Golf Style Guide: What to Wear to a Golf Tournament

The burning question of today – What to wear in a golf tournament?

Look, golf is one of the most civilized sports where the throngs of spectators, too, have a fancy name – galleries, not crowd. If you’re going to be a part of that, you should look like it’s part.

If it’s a famous golf tournament or any other tournament that you’re going to attain, you need the know-how of what you should wear and what are the things that you can carry along. 

The rule of thumb here is quite straightforward – your choice of outfit should be sensible, so you look modest and blend in nicely. You should not wear something that may distract the golfers or disturb other spectators. 

But we can dive deep – we can dive deep into the choice of attire for men & women separately. Let’s do that.

What Should a Woman Wear to a Golf Tournament?

We all know women’s love and excitement for dressing up. And, a big golf tournament is a special occasion for them. Who knows, you might end up appearing on TV!

But as I said earlier, the atmosphere in the course is reserved as golf is a civilized sport. A spectator needs to keep this in mind and reflect that by being tasteful yet modest in their attire. 

And you don’t want to sacrifice your comfort, either. Keeping all those in mind, here are some dressing up tips, especially for women.

  • It’s better not to wear tight-fitting and bright colored clothes on the golf course. That might seek some unwanted attention, making you uncomfortable from time to time.
  • Golf is such a classic game, and a classic choice of outfit suits the spectators of golf greatly. You may spruce that up with matching, and fashionable accessories that go well with your outfit. 

A matching pair of necklaces and long strapped purse is a simple yet gorgeous combination with most outfit choices.

  • You, as a guest or spectator, have to walk quite a lot on sand, grass, and mud as well to get the full view of the Game. That’s why the right choice for shoes is a must.

Many tend to wear flip flops to a golf course, which I won’t recommend. You could sprain an ankle wearing those, and they’re loud, distracting, and doesn’t provide excellent support to the legs on that uneven terrain of the course.

I love to wear a cute pair of tennis shoes. They’ll save your foot from sand, mud, provide support, and also look good. 

I don’t recommend heels either, but if you must wear ones, go for wedge heels.

  • I know most women love makeup, but putting on a heavy one is not the best idea, especially in warm weather. Remember that you’re attending a sport event, not a wedding ceremony. 

But hey, even I won’t go entirely without makeup to an event, no matter which event that is. The sweet spot is to wear light makeup that’ll make you look fresh, and you know what they say – fresh is beautiful. Put on the sunscreen too.

  • Put on a visor, cap, or a hat to keep your face off the sun.

What is Appropriate Attire for a Golf Tournament? For Men

Alright, I know that men are not that much concerned about their clothing most of the time, as much a woman is. However, when we’re talking about golf, there are some things that men should keep in mind as well.

Avoid too casual clothes like tank tops, tee shirts, cut-off, etc. A personally like a classic choice of outfit, which includes khakis with a beautiful golf shirt. You could also consider an oxford shirt, both short and long-sleeved.

Try to avoid flashy colors. Even if a woman dares to wear a bright color, a man shouldn’t. It could be a distracting factor for the players and the audience as well. 

I think men should go for solid colors instead of loud prints or stripes. A classy solid color makes a man look solid.

In cases, you have to follow particular dress policies that ask for collared shirts. You could wear a solid color polo shirt.

You better wear your belt and tuck your shirt in.

Men have the temptation to put on golf spikes to the course. I will not recommend that. Instead, go for cute tennis shoes just as women, which will provide protection, support and look good at the same time.

What are the things you should Bring to the Game?

When you’re in a golf course to witness a rigorous tournament, you’ll have to walk around a lot. So you won’t like lugging around a lot of items. You should be precise at choosing what you really want to carry to the course. Here’s a list of things that you should bring to the golf course – 

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain (plastic) poncho / Umbrellas, but not with sleeves.
  • Bug spray
  • Binoculars, but not with the case
  • Cell phone (but you must keep them on silent or vibration mode)
  • Portable and small folding chairs (don’t carry their bags)
  • Money
  • Sometimes cameras are allowed with lenses shorter than six inches.

I prefer carrying a plastic poncho instead of umbrellas as I found they’re lightweight and more comfortable to carry. And according to the rules, you must close the umbrella during the Game if you’re in stands.

And currently, many of the major golf tournaments do not allow regular backpacks. If you must carry one, you might look for clear backpacks at Walmart or Amazon. They’re cheap.

What Not to Bring to a Golf Course

Certain things are prohibited from carrying to a tournament. You don’t want to carry those and get respectfully kicked out of the course.

  • Alcohol
  • Big chairs
  • Radios
  • WeaponsCoolers
  • Banners

And things that don’t seem right to you in common sense.

Let’s Wrap Up

Now you’re prepared to enjoy your next golf tournament with style. What’s the tournament you’re looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below!

Golf Stylish Women to a golf tournament By Michelle Wie