TaylorMade M3 Golf Driver Review in 2021

If you have been a golfer for a while, you must have realized that there are varieties of drivers in the market. It is not an easy task to select the best performing and more forgiving driver. Therefore, it is essential to have enough knowledge when purchasing a driver for your golfing.


The driver’s Twist Face is amateur-friendly, more forgiving, and has a corrective face curvature. As an upgrade of M1, Taylormade M3 comes with a dual weight control system for regulating the center of gravity. The matte-silver colorway in M3 gives the product a more premium feel.


The carbon composite crown, with its cutting-edge look and sole pieces, adds to M3’s attractiveness. There is an additional personalization from the Y-Track, underneath the M3 driver. In this article, we give you the Taylormade M3 Driver Review you need and disclose the best features that are found in this product.