Taylormade M4 Golf Driver Review 2022 In-Depth

When buying a golf club or driver, people consider many factors, apart from prices. Usually, the factors boil down to comfort and body posture, durability, performance, and packaging. There are many outlets from which you can get Taylormade M4 Golf driver for sale, but they offer different packages. It is, therefore, needful that you comb through this Taylormade M4 driver review for an attractive and favorable bargain. 

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Features that endear golfers to Taylormade M4 Golf Driver


Taylormade M4 radically departs from conventional driver-face designs because of its Twist Face. The Twist Face takes you and your shots straighter and farther until you are right down at the center of the fairway. The Twist Face can give you straighter and longer shots because it has been specifically engineered for these effects.

More specifically, the Twist Face has a revolutionary face curvature to provide the low-heel less loft. With this new technology, you have predictable side spins. You acquire the ability to control side spins, even though you normally tend mishits. 

The redesigned sole slot makes for the Hammerhead Slot. It also supports Taylormade M4’s adjustable driver. The package comes with a set of Taylormade M4 driver adjustment instructions to help you make the changes that best suit you. Additionally, the M4 lineup comes with increased versatility because of its design.

Thus, the product lineup is consistent with the rescue, full iron set, a draw, and standard biased driver, and a pro-fair wood, and standard wood. 


Taylormade M4 driver specs are the reasons behind their popularity among golfers. The Golf driver comes with a new face curvature. The curvature has a corrective face angle to sort out your off-center hits. The curvature and face angle also provides straighter shots while reducing side spins. Golfers get to enjoy more consistent spins because of less loft in low-heel and more loft in high-toe. 

taylormade m4 driver specs

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Likewise, Taylormade has fortified outer portions of the slot, because of its hammerhead slot. Because of the reinforcement of the slot’s outer portions, golfers get to enjoy a more flexible and much lighter face. The lighter and flexible face give players a larger sweet spot.

Again, the driver comes with a center part of the slot that reduces and prevents unwanted spins. The center portion also raises the ball speed. As a result, you can hit your ball to a longer distance and with more accuracy. 

Taylormade M4 also has acoustics for explosive solid sounds. The driver’s acoustics also comes with a smaller sole volume. The volume is responsible for the larger and more forgiving face that the golfer enjoys in his plays. 

Geocoustic Technology and Sweet Spot

Geocoustic technology uses advanced sole shaping techniques. The sole contour gives up a lot of volumes. As a result, Taylormade M4 has a larger clubface. The clubface gives you a 67% larger sweet spot. 

What we like

  • The loft is 10.5 degrees and is therefore useful to golfers with different heights. 
  • The driver has a lighter, more flexible face for high ball speed and favorable spins
  • The clubface has a 67% wider sweet spot. 
  • The driver hits straight and long. 
  • The outer reinforcements give you an exceptional feel and sound when you make your strikes. 

What we do not like 

  • Some people do not like the explosive sound that the acoustics make. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the product’s orientation?

Taylormade M6 is mainly for the righthanded. 

What is M4’s flex?

The product’s flex is mainly for ladies. 

What is the normal price range for the product? 

At the moment, Taylormade M4 has a special price of $249.99. Therefore, a regular store should not charge you more than $260 for the M4 Golf driver. In case you find this price range somewhat hefty, you can find a cheaper alternative in a used Taylormade M4 driver. Some stores also stock used drivers for golfers with a decent budget. 

What is M4’s shaft material?

M4’s shaft material is graphite. 

Taylormade M4 Golf Driver Full Video Review by Rick Shiels

Concluding remarks 

The Taylormade M4 driver review enables you to settle on a bargain that is most suitable for you. The new face curvature, corrective face angle, the hammerhead slot, and the acoustics are some of the features that make Taylormade M4 driver stand out from the crowd.

In fact, unlike M4, other Taylormade series do not have acoustics. Those who find the sound the acoustics makes can consider other Taylormade M4 driver shaft options. If that is your case, you have various alternatives, such as Taylormade M4 D type driver review to consult.

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