TaylorMade M3 Golf Driver Review in 2022

If you have been a golfer for a while, you must have realized that there are varieties of drivers in the market. It is not an easy task to select the best performing and more forgiving driver.

Therefore, it is essential to have enough knowledge when purchasing a driver for your golfing. The driver’s Twist Face is amateur-friendly, more forgiving, and has a corrective face curvature. As an upgrade of M1, Taylormade M3 comes with a dual weight control system for regulating the center of gravity.

The matte-silver colorway in M3 gives the product a more premium feel. The carbon composite crown, with its cutting-edge look and sole pieces, adds to M3’s attractiveness. There is an additional personalization from the Y-Track, underneath the M3 driver.

In this article, we give you the Taylormade M3 Driver Review you need and disclose the best features that are found in this product.


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Features of the Taylormade M3 driver


The M3 has similar to M1’s. The notable difference is the color themes. Taylormade M3 has silver, red, and blue paints.

These colorways have a pretty sleek look. Taylormade M3 driver 460cc has a toe that sits higher to address. It gives a golfer a superdeep and an upward pitch. M3 has a very nice set up on the tee box.

Sound and Feel

Taylormade M3 driver has a very solid, loud metallic sound and touch. The sound of the driver is far from the old ‘ting’ sound, and also has a cranky element to it.

The driver has an excellent feel and an extra pop to it. Alongside the impressive product sound, its well-struck shots that have an electric feel to it. M3 has the right shaft, which comes with a ton of life and a good response.


With Taylormade M3 driver adjustment instructions, you can easily notice that the product accommodates weight adjustments. The weight adjustment travels towards the club’s rear on a diagonal track and eventually influences the shot shape.

You will also notice that the weight moves slightly close to the face of the driver. If the golfer needs a rear CG placement, he will need to put on weight during the backswing on the draw slot. He will also have to put the other one in the fade slot.

The driver’s hammerhead slot is situated at the back of the clubface. The position of the hammerhead slot gives you a lot of forgiveness. Taylormade M3 driver review golfwrx shows that the speed of the golf ball on low-face strikes rises with the center portion increases.

The center portion also lowers the spin to accommodate a higher distance.

Twist Face

TaylorMade M3 Driver 460cc iamge

The face of the Taylormade M3 driver has a curvature that adds more loft in areas of need and brings less loft when needed. With this design, the golfer can control the side spin, which causes loss of control when making the shots. Again, the Twist Face enables the ball to get farther into the air and to travel in the air more easily and straighter.


The product has a consistent high launch, which has a low spin and increased carry.
It has massive adjustability in its sole. The adjustability alters the spin, shot shape, and stability.
Taylormade M3 is the most forgiving due to the new Twist face technology.
It can do a wide range due to the stock shaft options.
Some dealers stock a used Taylormade M3 driver for people with a small budget.


Has a complex adjustability
The product is expensive

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Frequently asked questions
Why would you advise a professional golfer to go for Taylormade M3 driver 460cc?

If you are looking for a Taylormade M3 driver for sale, then you are on the right track. The driver is very adjustable, forgiving, and also comes with the new face technology.


With the few changes that have been done to M3 driver’s predecessors, Taylormade M3 has emerged as a fantastic piece. The features that make M3 a fantastic product are in this Taylormade M3 driver review. The adjustability of the Y-Track allows the driver to be fine-tuned.

Therefore, the player can have an exact flight and feel. Likewise, the Twist Face helps bring about extra aid and perfect strikes.

More specifically, Taylormade M3 driver 460cc and Taylormade M3 440 drivers have the best forgiveness, adjustability, strength, and performance record, as can be seen in a credible Taylormade M3 vs M4 driver review.

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