walk in the course carrying the bag.

The bag that you choose needs to cater to every need during rounds of golf, offering enough shield against weather and supplementing your energy by keeping you hydrated.

Ping Hoofer is an awesome bag for golfers in search of a sturdy golf bag. Every buyer will enjoy the bag since it offers enough protection to both the owner and the golfing equipment. It comes with a solid design that pleases every buyer. The following ping hoofer golf bag review expounds more on the great golf bag to help you make the right choice the time comes.

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PING 2018 Hoofer 14 Carry Stand Golf Bag


  • A rain hood that attaches to the bag
  • A cart fastening channel
  • Pocket for water bottle 
  • Modifiable shoulder wads
  • Various water-proof pockets
  • Duo-strap system
  • Kick-stand feet

User satisfaction

  • Sturdy construction
  • Durable
  • Beautiful structure
  • Comfortable
  • Fit shoulder wads
  • Great design
  • Tough plastic handles
  • Numerous pockets
  • Strap sliders add comfort when carrying the bag
  • Efficient stand mechanism

User dissatisfaction

  • The bag is not as light as other models
  • The stand legs are not as durable 

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Key of the ping hoofer golf bag- Why Should You Buy It?


When it comes to durability, ping hoofer 14 golf bag beats most golf bags. While some people think that the bag is expensive, it is an excellent choice considering the low price tag and overall durability. The bag comes with great features to make sure that the golfers get to enjoy all that it has to offer.

With so much improvement, the bag is sturdy and durable enough to carry much equipment safely. Hoofer is not different from other Ping models when it comes to durability. Even if the materials are similar from one Ping model to the other, the type of use determines the durability and this particular bag offers exactly that.

According to the manufacturer, the bag can serve you for over 10 years with no issues.


Most people’s perception when it comes to ping hoofer extreme golf bags is that it is pricey. Even though the bag performs well, it comes at an affordable price. While the model comes with many improvements from the earlier models when it comes to features and colors, it’s still affordable. 


With this model, you get a great set of colors, something that is rare with other models. The older models of Hoofer came with many colors but this particular one is there to make them stand out. Whichever color that you like, you will find it here to complement your taste.


Ping hoofer vantage golf bag comes with a reinforced top made of quality polypropylene. That may sound unnecessary but the material keeps your expensive equipment safe from harsh weather. The material also prevents golf equipment from banging against one another.

Shoulder pads come with a sensor-cool technology for comfort and flexibility. While carrying the bag, you won’t experience rashes or bruises at all. Another great thing about the material in this model is the rain hood. The hood comes with more padding to add cushion to the bag as you walk.

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Design is one thing that attracts many when looking forward to upgrading their golf bags. The gag offers a great improvement when it comes to the design and color scheme to fit everyone’s style. Ping tries to mix the colors to make sure the Ping Hoofer Camo golf bag looks new even after years of use.

Hoover is always at the top in the design department and so always expects the best from their models.


According to a ping pioneer golf bag review, some clients feel that the legs are not sturdy enough to last long.

Another thing that we may consider a con is the bottle water holder place. We feel improvement is necessary.


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How much does a Ping Hoofer weigh?

Ping lightweight golf bags weighs about 4 pounds making it easy to carry it around. With its sizable 4-way top, you can organize the clubs with ease while making sure the bag remains lightweight. Even when the bag is full, its weight makes it lighter than other models.

How can one adjust golf bag straps to carry it?

Carrying the bag is comfortable, but only if you adjust the straps right. For enough comfort when carrying the bag, change the straps on the bag until you feel even weight on the bag. Swing your shoulders to feel if the weight is even on both sides on each shoulder. After the adjustment, make sure the bag leans at an angle of 20 to 25 degrees across your back. Ensure the bag rests on the smaller part of your back, not so high, and not so low. And lastly, always walk upright when carrying the bag.

How can I take care of the golf bag?

A golf bag’s maintenance is as crucial as its performance and durability. As long as you keep it clean with the right materials, it will last for years.

To begin with, always avoid cleaning the bag with chemicals or other cleaning material since they may affect the fabric on your bag negatively. The safest way to take care of the bag is to clean it with warm water and a bit of soap. Only clean the dirty area using a soft rag and later wipe it clean with a soft fabric or a towel.


Ping hoofer 14 carry bag is a stylish and modern golf bag that suits all. Since PING is famous for producing top quality products, you can trust this great model with your golfing for the best results.

The bag is not only great for storage but also implausible higher ergonomics skills to offer relief when walking on the course in all-weather conditions. With the above ping hoofer 14 golf bag review, it’s evident that this Hoofer golf bag can take your skills to the next level.

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