Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag review 2022

Sun Montana is a popular company across the world when it comes to golfing equipment. Many people know them as the makers of premium quality, impermeable, and lightweight golfing bags. They took the experience to the next level with the C-130 cart bag.

The bag comes with different colors, a minimum of eleven colors to make sure you can choose a bag to match your clubs. Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag comes with a great layout with beautiful construction to make sure users can reach most parts of the bag. Sizing is never a problem since the bag will comfortably, whether you decide to carry it or cart it around.  

 The Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag comes with great sophistication and offers many great features that any golf bag can offer. One thing that attracts many is the size since it can accommodate all courses without bulkiness.

No matter the amount of other commodities, they will fit into the bag and remain lightweight and sturdy. The following Sun Mountain Cart Bag review has more information.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag review

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  • Great design
  • Over ten pockets
  • Great strap system
  • Quality materials
  • 14-way upper


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable
  • Over 11 colors
  • Offers steadiness due to the smart straps
  • All pockets face in the front for easier access
  • Enough storage space with the over ten pockets


  • Pricey
  • Some parts feel weak
  • Poor towel holder
  • Hard to use the X-strap system
  • Lacks large enough dividers

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Key Findings of the Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag- Why Buy It?


Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag remains a choice for most golfers for years. The bags come with a competitive price, offer great features, and have a unique design. Most players use Sun Montana golf products with no complaints. The company keeps communicating with the players to find out the features that they need to improve on. When it comes to this brand, every golfer feels at home.


The golf bag is sturdy enough to stay in a cart bag. The bag comes with quality construction to keep things inside safe despite the terrain. Its straps remain intact even after years of use to make sure that you are comfortable while carrying the bag around. The zippers are also strong enough to handle heavy use. In short, once you buy this bag, you will get excellent durability. The bag is not as sturdy as other high-end models that last over 10 years, but it will serve you long enough.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag blue

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Sun Montana fans may feel lie the price is higher with this model, but they are always good with prices. Their products are affordable enough that every golfer can afford the bags. With the many features that come with the bag, the bag is worth a try. While prices are never constant with most models from different companies, Sun Montana is always friendly to make sure the players stay happy and comfortable with their products.


Sun Montana bags come with multiple layers, with the first being the 70D fabrics that consist of most of the bag. The material is not only durable but also works well. Another material that you can find in the C-130 is the foam that you can find in the shoulder pads.

Shoulder straps highly determine the bag’s comfort and so if the material on this section is unsatisfactory, then the overall bag may fail to appeal to many. Any fabric available on this model is not only beautiful but also functional and durable.


The winner in this golf bag is the design. It comes with over eleven colors to choose from, where most of them are eye-popping to attract everyone. The design adds to the bag’s comfort for the good of every golfer regardless of the level. When looking for a bag that comes with a comfortable and functional design, then this Sun Montana bag is what you need.


Sun Montana is famous for creating golf bags that generate a sharp look without having to go overboard. The bag is ideal for both professional and beginner golfers and fits both young and old players. With the huge amount of sharp details, you will get the look that you love when carrying the bag.


According to Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag review, most people don’t like the material on the bag. The 70D is present on the most components of the bag, and some feel it’s not the best material. However, even most high-end bags use the 70D and so Sun Montana is still okay to use the material.

 Some reviewers feel that the company concentrates too much on the lightweight that they forgot about sturdiness. According to the reviews, some parts of the bag feel weak.

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Frequently Ask Question

How good is the Sun Montana bag?

Sun Montana is the first manufacturer to make an impermeable golf bag that is lightweight. Weighing only 2.5, the bag is light enough for everyone to carry. When it comes to performance, the bag is a performer, with most players reporting positive reviews after using the bag.

 Where are the bags manufactured?

Sun Montana bags, commonly known as Sun Mountain, is a manufacturing firm found in America. The company specializes in golf equipment manufacturing to make sure you get the best. Specifically, the company is found in Missoula in Montana.

 Where is the best place to buy Sun Montana bags?

While the bags are available in the local golf equipment stores, the best place to get the bags is Amazon. When buying from Amazon, you can see various bags with different colors and sizes since they offer a range of golf bags to choose from. All you need is to place an order, and they will ship the bag to you.


Any serious golfer needs to invest in a Sun Montana bag, especially for any cart rider. The bag incorporates great features that make it easier for you to carry the bag around. With the above sun mountain golf bag reviews, the bag is the best for any golfer seeking to become a guru in the course.

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