Square Strike Wedge Review 2022 -Pitching & Chipping Wedge for Men & Women

You’ve probably heard the name of Square Strike Wedge a ton of time due to their advertising team. They’ve flooded all the advertising media, including television, website ads, and all other channels with the name of strike wedge.

They make big claims about this product and present it as one of the best in business. But is this wedge any good? In this Square Strike Wedge Reviews, we’re going to find that.

Square Strike Wedge Review

Square Strike Wedge


The Square Strike wedge features a chubhead that weighs 330-gram, which is heavier than a sand wedge by about 30g. The additional weight helps to reduce wrist/hand action and increases more significant muscle’s action incurrence.  It allows you the forgiveness that you require in case of mishits.


The wide sole of the square strike wedge is one of the unique talents of it. The sole is slightly curved, having shallow grooves. It results in reduced friction and allows the head to smoothly slide through for a crisp contact with the ball and eliminate fat shots.

The leading edge is beveled that keeps the club from getting dug into the ground and disturbing the motion of the swing.


The Square Strike Wedge is aimed at precision. It has a shaft lengthening 35 inches, which is the standard length of a putter. The manufacturers did it intentionally as they wanted to design this chipping iron to give feel of a putter.

This way, the golfers will need just one stroke for their whole short game. The lie of the club is 68-degrees, which makes it more upright than most other similar chipping irons, further mimicking the feel of your putter.

Golfers sometimes try to chip with a seven iron or eight iron having a shaft of 36.5″ to 37″, which makes them lose accuracy a little bit. It is not going to happen in this case.


The square strike wedge is different than other chipping irons in the lofting angle too. This wedge, having a loft of 45-degrees, is more in line to a 9-iron, where other chipping irons are more upright.

This loft makes the square strike wedge to allow for more lift. It comes in very handy in areas where golfers need to give the ball more height to pass the area smoothly.


The square strike wedge features an extra-long thin grip that is longer than most of the standard grips by at least 1”. You can grip down if you need to, on close-range shots. It allows for more precision, just as I said earlier- this wedge is made for precision.

However, the thinness of the grip may not be useful for everyone as it’s quite thinner than the rest of the clubs that you usually carry in your golf bag. You may use a grip that you usually use on your regular putter to see if that works well for you.

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Features & Benefits of the Square Strike Wedge Golf

Excellent Balance

The head of the square strike wedge is quite heavier than most other chipping irons at 330-grams. It is a standard weight for a putter, but in lieu of being used as a putter, the square strike wedge club is aimed for consistent chipping of the green.

This additional weight makes the head to stay low and closer to the green surface, which will allow a firm meet of the ball and the face. Also, the blade-like face of the square strike wedge provides great deal of coverage to ensure firm contact with the ball.

The golfer has to make one solid stroke to lift the golf ball out of the trouble, thanks to the additional weight of the head.

Center of Gravity

You might think that having a center of gravity pointed towards the middle on the square strike wedge is not that important like it is in a club made for swinging in the fairway woods. But you, my friend, are wrong.

Having a centered center of gravity helps to focus all the energy towards the middle of the face, which allows for solid contact on every stroke. Such a solid stroke is desirable for every golfer.

The centered center of gravity creates a sweet spot on the clubface, which gives firm feedback when hit. It increases the quality of the shot and boosts your confidence as well.

Helps to prevent fat chips

You can not name any golfer that did not hit fat chips in their early stages. Even pros and semi-pros tend to hit fat chips, sometimes, which is the most undesirable thing for them.

And the worse is, once you hit a fat chip, you’re looking at another with a shaken confidence since you’ve miss-hit the first one. 

The square strike wedge is excellent at dealing with this problem with its wide and little curved sole. The sole reduces friction by a significant margin and ensures a smoother flow over the turf for a confident, full swing.

The beveled leading edge makes sure the head does not get dug into the ground, so there’ll be no fat chips.

Great for beginners

Usually, wedges demand a slightly different swing style sometimes that asks for an open stance. It might not be a great deal for the pros, and it’s not a major tweak as well, but the beginners sometimes struggle a bit with it.

But this uniquely designed club eradicates the demand of a different swing style with an open instance, through a unique weighting system. This mechanism ensures that the club rotates through the ball, not caring about your setup position.

However, though this is a make for the beginners, it could prove to be a break for the advanced players. It could fuel the construction of bad habits. A well-rounded player should have the capability to tweak their stance because some shots ask for it, and not every time the club will save you.

Can you hit a flop or a bunker shot without tweaking your swing a little bit? I don’t think so. That’s why you should feel comfortable being a bit flexible about your stance if you want to be a great player in the future.

As a beginner, you can enjoy the assistance of the club if you are struggling with your short game, but you should not get used to not being able to change stance upon requirement.

FAQ on the Square Strike Wedge Golf Club

Let me answer some of the questions that I often get asked regarding the square strike wedge.

Does the square strike wedge really work?

I know where this question is coming from. Their marketing team has flooded all the advertising media with their ads, which definitely did spread the words about the wedge, but also provoked the question in people’s minds – why this product is this much pushed? Does it really work, or are they trying to force-sale?

Well, I can assure you that it’s not the case. This wedge does what it’s promised and what it’s intended to do. They just pushed hard to help reach an innovative product for everyone. You can watch further square strike wedge reviews video on youtube for additional assurance. 

Is the square strike wedge USGA approved?

Yes, it is. There’s no concern regarding this. You can use this wedge in tournaments.

What is the loft of the square strike wedge?

45 degrees. However, there’s a square strike 55-degree wedge, and 60-degree option available too.

What degree wedge is best for chipping?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the ground to ground, person to person. Each shot may require a different loft to get the desired result on mixed greens.

Where to buy square strike wedge?

You can get the best deal from amazon. Here’s the link.

Last Words

The square strike wedge is manufactured with a particular purpose in mind, and it fulfills the purpose in practice. Beginners will find this wedge ideal for chipping while the advance users can also derive benefit from it.

The unique design changes on this wedge set it apart from its siblings, and this tweak helps the wedge achieve its goal. It’s an excellent addition to your golf bag.