Taylormade Mens r15 460 Driver Review 2022 – In Depth Guide

Are you a golfer in search of a good drive to take your golf to the next level? This article will aid in that. Every golfer enjoys a good drive that is straight and long enough.

The unit is not only ideal for beginners, but even the frequent golfers will benefit from the club as well. When choosing a driver, it goes down to a personal choice since it’s the club that you relate with, and getting the right one is not always easy. So, is the r15 driver the right one for you?

In the following Taylormade r15 driver review seeks to tell you of the features, pros, cons, and even FAQs to help you understand more about this wonderful product.

When talking of golf drivers, it’s not all about black crown vs. white crowns; the drivers are all about the spin. TaylorMade offers a great driver that comes with a low and send center of gravity. The driver is unique and is ideal for the golfers in need of reducing their spin on the drives to improve on the distance.

The driver is available in two sizes, which are 430 and 460cm. You can also find a TP version with the same size of the head if you need one. Most beginners will feel comfortable playing with a 460 cm version. 


  • Has a center of gravity 
  • A front track system
  • The shaft
  • Sliding weights
  • A 57g Fujikura speeder
  • Loft sleeves
  • Light head

User satisfaction

  • A good performer
  • Appealing look
  • Comfortable
  • Appealing design
  • Boosts accuracy
  • Covers the exact distance
  • Well forgiving
  • Offers great playability
  • Less pricey
  • Adjustable

User dissatisfaction

  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Ideal for straight shots only

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Key Findings of the Taylor-made r15 driver review- Why Should You Buy It?


Distance is one thing that is a plus with this unit. The r15 driver lives up to its reputation by remaining the longest model in the market today. With the device, you get enough distance to make you a better golfer. Taylormade r15 driver achieves ideal and correct distances with less effort, making them ideal for all golfers.


When it comes to comfort, this driver tops in that. Most reviewers gave positive feedback on the feel and comfort when playing with the device.


The TaylorMade r15 driver head only comes with a great head. The head comes with white color and looks fantastic. The great shape makes the head comfortable and correct on the course.


According to TaylorMade r15 460 driver review, the device works great when it comes to playability. With the device, high-flying and low spin drives are not the norms. R15 makes it easy for you to set the shots easily. Its two movable weights are here to make sure you can twist ball flight. The TaylorMade r15 driver review golf digest is there to make sure that the device works better for the golfer’s benefit.


Accuracy is what sets the driver aside from the competitors. With a 12.5 TaylorMade r15 driver weights, you will never find it hard to play. The good thing about the weights is that they are movable at the heel and toe. In short, and contact at any clubface, the ball will get to the fairway, which adds to its accuracy.


While most drivers offer adjustability, r15 Taylormade takes it to the next level. Being able to adjust the driver depending on your needs, Taylormade r15 driver adjustment is one thing that attracts many to the device. Using its 4-degree loft sleeve, you will get a great launch.

The good thing about the device is how easy it is to adjust. It comes with a clear Taylormade r15 hybrid adjustment guide to make sure that the golfer can set the device easily for a comfortable experience.

Due to the easy adjustment, you can split the weights and place them to the toe to heel or fade to the draw. With the driver, it is possible to enjoy both worlds by adjusting the driver as you wish. With the Taylormade r15 adjustment guide, you can easily adjust the flight control technology, something uncommon with most drivers. 


Looks play a crucial role in attracting customers, and so the look on the drivers is also important. The r15 comes with impressive drivers. Even if they come with great adjustability and top technology, they do not compromise on the looks. The driver comes with a small head design to make an imposing presence. The driver’s crown graphics are elusive, but the shape is appealing to every golfer.


While the device comes with so many advantages, just like any other unit, it cannot lack some cons.

Only ideal for making straight shots

According to TaylorMade r15 driver review golfers, some clients comment that the unit is only ideal for straight shots. They say that it’s hard to curve the ball. However, they say that with the Taylormade r15 upright setting, making shots is easier.

Only right for expert players

Beginners may find it hard to use the driver. According to its usability, professionals and top-level amateurs may boost their performance with the driver.

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FAQs On The Taylormade Mens r15 460 Driver

Is the r15 forgiving?

The driver works marvelously. Its long, feels comfortable, looks great, and offers enough playability and forgiveness. If you love to fiddle with loft and weight, r15 is what you need. 

How good is the driver?

The driver is a top performer. According to the researchers, numbers show that the split supreme steadiness setting affects forgiveness and steadiness by producing more spin while reducing the golf ball speed and height path.

How effective is the driver’s head?

The driver’s head is lighter than other versions, and it is also flatter. Such a shape offers greater speed and distance. The head comes in 430 and 460 ccs to help you set it to your needs. The head comes with great size and shape to make sure you make no mistake as you fly swiftly on the air.

Golf Club Review – TaylorMade R15 Driver Video Guide


Undoubtedly, the driver is one club that should never miss in your bag. Every golfer has varying needs, but distance and accuracy rate is a common need for all golfers at all levels. With that in mind, always chose a reliable driver. With the above TaylorMade r15 driver review golf digest, you can never go wrong with TaylorMade r15.