Taylormade Golf M5 Driver 460cc Review 2022

When people intend to purchase a driver, they are probably thinking of getting one with a legal limit. However, this is not necessarily the case. The tolerance of the manufacturing process and face polishing directly that the face of the driver should be thin. The thinness is to guarantee the rules by leaving a margin for error during manufacturing.

However, one is lucky when he gets a hot face, which is near the limit. The clubhead is fastened to incorporate a revolutionary maximum speed. The speed injects resin through the pair of ports on the twisted face to give the best performance at the COR.

The performance enables the driver to sit right on the legal limit. The Taylormade M5 Driver has a personalized and incredible speed injected performance. The Twist Face of this driver is retained to ensure the golfer is more accurate with the heel and toe strikes.

The Taylormade M5 is very adjustable and has a shot-shaping control, which optimizes spins with the help of the inverse T-track. 

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Taylormade M5 Driver Specifications

  • The Taylormade driver has a head size of 460cc
  • The Loft, face and a pair of 10g sliding weight are adjustable
  • The product is made of carbon and Titanium
  • Has a golf pride MCC
  • The shaft of this driver has a Tensei CK Orange option
  • Has a 9, 10.5- and 12-degrees loft for the right handed and 9 or 10.5 degrees for the left handed

Features of the Taylormade Golf M5 Driver

Speed Injected

The Taylormade M5 has been injected with a turning resin that optimizes the COR throughout the entire face. This process of speed injection is designed to bring maximum ball speed and long-distance launches.

Twist face

Taylormade M5 Driver

Taylormade M5 vs M6 driver review shows that both Taylormade M5 and M6 drivers have a revolutionary new face that is curved to give a corrective face angle on the off-center hit. The angle is achieved by reducing the side spin and delivering straight shots.


The Taylormade M5 tour driver review is a more inverse –Track which consists of a pair of 10-gram weight. The pair helps in giving a wide range of flight adjustments and also in spin and trajectory control. The golfer should be very careful when adjusting the club because failure to follow the instructions may lead to injury or even damaging the product. 

Design and technology         

taylormade m5 tour driver review

This product of Taylormade M5 has been designed with Twist Face, a 2.0 Hammerhead and a carbon head multi-material. The features enable the golfer to have more speed. Every driver is tested to make sure that each club is very close to the legal limit.

The driver also exceeds legal tolerance and is very pliable in the hands of golfers. The presence of injectable resin technology and speed dialing facilitates the exceeding of legal tolerance. 


  • The speed injected face of the Taylor M5 guarantees the golfer of getting the best ball speed. 
  • The M5 has an inverted T-track that gives a large array of fitting options. 
  • The presence of the carbon crown with a two-tone design makes the product to align. It also enables the driver to deliver a great sound.


  • The M5 driver is more expensive to many golfers. Alternatively, you can consult Taylormade m5 driver used reviews for used and cheaper Taylormade M5 drivers. 
  • Other models have drivers with more forgiveness and attractive built-in features. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product have a warranty, and how long is this warranty?

Normally, the warranty for this product is 2 years from the date of purchase. Make sure you keep the original receipt that the authorized retailer gave you. 

What is the flex of this product?

The shafts of this driver are the Tensei CK and project X HZRDUS Smock. These measurements are for regular, stiff, and extra-stiff flexes.      


Taylormade M5 driver is arguably the ideal driver you can get. Its speed and ability of its drivers to adjust are unparalleled. 

The driver is ideal for golfers with different abilities and swing types because of the loft sleeve and inverted T-track. The combination of the Twist Face and speed injections give the golfer tolerance and best performance. If you want to reduce your misses or pick up some distance from the tee, then you should seriously consider buying this product. If you are a golfer and are looking for a Taylormade M5 driver for sale, this Taylormade M5 driver review should help you know why Taylormade M5 should be your choice product.

Taylormade m5 Driver Review | Does Everyone Get Faster?