Wosports Golf Rangefinder Reviews 2022

A rangefinder is an essential device and plays a vital role in your golf course. A golf rangefinder gives even the least experienced golfers, the information they need when deciding when practicing swings or selecting the best clubs to use.

It is nice to have a rangefinder that is efficient and helpful in more ways than just calculating distance. The Wosports golf rangefinder is versatile and has many functions that make it an excellent choice. It is highly accurate and can efficiently measure the range, speed, angle, and slope.

This rangefinder is powered by a long-lasting, high-quality CR2 battery and comes with extra accessories like a cleaning cloth and a carrying pouch. 

In this article, we have done an in-depth analysis of this fantastic rangefinder

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WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder Review

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder 700 Yards

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Multipurpose design

This golf rangefinder is multipurpose and highly versatile. It is designed with features that help you accurately determine the range, slope function, angle, and speed function. It also has a flag lock feature, which automatically vibrates when the flag distance is locked.

This ensures that your rangefinder is useful in more ways than one. It provides you with a holistic overview of the course. It also gives you all the information you require to make an informed judgment on your swing.  

Slope mode

This is a new technology slope compensation mode that most modern rangefinders come equipped with. This feature ensures that one gets precise and accurate distances, which are compensated for the slope angle. This enables you to easily determine how much force to approach the ball with/ Slope mode also directs your swing with the high precision you need to hit the target.


Precision and convenience are assured when using this Wosport rangefinder. Its accuracy compares to none even over a long-range. It would help if you were confident when using the rangefinder as it offers an accuracy of one meter. When measuring angles, it gives an accuracy of up to 1 degree. It is highly accurate even on long ranges of up to 800 hundred yards. This quality makes the rangefinder’s accuracy incredibly impressive.


The rangefinder is highly compact and is powered by a rechargeable high-quality CR2 lithium battery. The battery takes only a few hours to recharge. It is also strong enough to power up your rangefinder for several golfing rounds. The cell also supports USB charging. The USB charging is very fast and convenient for your rangefinder in times of urgency.

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder review


Most optical devices always have a problem with reflectivity. With this in mind, the Wosport brand ensures that you get object-based reflectivity on your rangefinder. For example, objects like trees and poles show low reflectivity. Conversely, objects like signs are highly reflective and depict reflectivity highly. This quality enables you to distinguish between targets and barriers easily. Reflectivity also directs you on where to aim your shot.


This high-quality product comes with useful items such as a carrying pouch. The pouch enables you to move around with your rangefinder conveniently. It also has a cleaning cloth, a neck strap, and a user guide or manual to help you learn how the device operates. The device also has ergonomics that make it easy to hold over a long duration. It also offers you the right amount of grip.


There are numerous positive Wosports rangefinder reviews and good ratings from satisfied customers. The device has many other amazing features, but its accuracy and multipurpose nature stand out. It has a range of up to 800 yards. The rangefinder is highly accurate compared to its competitors within the same price range.

Moreover, it has a multifunctional model that makes it more reliable and efficient in measuring the angle, speed, and slope function. This product also comes equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery and a USB charging device and slot.

The USB device and slot charge fast and ensure that running low on power is in the least of your worries. The rangefinder’s high reflectivity guarantees clarity and lets you know where to aim and directions to avoid. The ergonomic design provides ease of handling. You get a grip on the device even for long hours without getting tired.

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What we like

  • It is a multipurpose and versatile golf range finder with numerous functions.
  • Has a USB charging which works fast and conveniently
  • Efficient and accurate slope compensation mode
  • Very affordable compared to other options with similar capabilities in the market
  • Compact and solid design for ultimate durability
  • Comes with a carrying pouch and a lens-cleaning cloth for convenience

What we do not like

  • Few complaints from golfers about the battery cover which gets loose and may even fall off after some time
  • To get accurate measurements, the golfer may often have to walk over some distances numerous times.
  • Sometimes the device has issues detecting and picking out a flag’s vibrations from a far distance.

A high-quality rangefinder does not always have to be expensive. To save yourself from spending a fortune in acquiring the excellent rangefinder you have always desired, consider the Wosports golf rangefinder the best bet. It provides you with high-quality services at a very affordable price.

Its multifunctional design is something any golfer would love and makes the rangefinder stand out from the rest. 

Wosports proves to be helpful from the range and flag lock to the angle and slope compensation. The rangefinder is also very accurate even over long distances. You are bound to love its ergonomic design which provides a smooth and comfortable grip. The grip gives you comfort even over long periods.  

Other factors, such as affordability and a compact build, are other amazing features of the product. Though there are few complaints from some golfers who have used the product, the advantages far outweigh the complaints. The battery cover’s tendency to get loose over time and the gadget’s inclination to lock on to the flag are some of the concerns some golfers cite. 

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Final Words

Wosports remains the most affordable top-notch rangefinder, regardless of all the cons associated with it. Go ahead. Enjoy golfing like a pro using this fantastic device. You will love the experience, every step of the way.